Free Veggie Tales Movie, Just Pay $2.99 Shipping

Big Idea is offering a free Veggie Tales Movie when you sign up for their newsletter.  All you need to pay id the $2.99 shipping charge.  Just click here to choose one from six movies available.  My boys love Veggie Tales, so I will be taking advantage of this offer.  They are silly looking and they have funny faces but they are very entertaining.

Thanks Pocket Your Dollars!

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  • jen

    which one do you recommend?

  • We have almost all of these movies and all four of my children have loved them. My parents did foster care for years and all the children that came through our house loved these movies. Of the six free ones, considering a couple are just sing along, I would reccommend either “Are You My Neighbor” or “The Ballad of Little Joe” as some of our family favorites.

  • Kristina L.

    Thanks so much for this deal my daughter loves these movies.

  • Erin

    My kids love these movies so we have most of them and of course the one they don’t have of the titles being offered is out of stock. Grrr. Maybe I’ll call Monday and see what I can find out, as to how long this promo is lasting and when the movie will be back in stock.

    To anyone wondering this is so worth it these movies are great fun, filled with silliness, but teaching important life lessons. I highly recommend taken advantage of this offer.

  • Nicole A.

    Wow, thanks! There were only two choices left but its still a great deal. Most of our Veggie Tales are on VHS, so even if this is a duplicate (I can’t remember what we have cause we never watch VHS now) its worth it!

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