Free Subscription to Popular Science Magazine

Here is a fun freebie the whole family may enjoy!  Right now you can get a free subscription to Popular Science Magazine.  Allow 6 to 10 weeks for your first issue to arrive.


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  • extcoup

    is this a scam
    because it looks suspicious

    • Extcoup,

      I have gotten free magazine subscriptions from Valuemags before. They do come in the mail and I have not gotten billed.


  • Cat

    Just ignore the second page. Once you enter your addy it’s all they need. You’ll get your mags and nothing else, I’ve gotten these before too. Awesome deal I think! Thanks Mercedes

  • shannon

    i don’t understand how you are supposed to get the free year… all i am seeing is a year for $12.

  • shannon

    apparently the offer has ended. bummer.