Free Socks from HUE

Here is another free socks offer.  HUE is offering 250 pairs of socks FREE everyday at NOON EST.  To get this freebies, just sign up in this webpage.  You will need to be a Facebook Fan of Hue.  I am not sure how long this promotion will be available.  (Thanks The Freebie Blogger!)

Don’t forget about the Free pair of No Nonsense socks.  Has anyone been able to get those?

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  • Glenda

    I was able to get the free pair of no nonsense socks. I live in the mountain time zone, so for me it is 10 PM it resets.

  • Katie

    I was able to get a free pair of the no nonsense socks. Boy did they ever go fast!! They were all gone in a minute!! No kidding!!! Thanks for the heads up on more free socks! You can never have enough!!!!

  • Tricia

    Just tried getting the hue socks. Got the page to come up at 11:03 central time – so 12:03 eastern and they were all gone for the day!

  • Marie

    Went at 12:00 but accidentally closed it out twice, and by the time i completed at 12:04 they told me they were all gone! Get these fast (which is hard because the website is super slow)

  • Leisha

    My Hue socks are on their way!!

  • Melina

    Finally, I got my socks! Now I need wait 4-6 weeks! 😀

  • Lisa M.

    From what I gather on the Facebook page, it seems as though the sock promo is finished as of the 9th?

    On the NYC wall there is a sign stating all 3000 socks are gone (I have tried for these at both noon and midnight for the past few days with no success). Well needless to say, there are some that are upset that they have not had the opportunity to win the sock, and have been vocal about it, so someone from the company replied that they will be doing several giveaways throughout the year, and of other products that they have as well. Check the Facebook page… I could be wrong but this is my impression of the situation.

    Have a great weekend all! 🙂