Free Yes to Carrots Lip Butter at Walgreens


Yes to Carrots products are on sale this week at Walgreens, 25% off.  This sale makes the Lip Butter around $2.75 or so each.  Use the $2/1 manufacturer printable coupon here and the $1/1 Walgreens coupon here and get it free!  Just remember to always hand your manufacturer coupon first and then the Walgreens coupon to avoid any beeps at the register.  Check out the rest of the weekly deals at Walgreens here.

Thanks Crystal!

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  • dbf

    The $1 coupon from Walgreens states “May not be combined with any other offer”.

  • HeatherC

    It still beeped for me too. Boy did they give me a hard time. I happened to have an email from the store mgr to me stating that they do accept wags coupons in conjunction with manufac. ones. Only then, after I showed him his own email, did he (very crankily)let me do the deal!

  • Hi dbf,
    A lot of coupons say the same thing and to be honest what does it really mean? you can’t use together with another coupon, when item is on sale, when item is on clearance? The wording is too broad.


  • Tianna

    I tried this today, made sure to hand the manufacturer’s coupon first, and the register still wouldn’t take the Walgreen’s coupon. I still got the product, however, as it was only $0.76 with the $2 off manufacturer’s coupon.

  • Barbara

    It was a no-go at two of our local Walgreens. Both said they couldn’t accept the Walgreens online coupon. When scanned it came up as invalid.
    I was certainly made to feel like I was trying to get away with something illegally…. like I created the coupon myself!
    I suggested to the cashier SHE go to Walgreens online and check out the monthly coupons for her OWN education.
    Very frustrating!

  • …a great deal on the Yes to Carrots is the “Value Pack” which has both shampoo and bath gel in it for $7.99 on 25% of sale for 5.99 minus the $2 Q, and it’s only 3.99 for both bull size products! If you can spend 3.99 that is maximizing the 2 dollar to nth degree! Unless you need nearly free lip balm!

  • lisa mannon

    I tried today also and they would not let me use the $1.00 coupon.

  • melissa

    the manager at my store pushed through the wags coupon. but it was a huge hassle. he was nice, but it was a mess for chapstick. would only allow one $2 manu coupon. i knew it was because it was overage to take off the second $2 coupon.

    so i ended up paying $2.50 for 2 chapsticks i didn’t want. grrrrrrrr. i should have read these comments first.

  • Mandy

    I have to agree with dbf. Do we really need to save a $1 when is not exactly correct? Those that do this type of things are the same ones that make stores give us couponers a hard time.

  • Amanda

    Thanks Mollie for the tip on buying the Value Pack! That’s what I’ll get, along with the lip gloss. These are things I would get anyway, and with both $2.00 off coupons, still much less than buying a better known brand right off the shelf. I prefer natural or organic products when I can get them.

  • CJ

    There’s no reason the $1 Wags coupon shouldn’t work with the $2 IP. The Wags on line coupons should be no different than the EasySaver coupons, which my store lets me combine with MQs all the time. My Wags on line coupon beeped last night before the cashier even tried the IP, so obviously the store’s scanner isn’t set up right to even accept these coupons. We shouldn’t be made to feel like we’re doing anything wrong for legitimately using coupons. The day before the same store had overcharged me for an item, I had to make another trip back to the store and wait 20 minutes for a manager to do the refund. So I’m not about to feel guilty for getting a free lip balm!

  • I had the same problem with this deal yesterday & worst of all this cashier (a senior aged lady) was so loud abt it. Finally, a manager was called who came to the conclusion that I cannot use a wags coupon & a manufacturer coupon together. Unfortunately, I wasnt carrying the store policy. So i dint do this deal. When I was walking back.. I could hear the other cashier laugh out loud saying she wants us to pay her for taking stuff.. I was so mad. I finally spoke to the corporate abt it & am waiting for a response from her..
    Its really sad, that most of the wags cashiers & managers are not aware of their own policy.

    • Tina, I am so glad you called corporate to complain about the cashier’s attitude. That was really unprofessional and unnecessary. I don’t know why this coupon is not working. Like someone mentioned, it’s possible it’s not programmed on the computers.
      Has anybody tried just using that coupon? and not the manu?


  • Barbara

    The Walgreens coupon was entered FIRST into the computer and it beeped… the manu coupon scans without a hitch.

  • Janice

    I tried this deal today in my area…Atlanta. The cashier “reorganized” my coupons and scanned the internet Wags one first. It did not work at all! The manu scanned fine.

    The cashier did not even know they had internet coupons. She kept trying to look through the flyer to find another copy. I guess no one trains their employees anymore. I just paid the 76 cents. Still worth it for a great natural product! Just not worth the grief over the silly coupon!!

  • Rose

    I’m not sure, but I’m wondering if it’s not working because the product is on sale for 25% off. Maybe the computer is programmed so that it’s “combining offers” by being on sale at Walgreens and using a Walgreens coupon – especially since it’s not working, even when scanned first/alone. Just a thought!?!

    On a personal note, I’m just glad I didn’t try the deal tonight. I already had a headache and if I had had to battle a cashier over lip balm, it could’ve turned ugly! hehe!

  • Rose.. I dont think that wud be the case, coz this coupon is valid only for this week. Walgreens wudnt have released this coupon when they know that their products are 25% off (if thats wat cannot combining with other offers means to walgreens). But since they sent this coupon, it means we can use them..

  • Kate

    my walgreens would not take both coupons. Even the manager said they can’t take both coupons. so I ended up paying 90 cents for it.

  • Bre

    I used it just fine. In fact, even though the cashier scanned it once, it took off $2 because I bought two lip balms. However, I also bought some other stuff and so I think the overage that I got off of the wags coupons and the $2 man coupons went onto those products. Also, I handed her the wags coupon LAST of everything, and it gave me $1 for EACH lip balm I bought. I was pleasantly surprised, but quite pleased.