Free Stuff: 25 Packets of Organic Seeds ($75 Value) + S/H

Seeds of Change is giving away 100 Million seeds to individuals and organizations.  If you are individual you can get 25 packets of organic seeds ($75 value) for the cost of shipping only $4.99.  If you are an organization you can get up to 100 packets for $14.99 shipped.  You can only order the seeds once and they will come in the mail in 2-4 weeks.

Thanks Atarah!

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  • tess

    my hubby is planting a garden- are these vegetable seeds or flower seeds- do you know- do you get to pick them out?

  • Diana B

    Thanks, I did it! I wish I didn’t have to wait up to 6 weeks, but I’ll do it.

  • June

    Is there a way to find out what seeds they are giving away (tomato, flower, squash etc)? I looked at there site and all I can see is that they will send 25 packages of seeds

  • tess

    and its planting time now-ugh

  • Guys,
    It doesn’t say exactly what type of seeds but there is a contact form. You can email to ask. here


    • June

      I looked at their web site under the contact us and I did not see a place for general questions. 25 pks of seeds is a lot of seeds. I live in hot, humid, Zone 10 so the growing season is about over here, but I would like some for next Oct.

      If anyone does contact them will you let the rest of us know. I really don’t think they want to get buried with request for infomation about what seeds they are sending


  • Kim

    seeds last for years, so if you can’t use them this year, save them for next year.

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    ALL GONE:(

    • June

      Heather, did you get an actual message saying the seeds were gone, or did you have difficulty findding where to order? I was able to order seeds at 10:00 PM EDT.

  • Robert

    At the store by me this is $2.50 worth of seeds and I get to pick them out and plant them is time and there is no shipping. A smart person must have come up with the MSRP price and is laughing all the was to the bank at the people spending twice as much thinking it s some kind of deal.

    • June

      Robert, I can get seeds for .10 a package at some stores but I also can pay much more. I bought a package of Burpee Organic summer Squash and the price was $2.49 for just the one package. I don’t know if this a money maker for Seed of Change, but I do know I hope the money I paid will further a good cause.

      I also am pretty sure the bugs that ate the leaves off my organic squash look much healthier than the ones eating plants grown from non organic seeds :(, I swear the bugs eat better than I do.