Free Sub at Quizno’s


Quizno’s is giving away 1 million subs for free! to the first 1 million people to register here.  After you register you will get emailed a coupon for a free small sub or everyday value sub.  Coupon says Photo ID required for redemption. You may need to be patient with this one as the website is getting a lot of activity today.

Thanks Shellie!


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  • Thanks! I printed out a coupon and it is only good for 5 days, so print when you are ready to use it.

  • Thanks for the heads up Jennifer!

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  • Winnie

    I went to print mine and it would show that it was printing but never would go through. Of course the coupon page turned in to a page that read “your coupon printed sucessfully”. My son who goes to a very prestigious college said that what happened to me happened to someone (maybe more) that he knew up there.
    Should I email Quiznos? I was so disappointed. I restarted my computer 2 x’s tried and tried.
    Thought it was my computer or printer but it wasn’t. Once I canceled the printing of that coupon, a “test page” was able to print fine as well as other things I was printing.

    If someone knows what I should do plz let me know.

  • Bonnie

    Hi, I used my Quizon’s sub coupon in Beverly, MA today without a problem.

  • alisa

    I went and used my coupon today and when i walked in, i had the coupon in my hand. there was no one else in the store and the lady behind the counter said, oh, you have one of those coupons, and i said yes i do. she said i need to check it before you order your sandwhich, i said ok and she checked my id and the number on my coupon and then told me to get in line, then was their 4 people in line. i did not mind waiting in line as mine was free. when it was my turn to order, she told me which ones i could order and then she made my sandwhich, and then the guy at the register said that my total was 5.99. i told him that i had a coupon and he asked for my coupon and i told him that i gave it to the other lady and do you think the lady said anything??? NOPE! she acted like she did not hear us talking, so i finally had to say MAM, Please let me know where my coupon is. I dont think i will ever eat here again. I felt like a criminal trying to get my sandwhich.

  • Nancy

    I had no trouble redeeming my coupon yesterday. They didn’t even ask for an ID.

  • YooperMom

    Hi. Sorry to hear of the problems with some of your coupons. My hub and I were able to print ours off and redeem them last night while visiting up in Houghton, Michigan. We brought our IDs and were prepared to pay tax but our total of over $9 rang back to $0 after presenting the coupons. They were yummy!


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