Free Purex at CVS Through 4/18 – Update


Update 4/16 @6Pm: It seems the coupons is no longer available for any zipcode.  It may have reached print limit already.  You may want to check back tomorrow morning to see if they reset the print limit on it.

CVS has Purex detergent on sale buy one get one free this week.  Couponsdotcom has a buy one get one coupon available to certain regional areas.  Use this coupon to get it free.  To find out if the coupon is available in your area, enter your zipcode in the box that pops up when you first visit the site.  The BOGO Purex sale ends this Saturday so act quickly.

CVS has been one of the few places where I have had no problems getting free items by combining a BOGO sale with a BOGO coupon.  Hopefully, your CVS has well trained cashiers.

Happy Savings!

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  • Thank you SO much! I just printed two of them. 🙂

  • Mindi

    Hello! I was wondering what zip code you put in- I have tried several…

  • Lacey

    43123 works!!!

  • Jennifer

    IS Purex good laundry soap?? I have been an All user forever….any input??

  • Lacey

    My family grew up using it. It never irritated our skin. Our clothes were always cleaned well. All else fells, get it for FREE. Try it & if you hate it you can give it away or donate it at no cost at all to you.

  • Jen

    Hi. I guess I’m not understanding to concept of using BOGO on top of BOGO to get it for free. Wouldn’t it be getting 4 Purex for $7? I’m new to couponing so I’m still learning 🙂 But I’m getting better everyday!!

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jen,

      In theory, if a store has an item on sale BOGO and you have a BOGO coupon for that item, you should get two items for free. That’s because you are getting one item free from the store (store sale) and you are using the manufacturer coupon to pay for the item you are supposed to “buy” to get one free. now, not all cashiers or stores work this way unfortunately. I have also been in the situation that I have to pay for one item and get three free. That’s still 75% off, so that’s still a pretty good deal, although FREE is better right?



    • Mommy of five,

      you should.



    I have tried all the zip codes and none of them are working! HELP?

  • Retina

    Same here, I’ve tried several zips and not working for me.

    • I think it has reached print limit for now. You may want to try tomorrow morning again. It’s been a hot coupon and a lot of them hit print limit soon because f that.


  • Erin

    I cannot get any zips to work… If anyone finds anything out, please email

    • Erin,
      The coupon is no longer available as it has reached print limit.


  • Amanda

    My CVS wouldn’t give me two Purex with the coupon, the cashier said it doesn’t work that way. I explained that one is from the store, and the other from the manufacturer, and he said they wouldn’t do it. So I used it at Target, and got a larger size!

  • Candace

    This was an awesome deal… I picked up 4 bottles for the price of tax — 84 cents!