Free Sample: Orville Redenbacher’s® Pop Up Bowl

Get a free sample size of the New Orville Redenbacher’s® Pop Up Bowl.  The quantity available is 50,000.

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  • Katie

    I can’t get the website to open for me after I click “Get Free Sample.” IS anyone else having this problem?

    • Lisa

      Same here, not able to go to the form page

      • Peggy

        Try using FireFox rather than IE…I was finally able to get it to go through that way… Note the site is going extremely slow though, soI had to try multiple times for it to finally go. However once my form pulled it I had issues with it submitting…just hit the back button & keep trying. Mine eventually went through.

  • Liza Dore

    same problem here too…hope it comes up… looks like a cool product

  • eM

    I don’t see the form.

    • eM

      Now I see this on the page:

      PLEASE NOTE: We’re sorry! We’re experiencing some technical challenges with opur free sample contact form. We are working on it now. Please check back soon for this free sample.

  • Pat

    I got ” sample will be available soon”.