Free Two Olay Quench Body Lotions After Rebate

olay quenchThere’s a new rebate offer available from Olay.  This time you can get not one but two Olay Quench Body lotions FREE after mail in rebate.  Purchases must be made between 12/10/09 and 1/29/10.  Your rebate must be postmarked by 2/12/10.  Allow 6/8 weeks to get your check.  To make this offer even better, if you get Marie Claire Magazine, there’s a coupon for $3 off one Olay Lotion on page 181 on the December Issue.  There’s also another $3/1 coupon on Self Magazine November issue and December issue of Weight Watchers Magazine.

Thanks A Coupon Chick!

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  • Kellee

    12/10/09! I bought 3 Olay lotions last Friday at Walgreens! OH WELL!

  • I wish I could remember which magazine I saw it in, but there was a $3/1 coupon as well as a BOGO. I think it was Good Housekeeping or one like that.

  • Angela

    My isse of Real Simple has coupons for this in it too!

  • Sydney

    In the 11/29 P&G Saver there is an Olay buy a body wash and get a lotion free coupon. Do you know if this rebate offer would apply to the free lotion?

  • Maria

    I was about to ask the same question than Sydney. Somebody knows!!! Thanks.

  • christie C.

    I just looked at the rebate, and I didn’t see where it mentions that you will receive the full purchase price for 2 lotions…?

    Can anyone help me out with this??Thanks!!!

    • christie C.

      So sorry; just saw that it says 2 per household!

  • pennyscents

    I also have the same ? as Sydney & Maria. Any help is appreciated! TY!!! 🙂

  • Yes, you should be able to buy a bodywash and lotion. Use the coupon to get the lotion free and still submit for the rebate.


    • Donna

      how will that work b/c what will they give you a refund for ?
      thanks – love your site..

  • Becky

    too funny, I had the same question about the bodywash/lotion. Thanks Mercedes

  • CJ

    Also a $3 coupon in the Jan 2010 issue of Cosmo.

  • Julie

    how about if both items are already free to you like they were last week for the Walgreens deal? I got some rainchecks that I want to use for the free lotions and can you still send it in fo the rebate to make it a MM ?

  • Alan

    $3 coupon in January 2010 Lucky magazine on page 16.

  • Kay

    I went to WAGS this a.m. to get my Olay. Used one coupon for buy an Olay body wash, get a free lotion. Used a BOGO coupon (from People magazine, maybe last months?) for the lotion. So a total of 3 lotion rang up @ $5.99 each; one body wash rang up @ $5.29, then grab some filler to get you up to $25. After deducting my coupons (2 @ 5.99 each), and my rebate, PLUS the $5 register reward that printed out, this is a money maker, plus that lotion will make a terrific gift. Thanks for letting us know about this terrific rebate. Just a reminder . . . that $5 register reward for spending $25 at WAGS is over tomorrow.

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  • One of my readers commented that she called an Olay rep, and they told her she could not send in for rebate if she used the buy one get one free coupon.

    Anybody else heard this? That’s not usually how rebates work. Usually you can use all the coupons you want! Weird!

  • pennyscents

    This question is for anybody that has used the buy body wash get the lotion free coupon. When they type in the coupon does it show who the manufacturer coupon came from on the receipt. I know some do, but some just say manufacturer coupon (-$5.99, whatever). If it doesn’t say what it is for then just add some other items to your purchases. As long as it is stuff that your okay with not keeping the receipt for. When you submit the rebate you just have to circle the purchase price, which will still be there. The coupon will be taken off at the end. I doubt they will even notice.

    Also, Because the rebate form does not exclude coupons, and does not have a limit on the $ amount to be re-imbursed I would think that you would be able to use the coupon, and also get whatever amt the lotion rang up for back from the rebate. The whole point of these coupons & rebates is that they’re trying to get you to try new products, hope that you really like it, and continue to buy it. There are a lot of really generous offers on new products all the time, for this reason. They released the coupon & the rebate at the same time, and again did not list any exclusions.

    If you don’t get your rebate I would send an e-mail to P&G. E-mail’s pretty much always work out for me when I have to send them out.

  • CJ

    I called today and was told the maximum you can get back is $12. The rep didnt know if that meant $12 per lotion or $12 total. I told the rep the rebate form is misleading then, because it doesn’t state any maximum. Other people who have called have been told the max is $7.99. Some people have been told they will get the full price back even if coupons are used. I don’t think the reps know what the correct info is. I mailed mine this morning so what’s done is done. Hoping to get $11.98 back.

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  • I am guessing that the coupon is still valid right? Is it only limited to that particular type of Olay lotion?