Free Staples Credit for Cancelled Orders

It looks like a few of you got your Sharpie Staples Order from last week cancelled.  If that was the case then check your email inbox.  It looks like Staples is trying to make amends and it sent an email this morning with a free $5 credit to those with cancelled orders.

Let me know if you got your credit cancelled and got the free credit.  My order was actually delivered earlier this week.

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  • Jamie

    Yes! I was so bummed when my order got cancelled, but I got the credit. Now I’m excited… I tried to order 2 so now I have a $10 credit! Woohoo!

  • Christine

    I got a credit! Thanks STAPLES!!! 🙂

  • Carla Noll

    Got an email saying I would get a credit, but did not see anything when I went on to their page. Not sure yet.

  • amanda

    yes I got $10 added to my checking account! I noticed it yesterday and didn’t understand why until I got the email this morning. Now I wish I would have tried ordering more!

  • Monika

    Check your bank accounts, I noticed that although my order was cancelled, 3.18 was still pending but they took additional 5 dollars from my account. So, I got the credit email, but it really means that I just get back the money they charged wrong.

  • debbie

    Got my email and I also ordered 2…haven’t seen the $10 yet but what a nice surprise since I was bummed my order was cancelled.

  • Courtney

    I got a credit to my bank account. 🙂

  • ivy

    I got my credit thanks staples!

  • Suzie

    I’d ordered 4 sets of the Sharpies.
    The first email from Staples: “Your order has not been charged for these items”. Unfortunately that was incorrect, the charge is posting to my account today.
    I am waiting for the $20.00 credit to hit before I contact them regarding the charge that I was not to get.

  • Ashley fuller

    I got the credit of $5 today with an email saying they were sorry they couldn’t fulfill my order and wanted to make amends. Very nice!

  • Liz Wilcox

    I got the credit. Would have loved the markers, but WOW, they went above and beyond in taking care of their customers.

  • Karen

    I got the credit. I agree, it was nice of them, but I REALLY wanted the markers lol.

  • Kim

    I got the credit today as well and ordered the Hefty trash bags! I would have picked the markers up at my local Staples had I known my order was going to be cancelled, but nice to have the extra $$ to spend on something else that I really needed!