Free Steak Dinner at Outback

This offer is no longer available.

This free 6oz Steak dinner offer from Outback is live. Go and sig up to get a coupon towards a free meal in the mail.  The site is getting bombarded. there are 1million coupons available, so hopefully you will be able to get through and request one.

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  • Wendi Stone

    I enjoy Outback Steakhouse very much. Good service and good food !

  • Michelle

    They are all gone.

  • kelly

    I just got mine. Thanks for posting this great deal.

  • linda463

    It’s definitely Not all gone! I just got one and so did my mom! It says the “voucher is on its way”! Yay, free steak dinner!!! woohoo!!

  • Jenny Everetts


  • Debbie

    I can’t even get to the site where they’re giving the steak dinner away. I enter my zip code but it does nothing.

  • mr.biggs

    i love outback steaks

  • heather

    says all out for my zipcode

  • vickie

    I got on right after commerical and the first time I tried got only one per household but no one from this household but me uses this computer and I didn’t get one????? The second time I tried I got YOU can get $5.00 off. I think this is just a way to get peoples e-mail address. Well unscribe me NOW and I although I have never been to Outback I guess now I never will…I think it was all just a hoax to get me on a mailing list. Thanks but no THANKS

  • Emily

    Still good this morning so go ahead and try!

  • Pepper

    Went to sight no coupon showing but didn’t expect much!