Free Santa Card from Tiny Prints

Today only Tiny Prints is offering a free Santa Card.  Just head to their Facebook page to get the coupon code to get your choice of card free.  You can choose the “Send it to me first” shipping option to receive the card free. If they choose “Mail it directly to the recipient,” they will be charged $0.44 for postage. Limit one per household.

  • pennyscents

    I just came back to this post to see if there were any comments. This has been such a nightmare for me. I ordered 1 card on my account with my CC & had my husband order one on his account with his CC. They charged my CC $4.65 once, and then .46 cents 4 separate times on top of that. Then they charged my husbands card .46 cents 4 times too. When I got my cc bill I contacted them & they said they took care of it. Then I got my husband’s CC bill yesterday & saw that his was messed up too. I then checked my CC to see, if they fixed it & they haven’t. I was on CS chat with them for 2 hrs last night. They finally asked me to e-mail them everything, because they don’t know what they did. They said they can’t even see some of the charges that they did. I gave them order #’s & everything. I have yet to hear back from them now. All this trouble for 2 cards from Santa was so not worth it!!!

    • Mercedes

      hi Penny,

      I am sorry to hear about your hassle. It sounds like maybe their system went crazy on these transactions. I hope they can get it squared out with you.