Free Samples: Cream of Wheat and Mariani’s Flavor Sensations

Mariani is offering a free sample of their Cinnamon Raisin Bread Raisins.  Thanks Anna!

You can also get a free sample of Cream of Wheat Cinnabon flavor.  Plus you will also get a $2 coupon which should make these really cheap, possibly free with a sale.  Thanks Mojo Savings!

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  • jl

    Does the coupon print or is it mailed? Thanks.

    • The coupon is a printable, you will see the link on the main page.


  • jl

    Thank you. I am without printer right now. In the past when I’ve signed up for a coupon and didn’t have a printer it fouled me up. When you do get a printer, go back and try to get the coupon their database thinks you’ve already printed it. Sooo…it’s always good to know if the coupon is a printable, snail mail or sent in an email. There may not be too many people who have this situation, but it does happen.

  • Karen

    Signed up for the sample, no problem. Rec’d a ” no more prints available ” on the coupon link.