Free One-Day Trial to Consumer Reports Online

I am loving this freebie today, only because I value the information Consumer reports provides.  From now through 7/6 at 3AM EST, you can access Consumer Reports Online for FREE.  This could be a good time to research any items you are interested in buying and find out how they have ranked compared to others.

Thanks, Passion for Savings!

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  • Tracy

    Thank you SO MUCH for this valuable link. My daughter is due for a cell phone upgrade TODAY, and I was able to log on and review some of the choices she was considering. That was a BIG PLUS!!!!

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  • Lynn B

    You also might want to check with your local library. Ours recently began offering online access for FREE to Consuner Reports. You only needed to log into our library’s web page and search for it via their e-resources tab. I was researching window A/C’s last week!

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