Free Sample Pretzel M&M

My absolute favorite type of free sample:  Free food!  Get a free sample of Pretzel M&M’s (which already sound addicting).  You will need to connect using  your Facebook profile, so beware.  This for me workedbetter in Internet Explorer than Firefox.  It froze up my browser when I first tried on Firefox.

Thanks Maven of Savin!

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  • AC

    It said my email has already requested which I haven’t.

  • Heather

    I tried to get this to load several times after I click to share my email and nothing happens. That was in IE.

    • Heather

      Worked great on FF for me 🙂

      • o_O

        it worked great 4 me on FF 2!

  • Stephanie

    Looks like the server is too busy at this moment!

  • Sonjia

    Don’t know if it’s doing this for everyone, but my confirmation said I would be receiving two extra bags to share with friends. Awesome!

    • Heather

      I think these were invites to send to friends on facebook (which I did). I don’t think they will actually be physically mailing 2 additional bags, if I read it right.

  • Heidi

    said already requested for email address which I haven’t- bummer

  • VT

    I bailed out … I don’t want it posting stuff to my wall without my permission … that’s a bit much for a bag of candy

  • Linda

    I have tried with both ie and firefox, and neither follow thru. Firefox just freezes, and I get a 503 error with ie

  • ras

    I’m having the same problem — it tells me a request was already made with my email address. Nuts.

  • Amanda

    Worked fine for me on FF. I also invited 2 friends. Ive already received a confirmation email.

  • Linda Davison

    Thanks so much it let me shared it with two Facebook friends too, and was confirmed in my email that it is on it’s way! Thank You Common Sense. My Firefox worked on mine! In these hard times it nice to get my 13 yr old son a extra treat after baseball practice! Just love you blog you put lots of work into this!
    Thank You,
    Linda Davison

  • susie

    It will not work for me. Takes me to FB, then just goes blank. Oh well…

    • Amy

      I keep getting the blank page, too. I’m kind of relieved it’s not just me.

      • Heather

        I had that when I tried in IE. I switched to FF and had no problems 🙂

  • Tracey

    Can someone tell me how to switch from Firefox to IE or viceversa? Thanks.

  • Bethanne

    Went to two different FB pages and saw nothing in either one where you can sign up for a free bag! In fact, there were mostly complaints from others looking to do the same and frustrated because there were no links! 🙁

  • Kathy

    it acted like the site couldn’t be found. I really wanted to try these. That’s a shame.

  • it is because the site is having tech promblems ;0
    here is there current status
    We’re happy to see everyone so excited about our new M&M’S® PRETZEL! Unfortunately, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties and had to temporarily remove the M&M’S® Pretzel tab (we think it was Yellow’s fault – he’s very, very, sorry). Stay tuned and we’ll post the tab as soon as we can for your chance to nab a free sample before they hit stores.