Freebies: Genesis Juice, Sunscreen, Dove Body Wash and More

The freebies are really just rolling in today.  Here are some new freebies that I would hurry up and sign up for rifht away:

Free bottle of Genesis Juice when you like Genesis Juice on Facebook.  Thanks Tracie!

Free sample of Dove Men Care body wash (Thanks Rose)

Free sample of Magnacare sunscreen.  This is a Facebook offer.  (thanks Janel)

Free sample of L’Oreal Everstrong (thanks Lisa)


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  • Gina

    My husband *loves* the Dove Men’s body wash…and before I bought him some of it (scored it for free at Kroger several months ago) he did not like body wash at all. Thanks! Signed up for a free sample…and hopefully it’ll include a good coupon!!

  • Rachelle

    All the samples are gone for the Doves Men Body Wash

  • Bethany

    🙁 Dove body wash no longer available

  • Andrea

    Boo…both of the facebook samples are gone. 🙁

  • candi

    i’m sad that the body wash samples are gone. i did receive one from walmart a few weeks ago for my bf to try though so maybe i was being greedy 🙂 he also prefers bar soap (i don’t know why) but he tried the body wash sample and really liked it 🙂