Free Redbox Movie Rental Code Good through 1/11


Get a free movie rental code from any Redbox location, when you use the code RBXLUV10 at checkout. To use the code you will need to visit your local Redbox location, select “Rent with Promo Code,” enter code, select movie and continue to check out. This movie code rental is good for one free night movie rental and it expires tonight 1/11 at midnight CST.


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  • Danielle

    So I have never used RedBox before but all of these free movie codes have made me curious. How do these codes work? I know that with RedBox you pay by night that you have the movie, so is this code good for just one night, so that you get charged for sequential nights after the first or is it free for the entire time you have the movie? Also do you have to return the movie to the same box that you picked it up from? Thanks!

    • On the home screen, there’ll be a button that says something like “Rent with code”. Push that, enter in the code, then you can choose a movie.

      It’s only good for the first night. Be sure to return it by 9pm the next day.

      No, you do not have to return it to the same box. That’s one of Redbox’s selling points.

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  • LoveFREE_Stuff

    you can also visit to get a LIST of different codes to use.