Free Toilet Paper Cover

Did you take advantage of the Cottonelle paper deal at Walgreens I shared with you yesterday?  Or maybe you have some 12ct packs of Cottonelle Toilet Paper stockpiled?  If so, go get one of them and use the UPC code on the package to snag a free toilet paper cover.

Those look cute, don’t you think?

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  • Monika

    I keep getting service unavailable when I post in my information???

    • Sierra

      I was too, keep trying- it eventually worked for me!

  • Katie

    This is a valid UPC 3600013396

  • Shelia T.

    I tried 3 times, after filling out the form last time it clicked off and said service not ava. for the free tp cottonelle holder ??

  • Jody

    I couldn’t get the UPC to work from the 12pks of large rolls purchased at Walgreens. Kept saying to use a valid UPC.

  • RuthAnn Alston

    @JODY make sure you are not including the first number and the last number (the numbers that are off by themselves) FOR EXAMPLE my entire UPC is 0 3600029578 8 but you leave off the beginning 0 and the ending 8 and only use the numbers that are listed together 3600029578 . You may can use the same UPC I have.

    For those who are having trouble, I had trouble for a while too but I kept trying and finally got the SUCCESS, look for your toilet paper cover to arrive in 8-10 weeks so keep on trying!

  • Gary

    This is bull I typed in the security code at the bottom of the page about 8 times and it won’t go through. It’s a ________ joke!!!

  • Evin

    I also could not use my code but Katie’s worked on comment 3