Free Personalized Cover Photo Book from American Greetings Photoworks


American Greeting Photoworks is offering a free 11 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ glossy hardcover photo book when you use the code BONNIE at checkout. Shipping is free as well.  This is a $39.95 value and open to the first 25,000 people to use the code.  Visit American Greeting Photoworks and click on “As Seen on Bonnie Hunt” to start creating your photo book.  Thanks Mojo Savings!

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  • Kate

    I just took the time to do this personalized cover book. If your afraid the code has been exhausted i’m proof that the code still works. Although it was a lengthy process (had some down-time at work) I hope it’s all worth it. I made a photo book of my dachshund Barnabus : ) can’t wait to get it in a few weeks!!

  • Jessi

    I just made my book too! As mentioned, it took a bit because I had to upload a lot of photos to the website but it should make a nice gift for my mother in law of the grandkids! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much! I just made my photo book. Last night I had gathered a bunch of old pictures for a blog post and I was thinking it would make a wonderful photo book and then you posted this! The code worked perfectly. My total before the code was $52.24 and after it was $0.00! It did ask for a credit card number but I just clicked pay with pay pal and it went straight to the order confirmation! You are amazing! Love your blog!

  • kristine

    is anyone else getting an error message that says to close all browsers and restart? it was fine for the first few pages of the book and now everytime i go to resume i get this message. maybe they are getting slammed…

  • Thank you so much! I was just able to make a book–what a great Christmas present.

  • elisabeth

    Yes, Kristine, I am getting the same thing. Tho I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get it to work. THey must be getting slammed, much like the SeeHere did last week. Oh well, glad some was able to get it 🙂

  • Queenie

    Thanks for sharing! I just tried and the site is ‘having technical difficulties’…bummer!

  • diane

    11/23 3 p.m. PST just finished my book and it took the code just fine! Woo hoo! (Took a long time, though, with all the technical difficulties.) Thanks for sharing.

  • Andrea

    Pant, pant, pant!!! *Just* finished the book! Hope it was worth it! Looking forward to seeing their quality for future books!

    Thanks for all the super deals you bring us, too!!! You really rock!!

  • achara

    Just finished and still works with the code…i’m panting too!

    Thanks Mercedes!!!

  • yeehaw!!! i’m so excited about this.
    we just had professional pictures taken of our family and they turned out wonderful. this is the PERFECT showcase for them. i was terrified i wouldn’t make it before the code was all used up. but i did. i can’t wait to see it!!!

    as always, THANK YOU!!! i have gotten super chear christmas address labels, free photo cards and now this…all from your site!

  • Kelly

    I just got mine at almost nine EST!

  • kristi

    WOW i just finished my book…problems with uploading, making the pages, editing the pages, and checking out…but i guess i really cant complain b/c it was free…i am assuming that they got overwhelmed w/people trying to get the free book and their site couldnt handle the volume! i started my book around 11am and have been trying on and off all day to get finished…it is now just before 930pm!!

    thanks for the pay pal tip…
    thanks for sharing!!

  • EIL

    I just tired…at 10 56..and was told limit has exceed

    • EIL

      i duno..but i think it works again for me….

  • sally

    It just worked for me too.

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  • KMS

    Just got my second book at 1:50 AM YES!!!!!!

  • Telly

    well i would like to say that i spent all day doing this book. I started at 10 am and tried all day but no luck with the sites difficulties. Then I started at 8PM and just finished at 3 am… The code no longer works. so with roughly 9 straight hours in a row to get my son a nice memory book, i’m going to bed. I’m very happy for those who got 2. Thanks

  • Kristina L.

    I second that Telly I did just about the same thing and no luck. 🙁

  • Stephanie

    That’s really odd that it didn’t work for some. I just got my book to go through this morning. It wouldn’t load last night and I gave up. The code worked for me though!

  • KMS

    Telly and Kristina L. – try your books again, I had to close and restart my browser a few times and even then I still had trouble. If you keep trying you may be able to get it to go through 🙂

  • Angela W

    I had trouble all day yesterday as well. So I decided to stay up late and try again. …and it worked! Thank You for sharing this offer with us! Definitely worth staying up late for! 🙂

  • Telly

    I just tried it again and it went through. My lost hours of the night were not in vain! Thanks KMS

  • I just did mine (after spending a really frustrating time yesterday and today trying to get the site to cooperate), but the code is STILL working! A nice gift created for $0!

  • JLM

    I finally got it to go through! Keep trying:)

  • Marie C

    I just ordered book #2 iwth the code and everything went through. I did however have to use 2 different emails and register twice to do it.

    It wouldn’t let me place a reorder of the original photobook.

  • KMS

    How is this code still working!?!?!?!?! Worked for me again at 9:38! THANK YOU So much for posting about this deal.

  • EIL

    I went through again too. I luv common sense with $
    Thx alot

  • TCP

    This required real patience and diligence! But after MANY hours, it went through successfully. And, the code worked at almost 2 a.m. 11/25/09. Definitely plan on spending a lot of time on this. In the end, I’m optimistic the book will be worth it.

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  • JLM

    Just got my 2nd book! This definitely requires a lot of patience but is well worth it!!! Thanks:)

  • chelpa

    this is a great one!! thank you!!! i finished mine a couple of hours ago. it did take some time but it was worth it!!

  • Mariec

    Apparently they reached their 25 000 limit sometime yesterday, so no more free books.

    Thanks common sense with money for the books I did get!!!!!!

  • kristi

    just wanted to say thanks again…just received my book and it is awesome!!

  • Amanda

    I just got my book today! It is beautiful! Thanks so much!

  • Kate

    I just got my book, and WOW am I amazed at how fabulous this freebie was. : ) my favoirte thus far.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!