FREE Zantac at Walgreens

Check out this post on The Coupon Cupboard on how you can get FREE Zantac at Walgreens. The coupon doesn’t expire until 11/17 but it is only redeemable at Walgreens.

Happy Savings!

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  • Andrea Reynolds

    Not a happy coupon moment. Tried to use this at our Walgreens (which is already not very coupon friendly 🙁 )and they refused to take it because the coupon was for $5.50 and the shelf price was $4.99. Wouldn’t adjust it or anything 🙁 or allow me to buy something else to use up the overage. Just said “If the register won’t take it, we won’t take it” . I hope THEY’VE heard of karma 😉

  • Mercedes

    I hate it when the cashier doesn’t want to adjust prices. May want to try again with another.
    I didn’t print this coupon but I read limit has been reached.

  • Andrea Reynolds

    If only it had been “just the cashier”… she got the assist. manager, who supposedly went behind closed doors to speak with the manager who declared they won’t take coupons for more than the amount of the item. Pooh. Of course, I should have seen it coming since our Walgreens won’t let you use a supersaver coupon from their booklet in conjunction with a manu coupon. Pooh, pooh. CVS still works out pretty good here, so I’ll take what I can get 🙂

    Glad you made out so well later on. Told you things “right themselves” in the end! I think there must just be some bad coupon mojo out there right now because it really has been a very rough “couponer’s” week for me (not that they can get me down, mwah ha ha), but still…had a Wendy’s IP coupon turned down, a Burger King mailed postcard issue, Walgreens(of course) and a Target cashier try to tell me you can only use one of a coupon at a time (i.e. if you have three boxes of Cheerios and three manu coupons, you would have to use only one coupon for all three or check ut three separate times- are you kidding me?!?)Don’t worry, though, sites like yours taught me not to take crud lying down, so I did call or email all companies involved and mostly satisfactory results from them 🙂 Go, mommy-power!

  • elle

    same happened for me. at our wags, the antacids are kept under lock and key (new meth ingredient? oy), and when one of the assistant managers got it for me, i showed him the coupon and specifically asked, is this going to be a problem when i hit the register? his response: “nope, it’ll be fine, the cashiers know how to adjust down coupons.”

    ooook…get to the reg? dude has to call over another assistant manager (with whom i’ve had coupon dealings before) and the guy tried to tell me they wouldn’t take it. i told him what the other assistant manager had said, word for word (and OF COURSE he had left for his lunch by then) and pointed out that wags themselves had sent me the coupon and that they’d even said in the email, “hey, here’s some free zantac, enjoy.”

    this man has denied me coupon after coupon and RR after RR, but he actually put it in for the full 5.50 by the time we were finished. empowering but exhausting trip, lol

  • Andrea Reynolds

    Couponing should not be this hard! 🙂