Friday Grab Bag: Free Ebooks, Music Downloads, Samples and More

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  • Shelley

    I just went to my local Walgreens to use the John Frieda coupons and this store (Plymouth, WI) will no longer accept 2 coupons for the same item. I was also told that in the near future this will be a policy for all Walgreens stores. Not Nice Walgreens!!!

    • What Shelley!? that’s the store I shop. who told you this> was this a mean old lady? that’s why I shop in the evenings to avoid her.


  • Karen

    I was wondering if the free samples involve any hidden fees like shipping and handling.

    • Hi Karen,

      In general, sample offer don’t require you to pay for shipping. Of the hundreds sample offers I have shared with my readers only one requested you pay for shipping and it was clearly stated on the website offering the free sample.