Free Reusable Bottle Water from Savemore

Save more is offering one reusable BPA free water bottle for $5.  If you are new to Savemore you get a $10 credit which meakes this deal free.  It includes free shipping too.  These sound like an intersting concept.

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  • Veena maheshwari

    why save more website wants credit card info if the order is free

    • Diane

      i know… thats why i didnt do it…

  • kitchy

    still can’t get them for free because i need to provide my credit card information…which i don’t want to provide online…

  • Linda

    Didn’t ask for credit card info but told me I could get my $10 credit on 9/1/11???

  • Shane @ Savemore

    We ask for CC#’s for address verification. We offer one $10 signup credit per household. CC#’s are used to make sure people dont signup on our site with 10 different email address. (One person signed up with 78 different emails but with same card, thats how we found out) We dont save or store you card info- we use the secure site to handle all transactions.

  • Kristina L.

    I have ordered through them and they asked for credit card and they DO NOT charge you.