Free Swiffer Duster (15,000 available)

The first 15,000 to enter the Swiffer Gift Basket Sweepstakes get a free Swiffer Duster sample. You don’t need to sign-up for the free magazine trial, click on “click here” under “No purchase is necessary to enter” to enter without signing up for the free trial.

UPDATE:  Please use firefox to open the provided as it seems other web browsers are not displaying the “No Purchase Necessary” link.

Thanks, Freebies 4 Mom!

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  • Sarah Brown

    there is no “no purchase is necessary” place and it says I’m going to get billed $8 now. What do I do?

  • Jackie

    Same with me. What do I do?

  • Delphie

    I didn’t see a place either… free trial that you get billed for

  • Kim

    The place to click on is just above where you would fill in your name, address..etc. It’s in a box above that…kind of hard to notice but if you read above where you fill in your info, you’ll see it.

  • Amy

    Same here, I gave info for swiffer and the notice stated I will get a magazine, and they will bill me.
    I do not see a place to write to them, this is bad. If I recive a magazine I will call. Not going to pay.

  • jpoole

    same thing happened to me…. I already have a sub and don’t want another one…what do I do..

  • Aprill

    I don’t see a spot that says “no purchase necessary”. That is ashame because I would have liked to try the product.

  • Kaylee

    The same thing happened to me. For whatever reason the little box that says no purchase necessary isn’t coming up for me. Maybe because I am using internet explorer…I dont know. (I know some people are saying it comes up for them with firefox). Anyway, this is what I was able to find on their website regarding an issue like this:

    Sweepstakes subscription orders
    Hearst Magazines often promotes exciting sweepstakes on their websites. Although no purchase is necessary to enter or win, we hope that if you did submit an order with your entry, you enjoy many hours reading Good Housekeeping magazine. However, if you accidentally submitted a subscription order while entering a sweepstakes and wish to cancel, allow 24 hours for your order to apply to our system before submitting your cancellation. The Account Summary page will indicate if your order has applied.

    Log into your account (you can use the email address/zip code or name/mailing address option if you don’t have your account number yet) and if your sweepstakes order has applied, choose “Cancel Subscription” from the menu options on the left side of the screen. You will be instructed how to cancel your most recent order. A confirmation page will be displayed to confirm your cancellation. Regardless of your decision, your sweepstakes entry will be retained.

    Disregard any electronic or paper bills you may receive, as they were probably issued prior to your cancellation taking effect.

    Seems like it will be an easy fix. At least I hope so! : )

  • Jess

    I chose the no purchase necessary option and answered ‘yes’ to I want a free swiffer duster, after entering it said I was entered into the sweepstakes and created an account for me (never said anything about being charged $8 for subscription so I guess choosing the no purchase necessary worked) but it did not confirm that I will receive the duster, does that mean that I won’t?

  • Penny James

    I did not have any option as to if I wanted to order a magazine or not but it says I did and is going to bill me. I WILL NOT PAY IT!! I will write cancel on the envelope when it comes and return to sender. This is a scam to trick people into paying for something they did not order!!

  • Gina

    I did not give me an option either. Now it says I will receive my new issue of the magazine in 6-8wks , and I will be billed $8. !!! I will be sending that back asap upon it’s arrival. But I will also contact the subscription dept first thing in the morning to clarify things!

  • kris

    Thanks for the info Kaylee!

  • kris

    I also found this. Seems simple enough.

    If you like it, pay just $7.97 for a total of 12 issues. If not, return the bill marked “cancel” and keep the trial issue with no further obligation.

  • Amy

    I went through internet explorer and it did have the link for no purchase necessary at the very end of this section where it says “click here”;

    If you like what you see, you’ll get 11 more issues (12 in all) for just $7.97 — that’s 81% less than others pay on the newsstand.* If not, return the bill marked “cancel” and keep the first issue with no obligation. You’ll still be eligible to win the sweepstakes.

    No purchase is necessary to enter. If you’d prefer to enter the sweepstakes without starting a trial subscription to Good Housekeeping or if you are already a subscriber, click here.

  • ari

    I deactivated after saying it was going to bill me. If it doesnt work I guess theyll be sending me free magazines.

  • Barbara

    Just went in using Firefox (as instructed), used the ‘no purchase’ button but it still came back and told me:
    — An account had been created for me (to receive the free product?)
    — A picture of the Good Housekeeping magazine (looks like I just subscribed to it)
    — I could de-activate the account (which I did immediately)
    No news on whether I will be getting the free product or not
    Seems like a scam to get your name/address to send the magazine…and then those mailings that say: We did our part and now you own us money!

  • Shelly

    WHAT A SCAM!!! I went to enter this giveaway for both me and my sister and I did not see any option for no purchase neccessary and after I entered in my shipping info a page popped up saying that I will be charged $7.97 for a year subscription to Good Housekeeping Mag. And after I entered in her info there was no page that said I’ll be charged for the $7.97 yr mag! But it did say that I’ll recieve the swiffer sweeper sample. After I entered I immediately tried to cancel my subscription just in case they’d charge me but after multiple times of entering in my info it said that the computer could not “find my information” I was unable to enter my info until I recieved my invoice with the account number on it. I entered that in and it told me that quote” The order is not eligible for a refund” In that case I Don’t want any of it! I don’t want the mag and I don’t want the sample! It’s not worth the trouble! And I ‘ve been looking everythwhere and there is no phone or email contact infor to get ahold of these people! What a scam!

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