Free Tree from Lowes on Earth Day (April 23)

Lowe’s wants to help you pay it forward this Earth Day! They are giving away 1 million trees on April 23rd. I am going to go and try to get one! Contact your local Lowe’s store or read here for more details.

Thanks Mojosavings

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  • Angie

    We got ours today (southeastern MI) and they are already planted 🙂 White spruce, very cute. About 7″ or 8″ tall. Heard other states had other kinds of trees but sounds like all evergreens.

  • Angelica

    We got ours today as well(western NC) Haven’t got them planted yet but they are White Pine and Colorado Blue Spruce. The instructions on the bag say to plant in a container for a year before you plant in the ground, that’s the only way they would stand a snowballs chance in my yard. (Three very active dogs.

  • Shelley

    In Southern California, we got a sequoia tree. Planted it in the afternoon.