Available Again: Free TIGI Lip Palette


This cool freebie is available once again but like last time the site is going really slow.  On a good note if you are able to get through this does come in the mail. Add this TIGI Lip palette to your shopping cart for free at TIGI. Shipping on the item is free as well. You don’t even have to enter Credit card info.  Please be patient as the site seems to be having traffic problems. It’s going through at once for some but not for others.

Thanks Freestuff4free!

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  • san

    I did order one last time and didnt get it even after a confirmation email.

    • Heather

      Ditto. I didn’t get mine, either.

      • Julie Shaver

        Same here.

  • Dani

    Didn’t get mine as well. I remember it was a very long Sunday a few months ago and when I was waiting for the final page to load, I went to the bathroom and my husband “x’d” out of the page! I was furious! Spent another couple of hours and finally did get through, got a confirmation, and nothing ever came in the mail.

  • lauren

    I just spent all evening waiting on this process to complete it’s various stages in between reading and doing various other deals and such, only to finally make it to the final order page and when I clicked the Place Order button, I got a Google error message stating Method Not Allowed
    The request method POST is inappropriate for the URL /.

    So I have my doubts about this deal as well.

    • chelpa

      that’s what i got. tried it twice and both times the same thing. oh well…..

      • I received the same message the first two times I tried. I was using Firefox, so I decided to try Internet Explorer. I was able to get to the confirmation page successfully using IE. I’m not sure if this will help you.

  • Jen

    I too spent FOREVER trying to get my order to go through. I did get a conformation email but I’m still waiting for my order.

  • chelpa

    while it never went thru that i could see, i did get an email conformtaion. maybe it’ll show!!

  • Tammy

    I tried last nite.. Yes the website did take forever.. I tried this morning around 6:30 and it was quicker.. I think I must of tooken the whole time from start to finish about 15 min.. Not to bad.. I just have to wait and see if it comes in a few weeks..

  • pennyscents

    I did this yesterday. I experienced a lot of the same difficulties that other people mention on here. I kept trying, though. The order did finally go through. I received a confirmation e-mail with conf#, and all. I was uploading photos of mine at the same time, so it didn’t bother me to go back hit whatever buttons again, and then wait forever. I wasn’t really waiting because I was working on my photos. I just checked back every once in a while. Anyway, it does work if you keep trying. Just depends on whether you have the time, or not.

  • Jen F

    I spent forever trying to get thru yesterday and it didn’t work, but today it went thru really quick! Hope I get it!!!