Free Sample of Nivea Touch of Happiness Bodywash


Yay! New sample from Walmart: Get a free sample of Nivea Touch Bodywash.  This product will be free after Register Reward at Walgreens next week.  But for now, you can sign up for your free sample.


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  • Misty

    Are there coupons out there for this yet?

    • Yes, there are. You will get a link when I do the weekly Walgreens deals.


  • fran

    Hi Mercedes, Not the right spot for this comment, but I wanted to let you know I got my Aller-Ease pillow protector in the mail today…it only took 23 days to get it…not 6-8 wks. like they stated. I will be using this for my husband…he’s the one with allergies…the net pot does help. It certainly is a lot of fun getting mail with all these freebies. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Fran!

      That’s wonderful! I am glad you were able to get this freebie. I hope it helps your husband with his allergies.


  • Olya

    For Nivea body wash, there are coupons at CVS (manufacture), so if any one happens to be there, they can grab a few/couple and use them for the Walgreens deal. 🙂 They are usually located next to the item in some stores, or the beauty isle.