ALIVE Again!: Free St. Ives products at Walgreens


Walgreens has St. Ives products products on sale and with a Register rewards promotion going on: Buy $10 or more in St Ives products and get $5 in register rewards back.  The Apricot scrub is on sale for $3 each and St. Ives Body Lotion is on sale for $4.

Buy two scrubs and one lotion for a total of $10.  Use three of these $2 off any St Ives Product available at  You will spend $4 plus tax out of pocket and will get back a coupon for $5 off your next purchase.

This register rewards promotion is going on all month actually (ends Jan. 31st).  But the products are on sale this week only.  So get a raincheck if the product you want to buy is out of stock.

Thanks Jenny at Southern Savers for the heads up on this deal.

UPDATE:  I can’t believe this deal is dead already.  I printed this coupon minutes before  I posted about it.  However it seems that the website got flooded with printing requests and the company chose to pull the plug on the coupon.  While I respect a company’s decision to do this, in my book this is bad PR as it leaves a bad taste on potential customers.  What do you guys think? Coupons are printing again! Hurry up and print yours.

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  • Rebecca

    I am fairly new at this. When I go to the site and try to print, it says I have already printed the number of times allowed the first time I tried to print the coupon. Any suggestions?

  • Amy

    I get the same thing…

  • Hi guys,
    that’s weird because I made sure that the coupon link was working before posting it.


  • I get the same thing too even though I know I haven’t. Oh well. Too bad because I love St. Ives.

  • aunttammie

    Good to know it isn’t just me this is happening to…they must have pulled the offer..

  • Can you guys try typing the website address and see if that works.

    This is so weird! I printed the coupons before I posted about this deal to make sure the link was working.

  • charlene

    I tried in two browsers by going direct to St Ives and got the same message.

  • Heather

    I tried in two different browsers also and got the same message. Too bad, looked like a great deal!

  • Megan

    Wow – that WAS quick! I was just about to print the coupon when I read the comments about it not working. Then, moments later, you posted that the coupon had been pulled. You’re right that it isn’t the best PR (they should lower the coupon value or something and re-post it), but it’s their prerogative for sure…

  • I managed to print 1 coupon. I was planning to go to my parent’s and print more. Oh well. At least I have one. Maybe I will still use it.

  • chris

    Mercedes, does this mean if we were able to print the coupon that we shouldn’t use it? Please advise, and thanks in advance.

  • Angie

    I agree, they should at the least lower the coupon but I don’t understand it – they’re still selling product and getting people to use it. I don’t see how it can be that big of a loss for them.

  • Hi Chris,

    You can use your coupon since you obtained it legitimately. The coupon will still be honored.


  • From a marketing & PR standpoint – I believe the nightmare would be to pull the plug on a promotion. If they had put it in to run for a certain period of time then it should run the entire time – Is it that their is a limit of coupons available for a certian period of time and the coupons will replenish – that is a hope but if it is truly because of their was a run to get the coupons then I will not buy St. Ives again even if I do like it for unfair practices.

  • Christine

    If you like St Ives that is still a good deal on getting lotion or other types even without the coupons.

  • It’s pretty lame that a company would do that. I mean, isn’t the entire POINT of offering a coupon so that people will print it? It seems like they didn’t think things through and that makes them look bad.

  • Cat Martin

    Just printed 2. Looks active again.

  • Miami-Seller

    I just tried printing the coupons, it is not printing.

    Got message already printed the number of times allowed the first time I tried to print the coupon. Any help?

  • Heidi

    About a month or so ago, this deal was happening at Walgreens and it was this same coupon- could their site be programmed so that if you printed this coupon the max. number of times the last time, that it remembers and won’t allow you to print again? Just a thought because I tried printing it from the computers that I used last time and it didn’t work, but then I used my son’s laptop and it printed. 🙂

  • Jenny K.

    Definitely not working properly. Got the “Sorry; already printed the number of times allowed” message. Not cool of St. Ives.

  • Argh! how frustrating! I just want you to know that I tried to print again and was able to print two more. So, I would say keep trying if you have the patience.
    Sorry about the frustration.

  • Maria

    Not working(I have never printed this)!! I guess this is how they are getting around pulling the coupon!! Thanks for all your hard work Mercedes!!!

  • aunttammie

    It’s dead again.

  • aunttammie

    To be fair…they must be having technical trouble, since it went dead, then live, then dead again. I don’t think they are trying to deceive anyone.

  • Lisa

    Still dead….. not printing again….

  • Alli

    Still dead. 🙁

  • Rachel G

    It’s dead

  • I got “No more prints available for this campaign”. Stinky.

  • Amy

    I got a message that said: There are no prints available for this campaign. I went to the contact link on their site and asked them about this. I just sent it, so I don’t know when I’ll hear back from them. I thought that if you all are frustrated by this also, maybe you could contact them as well. My feelings are if they run out of coupons, fine, but remove the coupon link from the homepage. They need to stop getting our hopes up! 🙂

  • chris

    Mercedes, thank you for posting about this. I was able to print the coupons yesterday and got the deal this morning. My teens LOVE the apricot face scrub.

  • Amy

    Dead again 🙁

  • Jessica

    Hey all, I was just able to print two coupons for this. I had tried earlier in the week and was not able to, but it just worked for me! So hurry and try it!

  • Maddy

    It worked for me.
    I purchased
    – St. Ives Body Lotion (now 4.99)
    – St. Ives Olive Scrub (now 7.49 – Better quality than usual apricot scrub)

    Final price $12.5
    2 coupons -4

    REceived $5 RR -5

    final paid price 3.5

  • gin

    I tried to go to the site too and there are no more coupons 🙁 I was really excited about the possibility of a coupon too.