Free Two Bottles of Excedrin Coupons

Visit the Excedrin Website to sign up to get try Excedrin for free.  You can get a coupon for a free bottle of Excedrin Extra Strength and one of Excedrin Migraine.

Thanks Couponing 4 Four!

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  • S

    I can’t load the website, it crashes every time.

  • patty

    no free sample found as of 12-6-2010, even the coupons were gone…. except…. you can sign up for a $3.50 off Excedrin PM coupon.

    • S

      Yep, the website’s link to the free coupon said “Due to the overwhelming demand we have temporarily stopped printing this offer” and now today instead of a free coupon there’s a $1 off coupon. What a complete load. >:I

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