Free Trio Car from Fisher Price

Fisher Price is offering a FREE Trio Car.  Shipping is free as well.  This is a $9 value and I think these freebie will go quickly.  So get yours while you can.

Thanks Spoiled not Rotten!

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  • Joy

    Due to high volume can’t complete order. 🙁

  • Anna

    I thought it was going to go through because I got all the way to the shipping page, then got this response, “We apologize Due to high contact volume, we are unable to complete your order at this time. Please come back or call the appropriate number below to complete this process.” I’ll try again later, but if not…that’s ok…I got the free Gain soap the last promotion to cheer me up 😛

  • Amy

    I called the customer service number and was told they were getting flooded with requests and to just keep trying. There was no way for them to enter the info on their end according to her. :o(

  • Kelly

    I got the same error message. They said you can’t order over the phone, but to keep trying as they’re working on fixing it and it should be up shortly.

  • Nicole

    has anyone actually got it to go through??

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  • cindy

    NO!! I got the same message as everyone else,and it took forever to get to the end,just to get a sorry.

  • Jeff

    I wasn’t able to get through either. I made it all the way through the shipping page online and was told that they couldn’t complete the order due to high volume and that I should contact customer service.

  • Lydia

    I was told to try tomorrow. So, maybe around midnight tonight or sometime that should be not busy, I will try..

  • hippychick

    I got to the shipping page then it said SORRY try again later.

  • Alison

    Link isn’t working at all right now.

  • I get a runtime error when I click the link

  • Christi

    Whoa! That did not work for me!

  • Debbie Russell

    Just try again and it is still not working.

  • Sandra

    same here

  • Staci Elerson

    I have tried about 10 times today and keep getting the same error message everyone else is getting. It takes 5 minutes at leas to get to the last page to get a sorry. That’s so aggravating!!

  • Annette

    I got the error message, hit the back button, and then the “submit” button again…did this about 4 or 5 times before it FINALLY WENT THROUGH!!!! The car will be arriving in 8-10 weeks 🙂 Don’t give up! And don’t keep re-entering your info…just keep going back one page! Hope this helps 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Order Confirmation

    Thank you for your order. Please allow *8-10* weeks for delivery.

  • Birgitte

    Yeah! It finally went through!

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  • Lissa

    Went through just fine the first time. Thanks!

  • Hannah

    Went through just fine now : )

  • Karen

    No problems this morning…thanks for the link, it’ll be a great stocking stuffer for my grandson!

  • Marlene

    It went through this morning but now it says that the item is back ordered. I wonder if I will get it or they reached their limit?

  • Dawn

    I got this to go through after trying for a couple hours last night. I almost gave up but went back one last time and finally at 1 am I got through. My sons birthday is before Christmas so this is a perfect gift. Thanks

  • AngelaRS

    Guess I need to do this at 12am. Seems like that is the best time based on the above comments.

  • Toni

    I just got this message:

    This promotion or offer is no longer available. Use this link to continue.


  • Lori

    Grrrrrr! I tried multiple times yesterday and even stayed up late last night trying to get it to go through. I finally gave up, went to bed and tried it this morning only to find out the offer is no longer available. They said over the phone last night to try again tomorrow. >:o

  • Rachel

    Try again now if you couldn’t get through before. I tried yesterday and early this morning. About 10:15 EST, the site was working with ease and I finally got mine ordered. Didn’t even take a minute for the whole process. Everything went through perfectly.

  • Kerri

    Tried several times yesterday and even this morning without any luck. For whatever reason, was able to get through just now. Invoice said the product is on back order but it went through!

  • Yvette M

    I just tried this again, and it now states that this offer is no longer available. 🙁

  • Wendy

    What an aggravating waste of time! They should not run these promotions if they aren’t prepared for the supply and demand.

  • Lydia

    just tried and got the notice that the promotion has ended. That was short-lived.. When originally it was said to be lasting til end of month.. Must have had a short supply.. Too bad as I have a son whom I was hoping to give for a birthday gift..