Freebies in my Mailbox: YZ Hydravescent Crystals and Febreze Candle

It’s been a great week for me.  Just yesterday I had a Febreze with Gain scent show up at my door and today I got this box of YZ Hydravescent Crystals (no longer available).  Earlier in the week I got a box of Scrubbing Bubbles products I got for being one of the first 150 to follow Scrubbing Bubbles on Twitter.

PS.  I forgot to say that I also got a Bounce Dryer bar from Vocalpoint, wee!

What freebies have you gotten recently in the mail?

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  • Tay

    The site says the samples are gone – went really fast apparently! ( ;

  • Gina

    I actually have had a great week too! I had 6 magazine subscriptions, Bounce Dryer Bar, artscow memo pads personalized (freebie), Sobe t-shirt (from Sobe game), check from survey group, zazzle business cards/mommy cards (they turned out great!). That is probably the best mail week in a while for me!

  • Kristina L.

    I also got the Zazzle business cards loved them. I also got a Tshirt and I found out that I am getting the Housepartys PS3 houseparty. I’m very excited about that.

  • Julie

    I got a $2.50 coupon to get a bounce dryer bar from vocal point, another kotex u sample and a 2.99 rebate. A couple here and there keeps me happy!!!