Free Sample of Great Value Cereal and Granola Bars


Walmart is offering a free  sample of Great Value 90 Calorie Strawberry Cereal Bar.  It looks yummy doesn’t it?

As a side note, Walmart has been working on new packaging and reformulation of their Great Value Brand products.  I recently tried the Great Value Pepperoni pizza ($4.50, feeds six according to the label) and was very impressed by the crust.  I know you are probably thinking, the crust? that’s what stood up to you?  Well, yes because I love me a great pizzeria style crust and this one was really good.  Even my super picky hubby was impressed and that’s saying!

Enjoy your free cereal bar!

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  • Cindy

    Does anyone remember what we can do to get an extended subscription or some money back from the All You mag. We were to be compensated because the news stand gives you lots more coupons.

  • Judy Martinson

    Would it be possible to receive several boxes of granola bars for free for our public health unit. We have children that come in for Health Tracks screenings and they haven’t eaten any breakfast. This would be nutritious to the child.
    Please let me know and thank you very much.
    Judy Martinson
    Rolette County Public Health
    211 1st Ave NE, Box 726
    Rolla, ND 58367