Free Sandwich from Dickey’s BBQ

This freebie seems too easy! Just log onto Facebook and print out one of their comments and take it in with you to get a FREE BBQ sandwich! This is good thru August 2nd! To find your local Dickeys, click here.

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  • Tiffany

    According to you need to prtint out a copy of a coupon and post a review to facebook, then print out your review. Still sounds pretty easy, I’ll try it this weekend!

  • TIM

    This coupon is only valid if you are a member of the Big Yellow Cup Club. Im not sure how it got posted here or other places. It was sent to members and must have their name on it as well as a printout of their posted comment on Facebook or Yelp. Im sure that somes stores will honor it to be nice, but that doesnt make it right