Free with Overage Schick Disposable Razors at Walmart

You can get paid to buy schick disposable razors at Walmart right now.  Just print this Schick razor coupon and head to the store to do this deal:

Schick Disposable Twin Blade Razors 10-pack $1.97
Use $6/2 Schick Razor printable coupons
Free plus $2 in overage after coupon

If you print a couple of coupons and grab four packs that’s $4 in overage you can apply to the rest of your purchase.  I think that may cover a gallon of milk right?  Just in case, here is Walmart’s coupon policy where it states they allow overage to be applied to the rest of your purchase.

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  • Just wanted to let you know that the Schick printable coupon says no overage is allowed. But I have a feeling many cashiers will still give it to you. 🙂

    • Megan

      It says no cash back, but the overage applies to the rest of your groceries. They won’t give you actual money back

  • Arria

    Where did you find those razors? Thanks!!!

  • Curtis Frazier

    I was saddened when I went by 2 of my local Walmarts and they were sold out! The bins were empty! I’m keeping this coupon in the car and will continue to search for this product anytime I’m in WalMart.

  • Kay

    I found the razors, 4 packages, each with 2 bonus razors and a $3 coupon! More overage!

  • Rebecca Howe

    I had to do two separate transactions, other than that it worked fine.

  • amber

    I went last night and couldn’t find them at my Walmart. There wasn’t even an empty bin where they should go.

  • Lisa

    Did anyone try and check out if Target, Wags or CVS have a similar deal. I’m going to K-Mart later to p/u a Birthday gift (with a 10% off toy purchase of course) and will check out the razors there – it I find a deal I will post.