Free Ocean Spray and Nutritional Bar Deals at Target


Ocean Spray is priced at $1.99 at Target.  Use the 1/1 Target coupon here and the 1/1 manufacturer coupon from 1/11 insert or this internet printable and get it FREE.

Also, there are 2 count packs of General Mills Fiber One granola bars by the register that sell for $0.99.  Use the $0.75/1 target coupon here and the $0.50 any Fiber One granola bars from 1/4 to get them FREE as well.

The small bottles or Coffee-Mate liquid creamer (16 oz) are on temporary price cut 2/$3 through 2/2/09.  Use this $1.50/1 internet printable to get it FREE.

There is also a new coupon out for $3/3 Special K products at Target.  This is a manufacturer coupon with the Target Logo and says Redeem at Target Only right on top.   Use that coupon plus the $1 off Special K bars Target coupon to get them really cheap.  I believe the box of Special K bars sells for $2.99 or less at Target.

Target allows the stacking of one manufacturer coupon and one target coupon per item.  Always hand the manufacturer coupon first and then the Target coupon to avoid any beeps at the register.  Also temporary price cuts may vary from store to store.

Happy Savings!

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  • Gloria Brown

    I don’t see a Fiber One coupon. Am I blind? There is a Quaker Chewy granola for $0.50.

    • It’s the 4th coupon down on the right.

  • I just wanted to point out the temporary price cuts vary from store to store. You may want to point out that it depends on the store with that.

  • Thanks Amanda, added that to main post.

  • Casey

    The $3 off 3 Special K bar coupon does read on the top Redeem only at Target

    • I changed the main post. I overlooked that. I was actually looking for it in the fine print when it was staring me in the face.

  • Casey

    I looked at the link for Fiber One also and still do not see it.

    • OK, it will be the coupon with the yellow box of Fruit gushers on it. It reads 0.75 off general mills granola bars or betty crocker fruit snacks. Fiber one is a General Mills Brand.

  • Rachel

    The Ocean Spray worked great with both coupons. No beeps even though there was $.01 overage when I used both $1 coupons. Priced at $1.99 at my store in MN. Thanks!

  • Heather

    Hey! thanks for the great deals. Just wanted to let you know I used the Coffee Mate, the Ocean Spray and the South Beach Bars Coupons. I tried to use the Fiber One Bars coupon, but the cashier couldn’t get the Target coupon to scan, she also typed in the number and it wouldn’t accept it so I had her take them off my order. Don’t know if this is just my store, but I just thought I would let you know.

    Love your blog!

  • Cindy

    My target wouldn’t allow the fiber one bar coupon either…she also typed in the number. I still bought them with my .50 cent off coupon.

    Thanks for the great deals!

  • Great post! I printed everything up and will be shopping there tomorrow or the next day. Thanks so much!

    Also, Target advertised Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen meals for 4/$7 and there were coupons in recent Sunday paper inserts (not sure which ones) for $1/2. That would make them $1.25 each. I pack these for my husband for lunch when I don’t feel like making his lunch. $1.25 for a meal is WAY cheaper, and more healthful, than what he’d get anywhere else for lunch.

  • I went to the Target here in NW Oklahoma City and the cheapest Kellogs bars were $2.89. After all the deals it made them $.89 a box. OR If you printed the $2/1 Kashi coupon (or the ton of them from Vocal point) you could get a box of Kashi bars for $.75.

    With the 20 boxes of SoyJoy, I’m cereal bar’d out!!

    • Hi Melissa,
      I am so sorry, I just noticed that I edited out the 99 from the 2.99 cost of the bars. When I was writing this I wrote 2. got distracted and forgot the rest. I apologize. You are right, the ars go for 2.99 or so. I have updated the main post.


  • Kimberly

    You guys are AWESOME. Thank for the insight. I also found another one….not as good of a deal, but I thought I would share….SNUGGLE Creme Fabric Softener. Priced at $3.69 at my target. I had a $1 coupon from the Sunday paper & a $1 target coupon for it! It was $1.69. That is for a 50 load size! I was excited.

    I took part in the Ocean Spray & Special K products today. I couldn’t find the 2-bar pack of Fiber One bars….but, I did find the larger packs were on sale, so I got those instead using both coupons you noted! I love those bars!

    Thanks again, you guys are great!


  • Lynn

    I have tried to print the Ocean Spray coupon. However, I get the first screen to print from and then when I click print, it says please wait. Is this coupon still available? If it is, does anyone know how to link it so that it will go past this point?

  • Rachel

    I printed out the Ocean Spray coupons, but they are for the Diet and Light versions. I didn’t get the Manufacturer coupons in the paper here in Eastern Oklahoma. Does anyone know if the printable manufacturer coupons work with the regular juice?

  • Jo

    Hi , I am a newbie to couponing, a family of 2 we rarely use any deals except when we want to try some new item. I hit my nearby Target today with 3 coupons today( 2 Ocean spray -mfg and target + 1 Kashi). And at the counter the lady actually started interrogating us asking where we had gotten these printouts from etc and after the Ocean spray mfg coupon and Kashi coupon had been deduced she refused to use the Target Ocean Spray coupon telling we have already used Ocean spray coupon (we had to stand there arguing for about 10 minutes that we could use both coupons) . We has just 2 items and the people behind were waiting impatiently while the lady behaved rudely with us. Do you often face these situations ? I almost feel like giving up on couponing . We saved $3 today but somehow did not feel good at the end of it. Also is there anywhere we can complain about their behaviour pretty bad customer service I would have to say? Thanks

    • Hi Jo,
      Sorry for your bad experience. You can contact Target corporate and complain about the store’s refusal to take their own store coupons. You can also take your receipt into customer service and tell them that the cashier didn’t scan this coupon for you. since you didn’t get any target coupons applied to your purchase they can’t accuse you of trying to double dip.
      Also, you may want to hear our podcast were we covered this very topic.


  • BEE

    I tried to print the Ocean Spray coupon and the page said there was not a coupon for that campaign? Does that mean the coupon is no longer available?

  • Hi bee,
    Yes it seems there are no more coupon prints available for the Ocean Spray campaign.


  • Tina

    The cashier at my Target in Ocala was not cooperative. I bought 3 bottles of Ocean Spray and gave her 6 coupons, 3 manufacturing from newspaper and 3 the target coupons. She refused to accept one and charged me tax, so I ended up having to pay $1.26 for the 3. My husband is with me , otherwise I would have said I don’t want them. I have lots of juices stockpiled and I really regret I went there.

  • Marysze

    I also went to Target to use the General Mills 75c coupons on the Fiber one bars and was told that Target could’nt scan them. THe cashier tried and the asst manager tried both with the wand and mnaually inputting the coupon barcode number. So I asked the cashier to remove the 10 boxes of Fiber One.

    I do not see the GM 75c coupon on the website so perhaps they are not valid coupons. Are they bogus? the asst manager said the they looked like they were scanned it. I printed them from the Full Cup website.

  • I have NEVER had a good coupon experience at ANY Dallas area Targets/SuperTargets. I just don’t shop for groceries there anymore. Too hard. Kroger is much nicer.