Free Ziploc Gift Pack from Right at Home

Right at Home is offering a FREE Ziploc gift pack.  This gift pack includes Ziploc Zip n Steam bags as well as Ziploc Snack bags.  You must be one of the first 3,000 people to sign up for it.  However, Right at Home has some weird rules about these giveaways and if you have entered one in the last 180 days and won it you won’t get this one.  In conclusion, no one knows if they will get it until it shows up in your mailbox.  However, they do come in the mail.  I have received a couple of these and they have included full size products.

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  • Pat Harris

    I love the convenience of Ziploc Bags.

  • Danielle

    Well I registered, hope I got em! Thanks for the info… 🙂

  • Tonya hoffman

    I sent everything in I hope is works

  • Pat

    I noticed that this time they say “the first 3,000”, so looks like they’ve changed the rules again. I never noticed that before anyway.