Free Reusable Bag at Target on 4/18

Target will be giving away 1.5 Million reusable bags with purchase.  No details on what the minimum purchase requirement will be.  I love Earth month and all the freebies that come with it.  It’s great to see all of these companies encouraging a greener lifestyle. Here are other “green” incentives by Target:

  • Mail 5 Target plastic bags to Terracycle (121 NY Ave, Trenton, NJ 08638) and get back $1.

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  • Minnesota Coupon Adventure

    Last year you were able to get a bag with ANY purchase. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Amber

    I saw the word “TerraCycle” and was hoping they were doing what they did last year (free bag made from reused Target bags, a $4.99 value). We love ours and would love another, but hate to buy one!

  • What a great freebie. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Jeana

    How does the mail in plastic bag program work for TerraCycle? Have you done it and what info do you provide with the package?

    • Jeana,

      I only have the info that’s available on the Target website. but the website said there would be more information in the circular from 4/18.


  • Becky

    Sending the 5 bags in does not seem worthwhile since you most likely have to pay more than the .44 cents for postage… Just seems more hassle free to recycle your bags at the store!

  • Amber

    Also….Target gives you $0.05 off for every reusable bag you use.

  • Jeana

    …well of course you’d send in more than just 5 bags at a time :o) Just never heard of this and wondering about the details!

  • Manny

    People should really support promos like this. Everyone should be environmentally-conscious nowadays.