Dead Already!Free Right Guard Deodorant


Update: You guys are fast!  I hope you were able to get a free coupon.

Wow!  Here’s a great freebie Heather just shared:  Get a coupon for a FREE Full Size Right Guard Fast Break Deodorant.  All you need to do is visit this website, then click on “Click Here to Learn More.”  Your coupon will be sent to your printer for printer.  It is a Smartsource coupon so it may take a while for it to start printing but it will.  Hit the back button and you should be able to print it twice.  The coupon is only available to the first 10,000 to claim it.  So, if you want this coupon don’t hesitate. The coupon I printed doesn’t expire until 5/31 so hopefully between now and then there will be a good register reward deal at Walgreens  or Extra Care Bucks deal at CVS to get it for better than free.   Thanks Heather!

Happy Sunday!

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  • Renee

    Under Pin Number it says “Pin Check”. Are you sure this is a valid coupon?

    • I just noticed that on my coupon too Renee. To be honest I do not know what that means. Maybe someone else can help us.


  • Got mine. Thanks!

  • Amy

    Mine says PIN CHECK also but below that it does have an Offer ID # and then some more numbers below that though…..hmmmm

  • MrsToro

    It came from so I’m sure it’s valid. Also, I have other smart source coupons that say PIN CHECK under the PIN number and they worked just fine.

  • B K

    Does it normally take this long to print?

  • B K

    Nevermind. It does take this long to print. Thanks!

  • Kelly

    Already gone!!! 🙁

  • MrsToro

    I emailed SmartSource about the PIN CHECK thing…waiting for a response…will let you ladies know!

  • Huh, it’s weird that this coupon doesn’t have a fill-in-the-blank part for the price. Most free coupons do.

    As for deals, next week (5/3-5/9) at Walgreens, Right Guard will be priced at 2.99 and giving 2.00 in register rewards. If Fast Break is included, it’d be a $2MM.

  • Krista

    I had wondered about my coupons saying pin check and no space for the price on the coupon….. I hope someone gets an answer for us! It is kind of reassuring that ALL of our coupons say that though. I hope retailers take them though 🙂

  • I used my Free coupon at Walgreens yesterday and there was no problem!! Also I had emailed SmartSource about it saying PINCHECK and the response was very generic!

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    SmartSource printable coupons should be redeemable at any store that accepts regular coupons ? after all, we’re the same company that puts those regular coupons in the Sunday paper! News America Marketing has relationships with most retail chains who understand this. Unfortunately, sometimes local store managers make their own policies. If a store manager does not accept our coupons, please present this letter which explains how SmartSource is a leading provider of valid printable coupons.

    Please feel free to reply if you have any additional questions.

    SmartSource Coupons Support

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