Fun Giveaway: $50 Walmart Gift Card

It’s amazing, Halloween is barely over but the Holidays are almost here. Are you having people over for the holidays? Are you wondering how you are going to feed a crowd? I got some pretty good ideas yesterday when I flipped through Walmart’s Holiday Entertainment Guide. Did you get your copy in your Sunday newspaper?

Having a nice holiday seem a challenge this year. Budgets are tight and almost everyone has had to prioritize their list of needs and wants. This year I am skipping Thanksgiving but we will probably try to have family and friends over for the holidays. I save money when I entertain by preparing as much of the food I serve myself as I can. I find that most people want to help too, so if anyone offers to bring a dish I take them up on their offer. I have also been able to save money on gifts by shopping throughout the year.

Walmart wants to help Elevenmom’s readers have a nice holiday. I have a $50 gift card to give away. All you need to do is leave me a comment sharing what you are doing to spend less this holiday season. Don’t forget to leave your name and email address or other way for me to contact you. For en extra entry blog about this giveaway and come back and leave me a comment with a link to your post.

This contest ends Thursday 11/13 at 10 AM. At that time I will pick a winner using

Good luck!

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  • Delores

    For Christmas, in order to spend less, I am knitting many of my gifts with yarn I already have — instead of buying more yarn. Plus, we are giving spiced pecans using pecans from our own trees.

    Delores at primaschola dot com

  • Kelly Strei

    This Christmas I am spending less than normal by handmaking many gifts. My husband is making tree ornaments with copper wire. I am making “gifts from the kitchen” for many friends, teachers, etc.

  • nebraskaridge

    I wish I was talented enough to make gifts! But this year we are buying Christmas gifts with cash, as deals pop up. I’ve already bought 3 toys through an Amazon deal for $11 each and I make an immediate payment to our credit card.


  • Karen

    I am doing the same as you in trying to make all the food that I can for the get togethers vs buying stuff premade. I have also been stocking up on presents throughout the year when they go on clearance. . so I have a good stash already for the girls. what a great way to help with the rest of the expenses.

  • Shanna

    I have been buying things throughout the year for gifts. I also hit up Target’s toy clearance at the end of summer and took care of a bunch of the kids on our list.


  • Malone

    My friends and I are doing a $10 limit ornament swap, rather than buying individual gifts for one another. I’m also going online to trade some gift cards I currently have for those that my family would enjoy, so part of my Christmas shopping is free!

  • Anonymous

    For christmas I am shopping at the thrift stores and craigslist. For little ones they don’t know any different.

    Love your blog, Erin

  • JANE4girls

    we are spending less this year by making most of the gifts ourselves with free item ingredients that I have picked up.

  • Adriane

    I just started couponing so I’m hoping the extra savings will help to use towards gifts. Also trying to use my stash of scrapbooking supplies to make gifts for family and shopping earlier than usual and being more aware of all of the great deals out there…

  • Sandra

    We are cutting back on travel to save money this holiday season. Instead of visiting family in the neighboring state, we are staying home and enjoying our own little family together!


  • christine

    I buy Christmas gifts throughout the year when I see a great sale or clearance deal. I’m also making rice heating pads as gifts for the women on my list. Very chic spa like.

    piano_girl97 at yahoo dot com

  • Jess

    Wow! What a great giveaway! We’re just being more realistic about what we can spend on each person that we buy for and just trying to be disciplined. Honestly, our family members won’t love us one smidge less because we spent $20 on them instead of $40…and our kiddos don’t need a boatload of stuff(I’ve got nowhere to put it anyway!)!


  • hermajesty

    Spending less this Christmas isn’t just something that we WANT to do — it is something we HAVE to do. I have been buying gifts throughout the year and marking them on my List Plan It list so I don’t forget what I bought for whom (or where I hid it in the house so the kids won’t find it!). Buying throughout the year really helps the tight family budget, I’ll tell you that!

  • Anonymous

    We are not having all the family over (40+ people) for dinner on Thanksgiving. This is going to save us hundreds of dollars this year! Thank You, Allison

  • Kelly

    To spend less this year, I am shopping the bargains and using all of the tips that you money-saving bloggers share! I have already bought for several on my list and have spent only a fraction of what I did last year!

  • drpepperdrinker

    I am making a picture book for someone in order to save less. I’m trying to come up with more ideas, too.

    cnipv at hotmail dot com

  • pam

    I’ve purchased items throughout the year to make it less of a burden in Nov/Dec. We are going to make some “gifts in a jar” for teachers and other people who we just want to thank – rather than buying gifts!


    pammullock at hotmail dot com

  • Mama Moose

    Last year I didn’t even watch my spending at all. I just used credit cards like candy and bought my hubby all sorts of stuff. This year we are going to set a budget and STICK to it!!
    themoosehouse at gmail dot com

  • Diana

    We being very selective on our invitations to holiday get togethers this year and I have been shopping early to watch for deals. Plus I am here trying to win a gift card for gifts 🙂

  • Anonymous

    We recently scorred some free or nearly free food like pasta, sauce, hot cocoa, etc. at a Shaw’s grocery store sale. I’m going to make theme baskets for gifts using these. I’ll make some “Italian food” baskets and some “cocoa/tea” baskets to give to the grandparents. I’ve also gotten some great freebies online or in stores that will be good stocking stuffers/gifts for my 2 year old!

    maneys at comcast dot net

  • Rachel

    This year I am taking advantage of the toy coupons from Target. I have never used a toy coupon any other year….just bought what they wanted whenever I was shopping… about missing out!

    I am also buying more stuff early so as to spread out my spending…

  • Gaitha

    We have to spend less this year, so I am trying to “win” things to give away:) I also have picked up a few things here and there on clearance, and plan on making a few things as well.

  • Anonymous

    Our way to save money is that we don’t buy gifts for our (almost) grown kids. Instead, we plan a few inexpensive, fun family activities to do together. A concert, movie night, walks in Christmas themed parks, etc. Making lasting memories is more imp. than buying stuff. BUT, I wouldn’t mind being able to surprise them with a few goodies from Walmart too! 😉

  • Kimberly

    I’ve been very lucky this year earning and winning gift certificates.. I’ve got almost all my Christmas shopping done and haven’t spent a dime!

  • buttercup

    I start buying my gifts in the summer, so that when December rolls around there isn’t a big financial cruch.

  • Twinsmom

    This year I am staying out of the stores and doing more shopping online. I am finding better prices that way and avoiding temptation to buy more – out of sight, out of mind! I have also signed up for Black Friday spoiler emails so I can plan out deals ahead of time and hopefully make sure I am getting the best deal available.

    fredjoeyash at yahoo dot com

  • The Pack Family

    I buy gifts throughout the year when I find great clearance deals. This saves me a ton of money because I don’t have to go shopping when a baby is born or for b-days….I just go to my gift closet. This year we are also giving less presents to our kids, and going to donate some gifts to other organizations. There are going to be more families this year that need some extra help due to the economy. I am also going to make some gifts for family and friends this year instead of buying them.

    Sarah P


    We are simplifying out giving this year and within family just buying for 1 adult and then smaller things for children.

  • Kristin

    I always shop on black friday to score some deals, and this year I’m making some gifts. Tutus for my girls as well as a crocheted bunny.

  • Beulah

    I buy gifts year round, picking things up as I see a great sale. I buy a lot of books from the used bookstore for gifts for my kids and husband. I made homemade jelly for my husband’s family. On both sides of our family, we buy/make only for the kids instead of everyone. That gift is always something small. That leaves us with fewer gifts and less to spend! I also make gift baskets out of my stockpile!

  • wv_mom

    I am buying these Halloween costumes on clearance and using them as dress-up costumes in a dress-up chest for my kids.

    I am also making a lot of gifts.

  • Angie

    This year I’ve bought some things ahead of time and have been setting aside money each month. I think I will be able to enjoy the holidays a lot more without stressing about money.

    angiehall75 at comcast dot net

  • JaniceL

    We are have prepared a budget and are paying cash. This way you are not tempted to over spend. We are also only buying for children. No adult gifts this year.

  • Anonymous

    Now that I am couponing I should save a ton this year! I usually spend $50 on my sister for example, and with the great digital camera deal at WAGS I have an incredible gift for $20. I also stocked up on Turkey this week. It was $5.99 for 16 lbs and I bought 3! Two we cooked and put into individual bags for lunch meat and the third is ready for TDay. I got 2 full freezer bags of sliced meat from each turkey- way cheaper than lunch meat packages. charlenegale AT yahoo DOT com

  • Amy

    This year for Christmas I am making a lot of homemade gifts! I also love putting together gift baskets, so I’ll be putting together a few by using some of my “stockpiled” items that I got free or almost free!

  • Anonymous

    For Christmas gifts, I am making gift baskets from my stash of CVS items I’ve saved throughout the year. I even got the baskets at yard sales for cheap! For meals, I’m stocking up now on needed items when they’re on sale with coupon matchups.


  • Tonya K

    To save money at Christmas, I have taken your advice and written down names and ideas of what they would like to have for Christmas. So I have been looking for these items all throughout the year hoping to find good deals on them. Thanks for all of your advice!

    Tonya K

  • Amanda

    Like many of the above comments, I've put a major focus on buying ahead of time, as sales pop up.

    Also, instead of using my freebie & promo deals for places like Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, etc. on myself, I've used them to stock up on presents for others.

    I've also become much more rebate-savvy – added $$ to put toward the holidays, without charging any of it. Miscellaneous freebies collected over the past month or so (coffee, lotions, etc) make great stocking stuffers. Looking at this holiday season as a savings game has made it fun.

    amzilske (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Liz

    Since my husband lost his job and my parents both lost their jobs, we are just going to focus on my daughter. She’s 20 months. We’ve already got her presents, so our shopping is done! The rest of us don’t really need anything. Wants? Sure, but we can wait until next year.

  • Anonymous

    I am saving money this holiday season by planning ahead and buying on sale. It feels good to have such a good start on my christmas shopping and not waiting until December


  • jmandefamily

    To cut down spending, we’re only giving gifts to the kids in my extended family. Many I’ve already picked up at great sale prices during the summer. We’re also making lots of food goodies to give out.

    jmandefamily AT yahoo DOT com

  • Monica

    My family saves money each year by not doing christmas, so we saves lots of money there. For Thanksgiving everyone prepares their favorite dish and gets together at one house, so the load is lighter and it isn’t all on one person to cook and feed so many.

  • Allison

    This Christmas my husband and I are spending less by not buying gifts for ourselves, and by purchasing “family gifts” for our relatives, for example a year pass to the zoo, instead of gifts for each individual

  • LongfeetKids

    We are only filling Christmas stockings this year! Still tons of fun, but less expensive!

  • Christine

    This Christmas, we are having family members draw names and each buy gifts for one other person, instead of buying a gift for everyone in the family.


  • Nicole

    Our family is spending less this year. Instead of multiple presents, we are only getting one or two gifts. And we are not buying for the extended family.

  • Kelli

    This Christmas we decided to put everyone over 18 into the draw-a-name bag. With a $25 limit, it saves a lot of money, and by keeping our selections secret, it actually makes shopping and giving a lot of fun.
    Thanks for the chance at your giveaway!
    pckrfan (at)

  • Eliza

    DH and I started this year’s Christmas shopping in January when all of last year’s Christmas stuff was on clearance.

    Plus we shop thrift stores and sites like craigslist to find those hidden steal of a deal presents.


  • valerie

    to cut the cost this year i started on dec 26th in the sale i only buy stuff that is on sale for they stockings and keeping it to the things they need like new toothbrush socks unddies and art stuff and books for a $1 from the school book club i get the kids to make the wrapping paper and the bags i saved from last yr will help. we use cash for every thing we buy so we dont have a big bill after.we make bread for evey one who i know will pop in and drop some off to people i know dont have any family.we split the food up on the day so we dont have double of anything . we do lots more but that is just some of the things we do.p.s i have my friend thew the yr with her cake bussnies so i get homemade cakes made for xams and brithdays to.

  • BeThisWay

    I’ve cut my list and shopped clearance racks for the past several months. Almost done!

  • Leah

    this is the first year I’ve been cvsing and Im going to try to do as much holiday spending as I can with ecbs. A lot of extended family will probably be getting gift baskets from cvs deals as well.

    Othersomethings At g mail dot com

  • Family Hope Ministries

    We have decided to put the focus on Jesus this Christmas. We are spending less on gifts for each other and our kids. We now make a big deal on birthdays.

  • Rachael

    I am buying all my Thanksgiving food using coupons and am going to hand make hairbands for all my sisters and sister-in-laws (which totals over 10!)

  • Jon and Sarah

    To spend less this holiday season, we are setting a budget for spending.

  • Anonymous

    I’m using several of the same ideas that others have mentioned: knitting and crocheting gifts using yarn from my stash, using a combination of coupons and sales to get some items (including mixes to make edible gifts) for very low prices, and making someone a scrapbook using stashed supplies.

  • Elizabeth Sue

    Great contest! I am geting my sweet little girl some Thomas the Tank books from paperback swap with some credits I have earned! Free books for Christmas is how I am saving money this year! Thak you for entering me.

  • Anonymous

    For people that I normally give a small gift to, I am making homemade candy. I have also been taking surveys for gift cards through Synovate, which right now I have enough points for 3 gift cards!

  • Crystal Adkins

    HI! What we’re doing to save money during Christmas is to make homemade gifts and cut back on what we usually spend for ourselves so that we can focus on our little one to make sure he’s got a good christmas 🙂

  • Centsible Savings

    I have already purchased a lot of gifts online, and probably most of the rest of my shopping will be done online too. It saves me gas and time, and there are some awesome deals to be had when you use coupon codes and/or cashback promotions.

  • Karen

    I’m saving money by entering contests like this one. Hopefully I’ll win and I can give this gift card as a gift instead of buying one for my husband’s grandparents. 🙂

  • Kate

    My husband and I only spend $15 on each other (for stocking stuffers) and I try to make as many gifts as I can, but it’s hard to find the time.


    I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers (all whom are married!) This year we have decided instead of buying for everyone, we are drawing names with a $10 budget. I have also been scouring the clearance racks at CVS and Walgreens and have created a nice little pile.

  • Frugal Finds

    I am trying to win gift cards like this to save money on shopping!!!

  • Jenn Mc

    I started earlier than usual and have gotten into the CVS/Wags/Walmart game of freebies. This helps with stocking stuffers and other little gifts.

  • Kerri

    For Christmas this year, we are staying at home and not traveling. We will be able to save money on gasoline while being able to enjoy each other more.

    ben_kerri at juno dot com

  • Bethany

    My husband & I are not exchanging gifts this year. We do not have children of our own so we are going to use some money to buy some toys for Toys for Tots. With the tough economy I worry about some kids not getting a Christmas every year, but this year is going to be really tough.


  • Patricia

    I am collecting my coupons and watching the grocery sales for stocking up on baked goods. We are focusing on simpler gifts to family and friends that we will be making with our own time and talents. Also, I have been stocking up on Christmas stocking suffers throughout the years, have an overabundance. The biggest change is that I was able to purchase so many of our holiday gifts at the end of season sales last year for sweaters, etc.

  • Baba

    We make as many of our gifts as we can and usually usuing recycled materials. Though hubby and I don’t exchange gifts with eachother, the family receives our bounty of handmade items. And we include friends and neighbors and the mailman as well.

  • Anonymous

    We will be focusing on the true reason for the season and things like homemade gifts and gifts of time and volunteering.
    Thanks for the givaway.


  • Melissa

    I’ve been picking up things here and there as i find them on sale or clearance and I’m almost done with most of the folks on my list. I’ve also been ebaying a lot of things that i’ve got lying around the house. Extra “free” money always helps.

  • Patricia
  • Heather

    I’ve been shopping the sales since the summer, and will be making/baking many gifts. I’m almost done with the shopping, actually!

  • debra

    I’m making every possible attempts to make gift for family and friends. We’re all in the same boat and are focusing more on the reason, rather than the gifts.


  • Ana

    I’m spending less this year by researching all my gifts and comparing prices-also, looking out for coupons before i buy!

  • Amanda

    I’m shopping with more coupons, baking several gifts, and I’m filling stockings with my CVS ECB loot.

  • juanita

    I already have most of the children’s presents that I have to buy for. I shop the clearance isles often. As for grandparents, I plan to make some ornaments with my kids pictures. And I got some glade scented oil candles for $1.00 less using coupons, special, and rebates.

  • Barbara

    For christmas I am using as many freebies, samples as I can, as well as trying to get extras to donate to charities. I am using as many coupons to cut costs and working very hard on being organized enough to combine coupons with the sales

    eileen _turner55 at hotmail dot com


    I started early buying Christmas presents and it helps. We are visiting family in Colorado this year and going to give all the ladies and men in my life beauty care packages. They will love them.


    Traci at

  • Springer Family

    To spend less on gifts this year, we are only buying them for our close family.

  • Shannon

    We have already spoken with our kids about the fact that this year will be pared down a bit. We also are doing more home-made items.

  • Anonymous

    I am shopping early, and also making some of my gifts!

  • Lisa

    For Christmas I am going to use little freebies I have been getting for stocking stuffers. I am also giving some photo books as gifts…the ones online that have been good deals.

  • Dan and Janet Brungardt

    I am making a list and sticking to it, and watching hard for sales and deals. Also, I’ll try to watch for online deals with free shipping, that will keep me out of the stores!

  • Shannon

    I blogged about your giveaway here: www (dot)homeschoolblogger (dot)com (slash)sikes1995 (slash) 617205/
    Thanks for the entry!
    sikes1995 (at) juno (dot) com
    (I forgot to leave my e-mail in the earlier comment, sorry)

  • Kathie

    For Christmas, I plan to spend less by making homemade creative gifts. 🙂

  • kindredspirit

    I like to make handmade gifts. This year we are doing some gifts in a jar as well as cinnamon/applesauce ornaments.

  • Lisa

    I am focusing on finding a great gift for each person on my list but still staying within my budget for each. I’m going to do this by starting early, watching sales, and looking for unique/unusual gifts that may not cost as much.

  • Teresa

    To cut back this Christmas, I plan on making some delicious homemade goodies from the kitchen! Also, instead of more expensive gifts I usually get for certain family members, I’ll be making scrapbooks.

  • Lisa

    I am saving money by shopping yard sales, Craigslist and Ebay for gifts. At a yard sale there were brand new toys that have never been opened! Also, our family has agreed to across the board lowering the budget.

  • Ginny

    I'm trying to work gifts into my CVS/Walgreens deals. I'm also doing photo gifts with my free credits at Arts Cow & doing some handmade items. I've also already talked to my kids about doing a bit less this Christmas. Oh & entering contests, hoping to win some things I can use 🙂

  • MommaHarms

    I am using the tips I have found on my thrifty mommy blogs to save save save! I cannot believe how much I have cut my toiletries and diaper budget! That is freeing up money to use for gifts.


  • Jordan

    I’m buying some gifts used in like new condition.

    Thanks for hosting this!

  • Sarah P

    We have a new baby so all of the aunts and grandmas simply want pictures of our little one. I’ve been scouring the photo printing deals online and having pictures printed for VERY cheap and then putting them in fun frames or purse albums I find on sale or at a good price.


  • Paige

    I made a lot of my gifts (most already done). We’re also giving less gifts/less stocking stuffers in general.

  • Anderson

    I am going to be a baking fool this holiday season!! It is a great way to get my 3 year old involved and help him understand that gifts don’t mean expensive material things. We have been buying plates at Target on 75% off clearance and will load them up with baked goodies for friends and family. Times are lean but there is no shortage of love and goodwill.

  • Jenn

    To save money this Christmas I am knitting a scarf as a present for my mother and we are drawing names among siblings rather than getting a gift for every sister.


  • Anonymous

    To save money I decided to shop sales all throughout the year that way I was not spending a huge amount in just a little time. I also have been using my new couponing skills to get free (or cheap!)stocking stuffers and other gifts.

    I have gotten so much free stuff from couponing that I am also going to donate to shelters and do operation chritmas child this year!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!


  • Heather

    I am planning to make a bunch of homemade gifts like cookie mix in a jar.

  • Anonymous

    In order to spend less, I am giving away candles and special toiletry items that I have gotten for nearly free, coupled with homemade gifts-in-a-jar type items.


  • Diana

    This christmas in both my family and my husbands to just exchange gifts for the kids. We are also all going in together to get are parents 1 nice gift instead of 4 ok gifts.

  • Stahl Family

    For Christmas I am spending less by making a lot of handmade items (scrapbooks) I am also trying to coupon shop as well as saving points from my credit card (which I pay off monthly) and getting gift cards to purchase my items!
    iluvmy3kidzzz (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Kristin

    I’ve been looking for gifts for little ones from secondhand shops, and will make decorations this year with my kids.

  • Stephanie

    I’m shopping online and shopping early to get good deals.

  • Sarah

    Skipping Christmas cards!

  • Tiffany

    I’ve been buying gifts all year….that way I was able to take advantage of sales and specials….and I spent MUCH less than I would have had I waited until now to do my shopping!
    give_me_a_latte at yahoo

  • Sienna

    I've been picking up nice gifts throughout the year when they are on sale or free – like the ScentPorts at B&BWs – this should cut down on the last minute gift buying frenzy.

  • Sharon

    I have been doing almost all of my shopping second hand at a great shop called Love, Inc. My girls love going there and you get so much more for your money.

  • Theresa

    Our entire family (extended that is) has decided for the holidays to spend as little money as possible on gifts for one another by doing a holiday exchange based on make it, bake it, or thrift it! We’re all so excited to be doing this and who knew; the possibilities are endless.

  • Rachel

    This year we are only buying for the children on my husbands side of the family. And I am using sales/coupons to stock up on groceries for holiday baking, etc!

  • Anonymous

    In August, I began stockpiling marked down items and saving them in a tote. Now it is fun to “go shopping” and select items for gift giving and wrap them up for Christmas.

    Really love your blog. Thank you for all of your work.
    feeling.svelte at

  • Rhonda in OK

    Wow $50! great!

    we hve been buying things on sale all year when we see things we think will work for our gift list.

  • Diane

    I am trying to use freebies and near freebies to come up with gift baskets for as many people on my list as possible. And planning on using my Walgreens & Target Gift Cards I've earned over the years various money maker deals to purchase the remaining gifts.


  • Zehava

    Hello all u floridians with access to Publix: great gift idea: Publix has chocolate mordels at bogo free, use 2 .75 off coupons, combine with the great butter deal, and make yummy homemeade chocolate truffles! my friends love them!

  • Lacy

    For my kid’s presents I started shopping in July and have already finished. For family and friends….I am putting together gift bags from cool stuff I have gotten from CVS. Lot’s of bath goodies! Without CVS everyone would just be getting a card this year!

  • The Suttons!

    To save money, I am starting to buy ingredients to make homemade baked goods for neihgbors now, as things pop up on sale. Then, I’m using the Ziploc coupons to buy the red plastic containers to put the baked goods in. An inexpensive gift with some planning:)

  • nancijin

    well, I am going to use all the wonderful tips, I have gathered on the boards, make and bake gifts, clean out my gift closet use all the stuff I have bought on sale or gotten for free and make do, I have been laid off also and we all have so much anyhow. just enjoy the reason for the season, now that I have the time

  • Sarai

    I have been shopping early and staying in my budget!

  • Joyful Mama

    My three year old and I are making scrapbooks and pens for relatives and friends! For our Bible study group we are making carmel corn with cranberries and cute handmade ornaments!

  • Jessie Francis

    i am just reading lots of blogs like yours that keep me updated on deals so i can get things for less. so thanks! you are helping me spend less.

  • Anonymous

    My husband has 9 siblings and everyone is married with at lease 2 or more kids. So this year I made everybody a nice basket full of neat things I got for free or very cheap from all the double coupon sales, CVS, Walgreens, and Target. For example the baskets for the women have shampoo, hair things, make-up, perfume, candles, and nail things. I thought giving things that people use everyday would be a good gift. For the children I have a lot of toys from Target when they had the 90% off this year. I have bought for 47 people this year and I have spent around 25.00 for all the gifts. I am very happy since last year we spent around 200.00 and I thought I did well last year.

  • Christie Henderson

    This Christmas we have scaled down on the number of presents and are agreeing to spend mostly on the kids. Since Christmas is for kids. I’m also making lots of beeswax candles to go in the gift baskets of the family honey. Christmas is so much more enjoyable if it is simple.

  • Sharon

    I am avoiding impulse purchases which I always seem to fall victim to with my 4 kids. This year I’ve made a list of the items I think they would like most and am now watching for those things to go on sale.

    kscottrell6 at yahoo dot com

  • Anita

    I am making yummy treats to give to coworkers instead of buying everyone something. Also, I’m going to go to thrift stores to find dressup clothes for my 3 year old as one of her presents.

    elisasmami (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Amy

    My kids are young and presents don’t have to be “new in box” to be new to them! Over the summer, I found some great deals at garage sales and have stashed them all away for Christmas. This works out great as I can’t resist a great deal and now I’m basically done my Christmas shopping!
    zamygood at gmail dot com

  • Jennifer

    I am trying to buy toys that will be played with by more than one child. I am also trying to stock up on items on sale, to help lower my grocery bill throughout the winter. For instance, I buy cranberry sauce in bulk in November – enough for us to eat all year (not a ton, though, because we don’t eat that much of it). It is at its cheapest right now, why should I pay more in March for it?

  • Jem

    This year, we bought a few gifts as early as July during huge sales and clearances. My husband has a big family and we started giving gifts to aunts and uncles as a “couple”, instead of getting presents for each – liek something useful for their household, etc. I would also be “packaging” inexpensive gifts I have bought to give to younger cousins.

  • Shayleen Lunt

    Save money for Thanksgiving? I’m considering no Honeybaked Ham 😉

  • Rug’s Bug

    This year we are giving gift bags to each family. I am buying reusable tote bags that can be used for grocery shopping. In it I am placing things that I’ve been stashing all year. Plus, some home canned and home made goodies.
    For our children, we are buying one large gift for the three of them to share (computer or Wii, we can’t decide) and will find some things to stuff in their stockings.

  • Rug’s Bug

    This year we are giving gift bags to each family. I am buying reusable tote bags that can be used for grocery shopping. In it I am placing things that I’ve been stashing all year. Plus, some home canned and home made goodies.
    For our children, we are buying one large gift for the three of them to share (computer or Wii, we can’t decide) and will find some things to stuff in their stockings.

  • Rug’s Bug

    This year we are giving gift bags to each family. I am buying reusable tote bags that can be used for grocery shopping. In it I am placing things that I’ve been stashing all year. Plus, some home canned and home made goodies.
    For our children, we are buying one large gift for the three of them to share (computer or Wii, we can’t decide) and will find some things to stuff in their stockings.

  • Arlene

    We’ve been trying to shop earlier and get better deals through sales, rebates, etc. Also, we took a good, hard look at our list and have decided to give only to family.

  • Melissa

    I am NOT a crafty person to say the least “BUT” I do plan to bake alot of nice goodies and make “pamper baskets” for the ladies of the family (sister, s-i-law, mom) from the products I’ve accumulated from CVS!

    I’ll find the toy deals on Cyber Monday (hopefully some good deals)

    twinzmom903 (at) gmail. (dot) com


    i am spending less by making plates of cookies to give to people such as mailman, etc. instead of buying more expensive gifts

  • Sandy

    On Thanksgiving, we are going to Golden Corral. Everyone will pay for their own meal. We will be saving money and avoiding clean up. For Christmas, we are purchasing as many “repurposed” outdoor play things for the kids. I am going to make some handmade items as well. I am going to make some ornaments for family members.

  • HotMommy

    We bought toys at consignment sales. We were even able to buy new, still-in-the-box toys at a quarter of the cost of retail.

  • Terra Jones

    We’re “saving” in the wrapping dept. using cloth bags instead of wrapping paper (I was sick after Christmas last year and missed all the “deals” on Christmas paper

    We’re also making a lot of home made items

  • Anita

    Half of my son’s Christmas present came from a yard sale that we had at work. We do it every year…we all bring things we don’t need and have a huge sale out in the hall. Proceeds are given to a local charity and unsold items are donated to that charity’s thrift store. Plus I’m making alot of the things we are giving using craft supplies that I already have.

  • Mandy

    We have been watching for deals all year and storing them away. I was able to get me and my son some really nice Christmas Day clothes for $1.98 (for both of us).

  • Jess

    I am going to make cinnamon applesauce Christmas ornaments with my son’s handprint on them and give framed photos of him. He is the first grandbaby on both sides of the family, and this is his first Christmas.

  • Karl

    I am spending less by planning. I have been planning since last christmas and I only have a few last minute things to get!

  • Jo Anne

    This is the first time I have left a comment, how exciting. My sister and her family come over every Christmas eve, this year we have agreed to only buy for the little ones and just enjoy good food and company together. I wish we had started doing this sooner not only are we saving money, there will be less stress trying to find the “perfect gift”. Thanks for all your help, love your blog!!!!

  • Andrea

    This Christmas we are spending less by planning! We have had Christmas lists made since late summer, and have been watching for sales, online discounts, free shipping codes, etc. We have already saved a significant amount over last years Christmas.

  • Missy

    Our children are now all young adults and, like most of us, they have everything they need and then some! We don’t spend as much on them as we used to. We will cut back on our spending and make more of our gifts for each other using supplies we have at home. I have also been couponing and CVSing this year and have almost every ingredient I need for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, as well as the ingredients for baking gifts for friends and neighbors.

  • Blakely

    Back in January I started to make homemade gifts for my family. We also grew pumpkins this year,and I plan to use it to bake with it this holiday season. Also my husband and I really go overboard with my purchasing each other gifts, because we don’t have any children. This year we have limited ourselves to purchasing only 5 gifts a piece with a dollar limit. I like a challenge and this should be fun.

  • billie

    We’re saving money by buying gifts new and nearly new for way less using ebay and craigslist. 🙂

  • Letty

    To spend less this Christmas I am going to be making more of my gifts and also looking for all the deals I can find!

  • vwestermeyer

    I am watching sales very carefully in addition to flea markets, ebay, etc. for things that my friends love to collect. A well thought out little collection piece is so much more adored than a gift card!

  • Sherry

    I’m watching sales and using my coupons that I clip! Also, my family is doing a gift exchange where we only buy for 1 person, instead of everyone!


  • Cheryl

    My husband and I cut our Christmas shopping budget for each other in half and bought just one big present for the two of us.

    I spent a total of $21.00 on 7 other people’s gifts and for dinner we are all doing a potluck meal.


  • Karen

    I stalk the clearance racks all year to score great bday & Christmas gifts. I'll be watching the grocery store sales and couponong to get what we need for a yummy Thanksgiving meal & Christmas brunch.

  • Jackie

    This year for Christmas my side of the family is drawing names, we are also trying to use cash, shop the sales and make a few gifts as well. And of course, we are cutting back!

  • Anonymous

    We’re selling things we don’t need like old clothe, books, furnitures, misc items. Now we have less clutter and more money to spend on things we need.


  • Anonymous

    I have bought things ahead of time at bargain prices plus we are drawing names for extended family. We always have to travel for Christmas, so that gift card would come in handy to help buy groceries when we get to our destination. We always help with groceries.

  • dk

    To save money this year – I’m doing the following things: *planning now to get stocking stuffers/co-worker/teacher gifts for free or close to free with coupons (theme baskets – coffee, snacks, stress relieving, bath etc)
    *going in with family members to get other family members ONE significant gift that hopefully will be used/played with – all year long
    *asking people to contribute to our holiday meals by going “potluck” which ensure everyone feels included but I also make sure they get there individual favorites – saves money and stress

  • renaelyn

    To save money on Christmas gifts my sister-in-law and I made canned goods this summer. We did peach salsa, pach jam, every kind of pickle you can think of, apple jelly, apple butter, applesauce, blueberry jam and blueberry conserve. All of them willmake yummy gifts!

  • Anonymous

    I am cutting down on my wish lists and being realistic about what we really need to spend. Then staying within my budget will be the real trick!

    4hoosiers (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Kristy

    To save money this year, I’ve been saving money for holiday gifts, so that I can buy things as sales come up, and stagger my buying throughout a couple of months. I’m also making homemade vanilla extract, which I will give to co-workers and family members. I’m doing some crafting to create unique and memorable, yet inexpensive, gifts, and I’ll be giving my grandmother “certificates” of my time, since she would rather have help cleaning, etc, than a present anyway.

    needlegrrl at gmail dot com

  • frugalisfab

    What a fabulous giveaway! I am going to make some of my gifts and we are scaling back on gifts across the board. I am also using coupons for the first time on gifts.

  • Tena

    I’m planning on using some of my fabric stash to whip up some nice homemade items for friends and family.

  • Anonymous

    We have done a couple of things this year. We suggested to some friends of ours that we not exchange gifts this year & they were agreeable. My family also discussed options regarding our family Christmas & we changed the way we will be exchanging gifts, which will result in less money being spent.

    Penny G

  • April

    i’ve been buying gifts for the kids throughout the year plus for adults, we are giving gooies from the kitchen instead of spending $ on stuff to clutter up their homes.

  • Mom24

    We are going to be making gifts as a family to give to some of the other people on our giving list.

  • Dawn

    My husband Craig & I love to bake together …
    This is what we do for our extended family, and all of our friends.
    The process is joyful for us as a couple (we truly love this special time together).
    And I believe the recipients can taste that love in what we make!
    I also rotate each year on hand making a quilt for each of my siblings, niece, and nephews.
    Which is made with fabric I have picked up on sale, and from beloved old articles of their clothing.
    This really helps us not go into debt on our blue collar income!
    dawn @

  • caednkat

    I’m either making most of my gifts or ordering them from my husband’s bookstore with his employee discount.

    Of course that doesn’t apply to my kids, just the extended family.

  • The Andersons

    Watching the ads
    lounjimbo at gmail dot com

  • Tatiana

    In years past my husband and i would buy a gift for each of his siblings. Not this year. We put all of the names in a hat and now we are only buying two gifts instead of 8! Also we are doing alot of combining to buy gifts. We all pitched in on a stove for his parents and all of my family pitched in on a gift for my husband. I know we are going to save so much money this year! Also i bought my holidy plane tickets back in june and they were super cheap!

  • Kayla

    We are being frugal this year and creating “gifts in jars” for a majority of the people on our Christmas list.

  • Anonymous

    I have asked some people we exchange with if we can just have the kids exchange and cut out the adults. I am also planning ahead and trying to utilize money off coupons from websites and stores to get what I want for a little less money. No last minute gifts this year! I always spend too much on those.

  • Anonymous

    I have asked some people we exchange with if we can just have the kids exchange and cut out the adults. I am also planning ahead and trying to utilize money off coupons from websites and stores to get what I want for a little less money. No last minute gifts this year! I always spend too much on those.

    ndigmon (at) yahoo dot com

  • Nicole

    To reduce costs this year we are scaling back on the number of gifts we give to our kids. And for the adults that we “have” to give gifts to we are opting for pictures of our kids. at $3.99 a sheet that makes out to be less than $20 for each family (we have 3 sides). $60 is doable,a little steeper than I would like, but doable.


  • Club Amaro

    Our family does not participate in gift exchanges. Instead, we make donations in the name of each family member. Each year, the donation fluctuates with our budget. This is the first year that I’ve done couponing, so I’m excited to try and plan meals with my new found knowledge.

  • cupcake21

    I am going to plan ahead and set a budget for each person.

    The time spent together is the real gift!

  • aletheiamom

    We have been shopping for “deals” for gifts all year. We are cutting back on how much we spend on gifts. I am stockpiling foods for the meals and my family brings parts of the meal!

    Deb at

  • Tiffany Fykes

    we are making gifts and gifting fun things I got for free at walgreens and CVS

    tiffany at fykarchitecture dot com

  • kim

    This Christmas we are handmaking many gifts. I am knitting headbands for girlfriends, making jarred cookie mixes for neighbors and shopping sales for family. We are making this Christmas more about family than gifts!


  • kronca

    This Christmas I am spending way less by shopping using sales and coupons. I also have been taking advantage of lots of gift card offers and freebies (thanks to your website!) I plan to be out Black Friday to get some really great bargains, too.

  • ~Joan

    We are a family of 10. We don’t give gifts to each other. We gather up our gift money and give it to a needy family.


  • Joan

    We are a family of 10. We don’t give gifts to each other. We gather up our gift money and give it to a needy family.


  • tedebear91

    For the last several years, I have been buying items throughout the year. I even do Birthday gifts that way. I have just became a Grandmother so this year will be very special.
    Happy Holidays everyone.

  • Jeremy and Marissa

    To spend less for Christmas I am getting Discover cash back giftcards and using those to purchase my gifts. We’ve been accummulating cashback all year so we have almost $200 in free money!

  • SuperAngel

    I am going to make some gifts and I already shopped a bunch of sales!
    Miss Amanda

  • SuperAngel

    I also blogged about this sahweet giveaway too:
    Miss Amanda

  • Southerner

    I don’t think we are necessarily spending less this year since I have always been frugal and we have had some years that we seriously were struggling. My husband is selling his riding lawn mower, though, to pay for some of our Christmas. He said he doesn’t really need it since we have about 1/2 acre. We have 5 kids and a long time ago started limiting gifts to about 3 each.

  • DackelMom

    I am going to use only the extra supplement check I get in November to do my Christmas shopping (including what my husband and I get for each other!). I’ve already started my shopping so that I can grab deals when they pop up instead of waiting ’till the last minute and paying full price. Walgreen’s has a good on wrapping paper and gift bags this week!

  • Rachel

    3 gifts per kid. small medium and large. no more, no less. hand made counts!

  • krissy

    i bought some things that were on clearance over the past year and then i store them away until christmas.

    i also am making gift baskets from all of my stockpile from cvs and other stores.

    and one other thing i have been doing is using my reward coupons such as the jcpennys $10 off any $10 purchase coupons and using them to buy gifts instead of things for myself.


  • special55k

    I am getting started now (usually I wait until December and way overspend) and I’m really thinking about where I shop. I’m also not buying things for myself, since I tend to do that while I holiday shop.

  • shira

    homemade gifts might take a little more time, but they’re far more meaningful (and way cheaper!)
    kickballpop at yahoo dot com

  • Jennifer

    To save money, I am making more crafts such a hybrid digital scrapbook albums.


  • Megan

    Instead of “big” gifts for each girl, we’re doing more in the combined realm. The two olders will receive a nicer big gift together and the two youngers will also. In addition to that, I’m planning to make most of everything else they get.

  • Sarah

    I am spending less by making gifts, actually agreeing as a family to spend less, and deciding as a family to “do” more.

    sarah_deven @ hotmail .com

  • Kim

    I’ve been shopping for Christmas all year long and only purchasing items for my kiddos at really discounted prices!

  • ~*Karri*~

    I’m spending less this year by giving some of my stock pile away as gifts. I have tons of glade!!

    Karri at

  • The Family =)

    Well i have my oldest sons birthday and my husbands birthday right before christmas. So, i’ll be having combined birthday parties and making all my own food. For christmas i’ll be making some baskets i got on clearance with some of the cheap/free products i’ve obtained over the last few months since i’ve started the walgreens/coupon thing. =)

  • Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama

    I’m In! I plan on saving money by making gifts. I am going to make sock monkeys for the boy children in my life, and dolls for the girls. Also making little Christmas heat socks/pads for everyone. The Free photo books at CVS a few months ago are ready to go as well. Thanks!

  • Melissa

    I’m trying to plan ahead and actually stick to a list and budget, instead of ending up buying things the week before Christmas on impulse (my usual method)!

  • Joel Ybarra

    I have only really been trying to save more and spend less over the last few months, and your blog has really helped. I am trying to plan ahead, make gifts, and do more with less. I have realized that my children will be happy with a few meaningful gifts rather than a ton of stuff.

    brandy @

  • Melanie

    I started in September and find various items in our house (usually the basement) that I really don’t need or use. I post them on the classifieds at work or craigs list. So far EVERY gift I have bought for christmas has been with that cash!!

    melaniejackson2003 at

  • EmilyB

    Well, this isn’t really saving us money in the end, but we are traveling across country to the east coast to surprise my MIL for Christmas and to see my family. Driving will actually save a couple hundred dollars vs. flying. So for Christmas, we are giving ourselves! Of course the few kids in the family will be getting small gifts 🙂 This gift card would help out A LOT with the kid’s gifts!

  • Keith & Susan

    We are really trying hard to stick to a budget and are paring down who we are buying for. Our families are now doing exchanges versus buying for each and everyone. It has become a very fun game.

  • coupongeek

    This Christmas, I have really been watching online for some great deals and buying them up for presents. I am also keeping a lot of my freebies from CVS, Wags and online to give away in gift baskets. It’s amazing how great of a present these make!!

  • Carissa

    I am going to spend less by making presents,and using “free stuff” to make gift baskets!

  • Jackie

    This year I have shopped all year long and picked up things as I found them (using coupons, sales and clearance). As in the past I will be doing alot of baking. We also started a savings account in June and will have cash to pay for the things we buy.

  • Joy

    Definitely have been buying throughout the year when great deals/sales come along … and who doesn't love extra chocolate??!!?? Several on my list will get something sweet to go along with another little something … gotta love CVS & great candy deals! 🙂

  • Amy V

    My kids are making gifts for the grandparents, we are making them dvds with their pictures on it.

  • Andrea Reynolds

    I’m working those CVS and Target deals like nobody’s business to cover teacher gifts and donations!

    OT Go here to spread some love- Robeez will make a donation for every e-card you send or a $25 donation if you post on your blog about it! Thanks!

  • Joy

    I just linked this great giveaway on my blog!! Thanks for giving the option of an “extra entry.” 🙂

  • PennyWise Taximom

    I have told my children to tell me 1 want, 1 need, 1 thing to wear and that they will possibly get all three, but no guarantees. For other friends and family, I am making baked goods and homemade items.

  • Anonymous

    This Christmas our children are only receiving 4 presents. This helps with the budget and makes each present very special for them.

  • Mrs. McB

    We are shopping deals and sales and making a lot of our own gifts.

    MrsCarissaMcB at gmail dot com

  • Christina

    Like so many others, we are making more handmade gifts. As an example, In the past, we would give the grandmas a gift from us and a gift from our son. This year, our son is painting pictures for the grandparents instead. I think they’ll enjoy receiving his artwork!

  • Michelle
    I shop year round for clearance and sale items. I also make gift baskets from my freebies that I receive throughout the year. You’d be suprised how quickly it adds up! I also reuse bows and I recently joined a free card making class-we had so much fun!

  • Holley V

    I’m thinking ahead with all the sales going on and I’m combining those with some digital scrapbooking gifts.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    holley dot vandenberg at gmail dot com

  • Margo Munanui

    I am done with my Christmas shopping. I bought most of the gifts for the kids this past January at Target and for family and friends after the Christmas clearance and through out the year. I am only working on my Christmas cards. Love it!I am also using a lot of gift cards that I get from my credit card rewards point. I am so happy with my spending for this year Christmas Holidays.


  • Chuck

    I’m staying out of stores!

  • Coupon Mommie

    This is pretty sad to say but due to extreme unfortunate situations my husband and I are both out of work right now. Hubby will hopefully start a new one next week but bills are behind already.

    So to save money for the holidays we are going to use our stockpile of food as gifts for a family “get together”. So, our gift for this season will be each other and my mom is going to let her presents for my kids to be from Santa.

    I would use this gift card to buy a pack of diapers for my daughter and probably a tank of gas for hubby’s new job.

  • MariaJoy

    To help with Christmas, I’ve been buying little by little for awhile. And I’m getting things that people NEED…like laundry soap, body washes, and no silly things that we look at, say “how pretty” and set aside. 🙂 And since I’m suying ahead…I can use coupons! 🙂

    And…we dont have to buy for my husband’s family cuz they dont celebrate Christmas!!

  • LoveV

    I’m searching the web and ads for the best deals I can find and have tried to limit the amount that I spend.

  • Anonymous

    I am writing “why I appreciate you” cards along with a homemade gift for most of our gift giving this year.

    Kara at

  • Sandi

    A lot of the gifts I give to friends will be food (bread, cookies, cakes) that I have made myself with ingredients that I used coupons to buy.

  • Coupon Mommie

    Oh, forgot email address: Coupon Mommie

  • Elaine

    One of the things I have done is a gift for my teen niece. I found an adorable make up case on clearance and I’m filling it with samples that I got for free with coupons or by mail. My kids stockings will also be filled this way.

  • Andersoncircus

    We are making home baked gifts or using free photos as presents. We’re out of work right now,so this will definitely be a smaller Christmas for us this year!

  • Andi

    I am shopping the outlets and overstock pages of retailers web-sites.

    andicandi at gmail dot com

  • Whitney

    This year we are getting back to the “real” meaning of Christmas. With a new baby coming right around Christmas, we’ve decided to do no gifts and celebrate the real reason for the season. Also, I bought a ton of baking needs at Walgreens this week for next to nothing using coupons, so that saved us.

  • SavingSomeGreen

    This year we purchased most of our Christmas gift at last year’s Christmas clearance. We only have a few gifts left to buy and we are loving being almost done!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    savingsomegreen @ gmail dot com

  • Emma

    Just scaling back and shopping the sales. I always make a budget for the holidays, but it will probably be a little bit smaller this year.

  • Jesica

    I’m winning all my Christmas gifts through blog giveaways! LOL

    Honest – I’ve won quite a few. Which is crazy, but I’ll take it.

    Also, we’re buying less. The kids do NOT “need” more toys – so buying less means less money AND less junk floating around my house. Sweet!

  • Amy

    I use some of the Scholastic points I receive as a teacher to get books for people on my list.

    Also, I bought all the wrapping paper, gift tags, and Christmas decor for this year at LAST year’s after-Christmas (90% off) sale.

    And yes, I RE-gift some things.

    Amy at bahamagirls at hotmail dot com

  • Michele

    This year for Christmas, we are cutting back on the amount of toys we buy each boy. They are getting older, and able to understand the true meaning of the holidays more. I’ll also be on the lookout for hot coupon deals for baking products since my mom and I make cookies as gifts!

  • Anonymous

    I live in a resort area. I’m using my “locals” discount to buy tshirts and sweatshirts for people who would have to pay a lot more. We all win.

  • Coupon Mommie

    My blog post about this will be here.

  • Sonia

    Were Saving by giving Homemade gifts. Great Giveaway

  • Jennifer

    Instead of buying for the entire family, we are drawing names and only buying for one person!

  • Megan J

    This Christmas we are spending less by not purchasing gifts for family members but instead trading time together.

  • Saving Sherry

    I started gathering Christmas presents last December 26! Clearance sales, thrift stores and garage sales are awesome places to pick up really great gifts that are totally wallet-friendly!

  • smdrm

    I’m going to give less expensive gifts and make sure the ones I give are useful, not frivolous.

  • Tami

    This Christmas I am saving money by giving gifts that I have made by hand.

  • Life with the Crowls

    to spend less this year i am only buying stuff on sale and paying cash for it only. Also trying to use coupons for all the gifts i can.

  • Melody

    I scored gifts for my younger daughter this summer at yard sales. Hardly any more shopping to do for her, and I got presents that will be well loved for less than $10 total.

  • Ladybug’s Mom

    I have been shopping clearance sales for the past months. I almost done. Greatest find was a complete dorm set including comforter, sheets, towels, washcloths, and a mattress pad for around $15.

  • Ladybug’s Mom

    I have been shopping clearance sales for the past months. I almost done. Greatest find was a complete dorm set including comforter, sheets, towels, washcloths, and a mattress pad for around $15.

  • Ladybug’s Mom

    I have been shopping clearance sales for the past months. I almost done. Greatest find was a complete dorm set including comforter, sheets, towels, washcloths, and a mattress pad for around $15.

  • Tamonie

    In order to spend less for Christmas this year, I bought the bulk of my gifts last year during the 75 percent off sales. Then, I continued to shop clearance sales throughout the year.This has worked out great because I’m having a baby a couple weeks before Christmas and I won’t be able to do any last minute shopping.

  • Mary

    I have a large family to buy for, I have been picking things up through out the year! I also took advantage of the Target Glade card give away : ) the starter kits are going to be taken out of their boring packages and decorated pretty! I am using the gift cards towards toys for my niece and nephew


  • Jill

    In order to spend less this season I am handcrafting some items for gifts! I think the recipients will appreciate them more! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Deane

    I have set a budget and posted it on my blog to hold me more accountable. I have never had a budget for Christmas this year ans am hoping that it will reduce the splurge items. deane_williams at sbcglobal dot net

  • Jen

    We are giving the gift of time to people. Instead of picking out a “useless” gift we spend time with the person. We go to my Grandparents for the weekend is just an example. Time costs us nothing except memories!!

  • Lorraine

    This Christmas my older children are going to have to tell me WHAT they want instead of just the stores they want gift cards from. I have learned to shop this past year through posts on sites like yours… and I can find things on great sales! I’ve already saved $20 on a food processor for my “chef” daughter!! Even the brand she would prefer!

  • Loy

    Because of hurricane Ike, my husband has been out of a job for close to 2 months. So, needless to say, we will be cutting WAY back this year. We have decided to make our gifts. I love to bake so we will do alot of labor of love breads, cookies, candies. We will also be making cute photo frames from different shaped wood, paints, scrapbooking paper and stick on hangers. We also want to make cute blankets and pillows for the kids.

  • Sean and Andrea Rodger

    This Christmas I plan on doing more *green* Christmas gifts and giving more handmade items. I just bought the fabric this weekend and can’t wait to get started!


  • Lorraine

    Oops – my email address is

  • Anonymous

    For Christmas I am trying to Make everything homemade food wise as well. I am also cutting back on excessive spending on gifts. We have actually talked to our children about the “size” of Christmas and we are all focusing on the true meaning of Christmas not just the gifts.
    Judy Perdue

  • Bethany

    We are cutting back on our spending this year by making recipes in the jars and we shopped at consignment sales for our little one.

  • Lucy K

    For Christmas dinner we all bring a homemade dish, that way the host does not have to make or spend everything herself. Also for present already start shopping as I see a good sale. Thanks

  • whyme

    We’ve decided on a family gift this year. We’re buying family passes to a local park. For smaller gifts to others, there do seem to be quite the number of store closings to shop for clearance items.

    whyme2 (@)

  • Life from the Roof

    We might ask for a monetary limit this year on our family gift exchange.

    jlhoward74 at gmail dot com

  • Kim and Ken Carlile

    I bought all my presents months ago when Target was having 75% off sale!! $300 worth of toys for only $60!
    kimisslim at hotmail dot com

  • cutie pie

    Holidays means lots of good food in my family. I’m shopping the grocery sales and using coupons to save the most on food. I’ve been doing this for a few months now and its fun to see all the goodies pile up in my pantry.

  • Sarah

    We’re not traveling the fours we normally do to go see my husband’s family. It’s a huge sacrifice for us but it had to be made. My husband and I are also forgoing gifts for one another. We’ve decided the holiday should be more about the kids and what we can give back to the community.

    Sarah at

  • Anna

    I’ve been saving all of my “free after rebate” and “free after ECB” makeups, and will use those to stuff my daughter’s stocking. I also sent away for free makeup bags from Energizer and Rimmel, and will stick a lip gloss and eye shadow into each of those for tween cousins.

  • Nate and Haylee

    For us to spend less this Christmas, we are NOT going to be going home to visit our families (18 hour drive or $800 plane ticket) and will spend our first Christmas making our own memories! 🙂

  • Melanie

    I am going to spend less by shopping only sales and making homemade items, like cookies mixes in jars.

  • Cheryl

    I’m going to check out your blog to save money! 🙂 Also, I’m following icanmakeyourich’s blog. Lots of moneysaving ideas there also! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Cheryl

    Forgot my e-mail…cheryl(dot)gates@yahoo(dot)com. Thanks!!

  • Leah Belle

    i bought some gifts at end of season last year, and am bargain hunting for the rest. i also plan to do a lot of cooking/baking.

  • marcia

    I plan to give gift bags with items from my stock pile. I think this could be a win win. I get to move out some of my stock (that will make my DH happy)and then I will get to shop more to stock up again. Friends nd family will get things that they will use, saving them money. This will work for every one but my mother-in-law and a friend or two, they will be getting coupons and a gift card to wags. Act surrprised if you read this and you are friends or family of mine!!!

  • justusseven

    I have been taking advantage of the great photo deals lately. For the grandpas (who are always hard to buy for) I have a set of playing cards with the kids picture on them.

  • Beth

    I have been stocking up on a lot of freebies all year long and plan to make up gift baskets with these and homemade goods.

  • Lydia

    I’ve switched to cash only–and am spending just $3/person/day on food. I am also sewing vintage style aprons for several family members’ Christmas gifts.

    lydia.bower @

  • Christina

    This year I’m planning to make little gift jars for folks. I’ve also been earning gift cards via MyPoints and Swag Bucks that I’ll put into a little gift bag with some candy for folks. This will definitely be a tough year for us. But it will remind us of the real reason for the season!

  • thetaggs

    Not really an original idea…but we are buying fewer presents per child. It’s making everything a little more simple.


    The nieces and nephews exchanged names to limit gift buying/giving, and like other years the creativity is flowing and I’m making some gifts.

    kristi_wyman at yahoo dot com

  • teri

    This Christmas we plan to make gift baskets using stockpiled items purchased at big discounts along with salsa made with tomatoes, onions and peppers from the garden.

  • flemishe

    I plan on making some of the gifts this year (cookie mix in a jar for example) and we are also making gift baskets from stockpiled items.

  • Helen

    For Thanksgiving, everyone is bringing a side dish and I’m providing the turkey. For Christmas, we are exchanging only handmade gifts.


  • l

    We decided to help save money on gifts for our extended family we took pictures and are making our own cards. Instead of presents family members will get nice framed pictures of us.

    Melinda at

  • l

    We decided to help save money on gifts for our extended family we took pictures and are making our own cards. Instead of presents family members will get nice framed pictures of us.

    Melinda at

  • Nancy Ward

    We are buying only 2 or 3 larger Hanukkah(8 nights) gifts for each of our five grandchildren and buying inexpensive ($2.00 or less) gifts for each of the remaining nights.

    Nancy Ward

  • Allure422

    Mine and my husbands family makes for one huge family! Instead of buying gifts for every adult we put adults names in a basket and we each choose a person based on the random pick. That way everyone gets a gift but no one goes broke!! Then the mutliples of gifts goes to the kids.

  • racheljk

    I will be making handmade gifts and giving away “beauty baskets”. These will be baskets full of personal care products and that I have gotten free over the past year.

  • Nancy

    Hi Mercedes,
    Wow, $50.00 would go a long way for our Christmas!
    Thank you!

  • Dorothy

    I started doing surveys with several different sites and put all the money I earned into savings for Christmas and turned in all the points I earned for presents or gift cards. I have not spent one penny on presents and have got more this year for everyone than before and even added extra people on that I do not usually buy for. All for about 2 hours a day in survey’s which is well worth it to me.

  • dana914s

    I recently had a yard sale and made over 70$ so that is going towards Christmas plus all of the extras that I have gotten from double coupons at Kmart and the drugstore game are going to make some ROCKIN baskets!!


    dana914s at

  • mom2bacon

    I have suggested to my mom to pass something down to me instead of buying me something new to save my parents money; that will be all the more meaningful to me anyway. I usually do a “white elephant” gift exchange with friends, which is fun and doesn’t cost anything. I am going to read through the other ideas as I could use more tips for the rest of my list!

  • Amy

    I am giving each of my neighbors a jar of my home-made jam (peach or strawberry)rather than buying gifts. My jars were purchased new in the box from a yard sale, and I purchased the fruit straight from the farmer at a discount. Thanks for the chance to win a gift card. Love your blog.

  • Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater

    I’m saving money by not buying people expensive gifts 🙂 The year I made cookies was the biggest hit. I’m also finding things that are cheap or free after rebate to give away.

  • SoCalCheapSkate

    This Christmas I am giving away toiletries from my stockpile for presents.

    Lisa at

  • Sheila

    I have been buying gifts throughout the year also. For Thanksgiving, the whole family goes to my cousins house and I always seem to get asked to bring something expensive as my dish. This year, I got smart and offered to make a dish before I was asked-that way, I picked something that I actually have ingredients for on hand.

  • Becca

    Coupons, coupons, and more coupons! And we’re going to try to make more than we buy for people!

    beccaneck at yahoo dot come

  • Nataly

    I plan to do many recepy gifts in a jar and make up gifts – I got lots of free stuff since I followed all the news about good deals in the last 2-3 months. So I am all ready for females.

  • Jenny

    In order to save money, I plan to give out family pictures in inexpensive frames, also baked goods wrapped neatly, and keep the kids’ gifts to a minimum (two each). Also, there are a LOT of great coupons out there for the month of November (mostly before Thanksgiving), so I plan to take advantage of those and finish my shopping early this year.

  • MoonMaiden

    We’re thinking of decorating without electricity for the first time this year, e.g. lights 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!


  • Candy

    We make original ornaments every year and it is wonderful to give a frugal gift that the family look forward to getting.

  • Rita @ My Precious Pennies

    This Christmas we’re spending less by skipping the Christmas presents! I know that sounds bad and everything, but we’re flying home for Christmas to see family with the new baby, and they would much rather get US for Christmas than some random present via the UPS guy.

    And we get the joy of being with family for Christmas too. Win-win!

  • Mary Ellen (megardengal)

    We are cutting out all needless spending for Christmas- I used to buy all kinds of little what nots for stockings etc. I am making lots of my gifts- pineapple vinegar is one- great on chicken or fish!
    blessings mary

    please sign me up for the giveaway!

  • Mary Ellen (megardengal)

    oops I forgot to leave you my email address!

  • Brimful Curiosities

    Well, this year our family is going to draw names instead of buying gifts for everyone like we usually do. Guess it will be less of a hassle shopping!
    pvilletoygirl at gmail dot com

  • Christy

    We don’t purchase gifts for adults. Getting the family together and watching the kids open presents is Christmas enough for us.

  • Anita

    I started a Christmas club a year ago and when that money is gone, it is gone! Careful budgeting has helped me to be able to reduce my spending.

  • Anonymous

    I am saving money this year by reading all of the frugal blogs. I have found some really great deals and tips. cmcain31 at aol dot com.

  • The Budzinski Bunch

    This holiday season we are doing a lot of bargain hunting online. We are also using websites like ebates and mr.rebates to earn money back on the purchases we do make. This $50 gift card would help out even more!!! Especially where we have 3 little ones to shop for 😉

  • Gina

    I always knit or crochet something special. This year I made hand crafter dolies & with all the free little things I have picked up , am making gift baskets for everyone! They get a basket of gifts, plus a neat dolie to place on a table!

  • Anonymous

    For Christmas this year, we will be making our gifts. We are making crocheted scarves and purses for the girls.

  • Rachel Boldman

    This Christmas, to spend less, my husband and I are only buying gifts for the children in our family–our nieces and nephews (and of course, our son!)

    Rachel Boldman

    racheeb at gmail dot com

  • DianaLynn

    Gift giving has been scaled back in my family for a number of years. Instead we focus on spending time together, sharing good food and good conversation, playing games and generally re-connecting.

    dlcwin AT gmail DOT com

  • jbubolz-miller

    We are cutting down on gift giving for the kids.

  • Janelle

    I have been shopping all year, have ordered gift cards using points I have earned, and am doing LOTS of baking and canning for homespun gifts. It will be a very thrify, but glorious, Christmas here!

  • Erin

    We are saving money this year by spending less cash on gifts and more time. This means making a lot of things that are hopefully meaningful to the recipients.

    erinmlong at yahoo dot com

  • Jessica

    At the beginning of the year we go over our budget for Christmas, and set aside money all year long. Then, when the holiday’s arrive, we know exactly how much we have to spend!
    I am also going to use my freebies and great deals for gift baskets for neighbors, teachers,family and church donations!


  • Heather

    My husband’s side of the family are big gift givers, which is fun when everyone can afford it. This year, due to unemployment, underemployment, or major upcoming life events for everyone in the family, I am planning on sending out a note letting them know that gifts from us will be very modest (i.e. handmade) and that we will be perfectly fine with receiving modest gifts – or nothing – in return. As far as I know, this is a new concept for them, so I don’t know what the response will be, but I think they will agree that spending time together is more important than “stuff.”

    augustgirl01 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • ct

    My family has decided to do more potluck items this year. Usually, everyone brings one dish, but this year it’s been bumped up to 2!

    Carolyn at

  • Liz

    I have been shopping Target clearances all year for items such as Legos that my kids love. I also love to do after Thanksgiving sales..I know…I am one of the crazy ones!

  • Anu

    I am saving money by dining out a lot less than we used to and build cash up for buying stuff for the holidays.

  • Riannon

    I have been collecting jars from spaghetti sauce and baby food jars and am going to make Cookie Mixes and Friendship Tea for gifts!

  • Eckley1031

    I like to shop very early. I also like to hit TJ Maxx during their sales and get toys on clearance. I got a toy tent for $5.00! And for my 1 year old, I will put paper in a box and wrap it. She loves paper so why not give it to her as a gift? Don’t worry we have a doll for her too.

  • jaredandangela

    This year I am going to spend less by shopping on line so that I don’t get distracted in the stores and end up buying things that I don’t really need.

  • Michelle Westbay

    I actually started last year when all the big sales after Christmas started. I actually took back alot of gifts that were given to me, so I could make sure my daughter was taken care of this year. I felt bad because I know my family bought for me, but my daughter always comes first. I’m also a huge coupon shoper all year!!

  • Michelle Westbay

    I started in September and find various items in our house (usually the basement) that I really don’t need or use. I post them on the classifieds at work or craigs list. So far EVERY gift I have bought for christmas has been with that cash!!

  • Sunshine Girl

    For the holidays, we are using a lot of the ideas that you have on your website for deals. I am turning those around as stocking stuffers. Like the 8X10 picture is being framed and it is going to be a gift for my in-laws! After all, Christmas is supposed to be more about family than about the most expensive thing you can get your family.


  • Lesley

    I am going to make “spa” baskets with all the free items that i got from CVS, Walgreens etc. This week CVS had childrens mouthwash that I got for free after ECB and a coupon. I can use this with the free childrens’ toothbrushes and toothpaste that I have picked up in the past. The adults will get razors, shaving cream, candles, ointments and shampoo, conditioner and styling products. I hope someone does an article on how to make these baskets because presentation is the key to making these free items into spectacular gifts.

  • Diana

    My extended family has decided not to give each other gifts this year but to do a Secret Santa instead.

    d bombach at g mail dot com

  • Amy

    This year, I shopped throughout the year when I saw good deals. This way, I don’t overspend because I waited until the last minute. I will use free things I got from CVS and Rite Aid as gifts and another bonus…I’m stress free this year because of the planning!


  • AHighandNobleCalling

    This year we are doing only one gift per child, a yankee swap with our family, and a pot luck for dinner!

  • Anonymous

    I have shopped all year long and this has saved my family money this Christmas.

  • ellen cunningham

    This year my siblings and I decided that this year we each would pull a name and only get that sibling a gift. This will definitely help us all save money. Thanks, sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com.

  • Meghan

    To help save $$ this year I am shopping early, shopping sales & clearance & we aren't exchanging with the adults.
    DH was out of work for 6 mos & I expect to be laid off this week.
    So I am getting creative!

  • Lori

    I am trying to read different money saving blogs to get some good ideas! Also, using coupons at various stores like Bath and Body Works to get cheaper gifts.

  • Melissa

    Couple things I’ve done… started shopping sales this past summer, making homemade gifts (cobbler in a bag, brownies in a jar, crayon rolls and key fobs), I also saved my rebate $$ to use for gifts. It’s all really helped our Christmas budget this year!

  • Anonymous

    Our turkey dinner will be funded with my grocery savings from couponing. Saving on necessities provides me with a good chunk of change to put towards “event cooking.”
    Christmas for the kids this year will include more necessity gifts, things that we would (should) be able to afford as non-gifts.

    Jess @ fourwhatitsworth yahoo dot com

  • Anonymous

    This holiday, I am making a list, researching deals and coupons and sticking to my plan. I also monogram and look for ALMOST FREE items to turn into beautiful speciality gifts.

  • Karen

    This year I’ve been buying toys on clearance as I’ve seen them through the year for my girls so by the time Christmas arrives, I will have enough without paying full price! Toys are so expensive!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    We usually spend a quite day together as a family, have a nice dinner and watch TV and relax. Sometimes before the Holidays my husband and I throw a big open house for family and friends.
    Thank You

  • Anonymous

    In order to save money I have been shopping the entire year and tucking things away. I watch for gifts at garage sales and thrift stores too. I found a great game in the original plastic wrapper at a garage sale this past summer. It was only .50 and it will be perfect for the gift exchange I’m involved in!

    I love your blog, Mercedes!

  • Jeremy.Celeste

    I am making some homemade gifts this year. Some stitcheries and just trying to find cute ideas to make others. We also only give 3 gifts to our children. Nothing big and fancy, just wanting them to understand the real meaning of Christmas.

  • marcie olson

    I have been collecting pine cones and a friend of mine is going to show me how to make large decorative wreaths. It only costs about 5 dollars to make each one and they are very pretty.

    marcie olson

  • The Fures

    I used a deal a couple of weeks back where we were able to get a number of Glade Scented Oil candles and actually make money. I ended up with 12 candles and about 12 dollars in gift cards to Target and I only spent $1.30 OOP. We are going to use these as gifts for some people in our Sunday School class.


  • Mercedes

    I am planning on giving home made baked goods especially those found in the kraft food magazine. I’ve already tried a few and they will make terrific gifts to family and friends – not a lot of money but tons of love involved.

    Linda Monte

  • The Merediths

    This year I am going to save money by baking more gifts this year. I love to bake and learned so many good methods from my sweet grandmother so many neighbors and friends are getting goodies!!! It will save us money!

  • mei

    we buy all year as sales come up. thrift store also hold great treasures that can be turned into great presents

  • Betsy

    This year our entire family is only buying for the kids and we have a $ cap. I also purchased “teacher” gifts months ago when I got a great deal! And of course I am looking for the great deals online and through your great blog:)

  • Melody

    To spend less on Christmas this year we are making homemade presents for everyone. Even the kids will only be getting one store bought gift from Santa this year.

  • Frugal Felicia

    I started buying my Christmas gifts around July stashing them away. I take advantage of 5/20 Wags q’s, CVS q’s, 10/10 Pennies q’s, and 5/5 Kohls q’s. Most of my Christmas shopping is done and I may have spent $150 total. DH and I don’t exchange gifts. It’s more important to us that the kids have a good Christmas.

    I’ve left a link at my blog. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    mommyshortstuff at gmail dot com

  • Dina

    I try to buy stuff through the year. Like for my son’s coaches I am going to make a gift baskets where I will put men deodarants, body wash, etc.

  • Sara

    This year we have decided to get one present for our boys that they can share and clothes that they need. This year I might do the whole day after Thanksgiving sales, I never do this.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Honestly, we’re just cutting back on what we normally spend on Christmas gifts and always trying to buy things on sale! We’re also opting out of family gift exchanges.

    jovanessa AT hotmail DOT com

  • Tanya

    For Christmas this year my family and I have been making baskets for friends and families. Some the present have homemade jelly and apple butter. We are also making candies and breads. At our house it is the thought that counts and we have spend lots of time getting together just right gift for each famliy member.

  • Emily B

    This year I am going handmade for Christmas. I am making a lot of the gifts but I am also supporting other makers at
    ebickell (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Shaybplus3

    My children are making Christmas presents this year for everyone. Hand painted picture frames (with a picture of them in it) and for some stepping stones with their hand prints and names on them.

  • The Parson’s Wife

    We are storing gifts at a fraction of the price for our kiddos all year long. Shopping clearance isn't easy at the last minute, so keeping an eye out every season is key. Also, we celebrate gifts with Advent. We attend evening service every Wednesday beginning in Advent and when we get home they each open a gift. This keeps our gift giving limit to four per child. Blessings, Shawn <><

  • The Parson’s Wife

    We are storing gifts at a fraction of the price for our kiddos all year long. Shopping clearance isn't easy at the last minute, so keeping an eye out every season is key. Also, we celebrate gifts with Advent. We attend evening service every Wednesday beginning in Advent and when we get home they each open a gift. This keeps our gift giving limit to four per child. Blessings, Shawn <><

  • The Parson’s Wife

    We are storing gifts at a fraction of the price for our kiddos all year long. Shopping clearance isn't easy at the last minute, so keeping an eye out every season is key. Also, we celebrate gifts with Advent. We attend evening service every Wednesday beginning in Advent and when we get home they each open a gift. This keeps our gift giving limit to four per child. Blessings, Shawn <><

  • KellyH

    I am/have been shopping already. Going with deals I get with coupons/etc. I am scaling back this year in things we are buying and food we are making.

    Kelly Harrouff

  • Jana

    I found some great toys at yard sales, and was able to find all of my kids’ gifts for $20!

    Jana at

  • Mercedes

    Saw this on your site.
    We have chosen adult’s names for Holiday gifts, rather than buying for each of our adult relatives. We have then cut our shopping list.
    The children will each get gifts, but I am using all the coupons and sales offers.

    A. Cutler

    APC1234 at

  • Monique

    As many have already posted – I am making a lot of handmade items. I LOVE to do stamping/scrapbooks & I think the "gifts in a jar" are awesome! I plan to make baskets full of goodies that I have made. My favorite item to make is coasters – I use tumbled tile & stamp it with a french script background – it looks almost antique. Then I stack 2 or 4 depending on the gift & wrap together with a pretty holiday ribbon! These have been quite a hit for gifts!!!

  • Stacey

    Christmas this year will be budgeted, not as it has been in the past. I have already purchased numerous items on clearance such as toys, and clothing. I am planning on hitting the after thanksgiving sales for inexpensive dvds and other items my children will enjoy. I will be using money from a christmas account and from what I save in coupons that I put aside.
    Thank you so much for all the helpful tips on couponing.


  • Missie

    I shop Clearance!! That saves me a ton of money. 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!


  • Jill

    We always spend lots on Christmas-this is the 1st year where money is tight, so we are going to draw names & buy less presents! My husband and I will not exchange gifts-we'll just buy a few things for our daughter, instead-then the grandparents & aunts will make up the balance of whatever she needs!
    (my email is in the profile of my blog, thanks)

  • Anonymous

    I.m starting to look through all the free magazines we receive for good ideas. I think the kids will enjoy more family fun together like parks, museums, cooking and crafts.

  • Kerrie

    I’m going to make more gifts than I but – that definitely saves money! I have no idea what to make yet (looking for ideas now – I’m already behind!), so we’ll see what happens.


  • Heidi

    In order to spend less this year, we talked to our kids about the wise men giving three gifts. So we decided we would do three gifts only. That cuts back on a lot of expense. We are also making bread for our neighbors, teachers and friends instead of expensive cookies and candy.

  • Brooke

    We already discussed with the kids that this year there will be less gifts and they will be a lot less costly. And we are not eating anything elaborate. Finally, my husband and I aren’t spending any money on each other.

  • Bryce &amp; Cortney Alvord

    I am knitting some gifts with yarn I already have, but I’m making other things with things I already have! If I don’t have it, then I haven’t to figure something else out!

  • Jaime

    I started buying some gifts in the summer and I also won and earned quite a few gifts for my little guy at least. My older daughter is a challenge. As for family I taking advantage of some the the great photo gift offers I’ve come across.
    jmeswank at verizon dot net

  • Melissa

    My hubby was laid off this year, so I will be making a lot of Christmas gifts to save money. Necklaces,bracelets, earings and baked goods.

  • Robyn

    My husband and I have stopped exchanging with the adults, as well as with each other. We buy for the kids only, and give them cash or gift certificates so we aren’t tempted to overspend (there are a lot of kids). For a grandparent gift, I made a photo book, which you can do for $10 at sites like Walgreens or Snapfish.

  • paul

    This Christmas I will be spending less by buying 4 libbys pumkin pie cans and 4 carnation evaporated milk from walgreens this week they have coupons in walg paper buy one pumpkin with coupon for 99c and 99c for the evaporated milk so I bought 4 of each and used 4 coupons so total cost was 4.00+tax. So now I have enough to make 4 or 5 pumkin pies.
    Sue at

  • paul

    This Christmas I will be spending less by buying 4 libbys pumkin pie cans and 4 carnation evaporated milk from walgreens this week they have coupons in walg paper buy one pumpkin with coupon for 99c and 99c for the evaporated milk so I bought 4 of each and used 4 coupons so total cost was 4.00+tax. So now I have enough to make 4 or 5 pumkin pies.
    Sue at

  • Cyn

    I am saving money by limited the people I buy for and the amount I spend. I also starting buying things months ago so I could buy more with less.

  • Jenny’s Vegcafe

    To spend less this Christmas- I bought all toy gifts in September when the big toy clearance was happening. I also told all my relatives to expect a lighter Christmas this year. I intend to spend $10 per adult rather than the $20-40 I normally spend. I bought baskets and fillers for the neighbors tokens after Christmas last year. Now all I have to do is a little baking (using sale/coupon purchased goods) and I’m done.

    veggirl1 at gmail dot com

  • Jenny’s Vegcafe

    To spend less this Christmas- I bought all toy gifts in September when the big toy clearance was happening. I also told all my relatives to expect a lighter Christmas this year. I intend to spend $10 per adult rather than the $20-40 I normally spend. I bought baskets and fillers for the neighbors tokens after Christmas last year. Now all I have to do is a little baking (using sale/coupon purchased goods) and I’m done.

    veggirl1 at gmail dot com

  • Jenny’s Vegcafe

    To spend less this Christmas- I bought all toy gifts in September when the big toy clearance was happening. I also told all my relatives to expect a lighter Christmas this year. I intend to spend $10 per adult rather than the $20-40 I normally spend. I bought baskets and fillers for the neighbors tokens after Christmas last year. Now all I have to do is a little baking (using sale/coupon purchased goods) and I’m done.

    veggirl1 at gmail dot com

  • Megan Muprhy

    I am using more coupons for groceries. My name is Megan Murphy and my email address is Thank you for the chance to win!

  • msdecaf

    We are also doing handmade gifts. This gives my daughter a chance to hone her cooking skills etc. I have earned Disney gift certificates by taking surveys, buy everything through MyPoints or other rebate program and earn points or dollars back. This will make for some nice new things for me, once the January clearance sales role around! Yeah!

  • Angie Rodriguez GAchapis1 at

    I have been shopping the sales and clearances all year long for Christmas presents. I have saved lots so far. I have also been collecting free stocking stuffers for my nieces and nephews (from CVS & Walgreens w/coupons).

  • semtaylor

    We have set a smaller budget than last year. To help..I am watching ads more, couponing and I have done some swaps of things I do not need to some gift cards I can use for Christmas. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Nicola

    Everyone has great tips. This year to spend less, I am simply being a smarter shopper. To fill mine and DH’s stockings it will be filled with freebies I have gotten over the last 4 months. We have quite an exciting loot too. 🙂 I have also shopped the Kohls sale a lot and saved at least 50%. I also started shopping in September. I really am feeling good about my Christmas shopping. I want to be able to do some fun things with my kids this year, decorate, crafts, and baking, and having most of my shopping done will help. 🙂

  • Jen

    This is my first year couponing full force so I am making gift baskets with a lot of the free items I received – candles, air freshners, body washes, etc. We are also drawing names instead of buying for all nieces/nephews.

    Jen at giftoffandi at mchsi dot com

  • Heather

    This year for Christmas I am making a large number of our gifts or making gift baskets from my free finds this year.

    Heather Wampler

  • April

    I have started couponing and using my savings for christmas, and I also have been shopping at the forums. I NEVER pay full price for toys.

  • Rue

    I’m doing more shopping ahead and shopping on-line, especially taking advantage of free shipping codes and coupons. I’m also going in with my sister on gifts for my parents.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    ruthann (dot) francis (at) gmail (dot) com

  • rachel

    We’re drawing names with our brothers and sisters so that we only need to buy 2 presents instead of 5.

    jamesplusrachel AT gmail DOT com

  • Julie Marie

    using coupons on what I can, and just doing less

  • cherryblossum7

    For my female family members, I’m going to make homemade jars of spices and seasonings (cajun, taco, grilling medleys, etc.). For my male family members, I’m going to make chocolate-peppermint-covered coffee beans!

  • Angela

    I’m homemaking alot of gifts to save money for Christmas.

  • Jamie

    I have canned some jams and jellies to give as gifts. I also have picked up items that were free after coupons that will make nice fillers such as teas and Glade products.

  • Lydia

    Our family exchanged names for gift giving this year and then to cut down costs even more, we are trying to see what fun stuff we can find at yard sales, thrift stores, clearance racks etc. We did this last year and it was great. We had the fun of giving without going broke!

  • MommyV

    This year I’m giving “jar gifts” to people. Also, my husband and I will use Discover card cash back bonus points to buy gift cards.

  • CrystalGB

    I am buying less, shopping sales and using promo codes online. I have bought some gifts with giftcards I have won. I plan to redeem my MyPoints points for some gift cards too. I also plan to make some baked goods and put them in holiday tins to give as gifts.
    Thank you for the great giveaway.

  • The Nuzzo Family

    I bought my christmas gifts through out the year….i am making a stocking for everyone in my family of my find at cvs and walgreens.

  • carrie

    This Christmas, in order to spend less, I have put a dollar limit for my husband and I to follow when buying our children’s gifts. We generally don’t buy them very much, but this year I am capping it at $50 per child.
    We are also doing service-oriented giving with my husband’s parents. They would like us to cook several meals throught the year in lieu of giving gifts, so that has cut down on a significant Christams cost as well.

  • ertlnet

    I received an unexpected % cashback from a store on earlier purchases and used it to buy some of my Christmas gifts! -Jenni

  • carrie

    This is the first year we have put a dollar limit on what we buy for our kids. We don’t usually buy them more than 3 or 4 gifts each, but this year having a dollar figure guideline really helps us to pare down our costs and make wise choices.
    We are also giving meals to my husband’s parents in lieu of a traditional gift. They have asked us to cook for them several times throughout the year, which helps spread out the cost and gives them something they really enjoy.

  • Lynn S

    To save money this holiday season, I am giving out my time. For example, my sister with 3 kids will get a certificate for free babysitting services. My mother will get a gift certificate entitling her to snow removal for the season. So, helping out family AND saving money!

  • Lynn S

    shoot, forgot my email…

  • The Branson Family

    We will be making some homemade gifts and we talked to our family and we won’t be giving gifts to each other, just the kids.

  • mvlegacy

    I’m working on making things to give to different family members. Gifts that they will like, but that cost less than a store bought gift. 🙂

  • ConKitto

    I’m going to make gift baskets with the stuff I have been buying for almost nothing with my coupons. I’m also only buying stuff that is on sale.


  • Rachel

    I have been buying stocking stuffers and other things as they go on clearance throughout the year. I also bought Christmas decorations/bags on clearance last year after Christmas.
    rcruark at juno dot com

  • socialwork4kids

    I have always given store bought gifts so this year I’m going to attempt to bake and give goodies as gifts. No one will ever expect it as I am NOT the next Betty Crocker. I’m going to surprise everyone…I hope!! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Anonymous

    We have a big, wicker basket and started buying last Christmas for this year. I wrote up a list so we don’t forget who we have gifts for.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Anonymous

    I shop on Black Friday which saves alot!!!

    Laura at

  • Diana Campbell

    I am intending only to shop on Black Friday with a very detailed list for everyone on my shopping list. This list will detail the item and the cost.

    Diana at

  • Heather

    I’m making sentimental gifts like memory books, photo albums, and life stories. I still have empty photo albums from wedding gifts, pictures are super cheap and easy to pring online, and who doesn’t want a book devoted to who they are and what they’ve done? (At least I hope they like them!)

    Heather- southernspud at gmail dot com

  • Brenda

    I am a new couponer but for Christmas this year I am making use of Glade candles and Starbucks Choc. that I got for almost free for my sons 4 teachers. I am also making beauty baskets for the girls which will cost me less than $5.00 each and will contain a ton of stuff. The men are getting great razors and a few extras. A great frugal Christmas this year.


  • Andria

    With my husbands family we are not exchanging gifts but spending a long weekend together instead. My family is doing “white elephant”.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • tami

    i am making more gifts this year for my friends.
    i have reduced the number of gifts my kids get- re-evaluating what they really want instead of just what would be nice to have.

  • Anonymous

    I am making gift baskets with stuff that I have purchased all year with coupons. I am also making my family reusable totes from old t-shirts that I have gotten at yard sales.


    We are focusing on family activities instead of what’s under the trees- memories last much longer than toys!

  • Liz

    My boyfriend just got laid off so I am doing my best to go cheap for the holidays. I am a teacher so I have lots of co-workers to buy for. I just found some cute gifts at QVC. You get 10 5″ teddy bear ornaments for $33 (including shipping). I will just wrap these in tissue paper…maybe add a candy gift and I’m done for only $3-4 a pop! YAY!

  • Brandi

    In order to save money during Christmas this year, most of our gifts to others will be homemade. The children will probably get some crocheted gifts. Extended family members will probably get homemade noodles and or cookies.

  • Andreah

    In order to spend less this Christmas the adults are exchanging homemade gifts instead of store bought gifts. We are also not traveling this year to save the gas expense. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Calm In The Kitchen

    We are drawing names with my extended family with a set limit. I also hope to stick to my resolution to make more things this year!

  • Carolyn

    We are going to try to make alot of our gifts, some handmade crafts, some homemade edible gifts. We are going to try to give the gift of time whenever possible, if someone needs lawn work, or babysitting, etc.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com
    carolyn s.

  • Jennifer

    To help save $ this holiday season I am using coupons where I can to help ease the grocery bill during those holiday meals and searching for the best prices on gifts.

  • Anonymous

    My family and I decided to just exchange gifts for the children and the gifts I buy will be with cash only. And, as far as gifts for friends, it will just be a little token of love and friendship.

  • Nancy

    For Christmas Eve this year when family all gathers at my house, I wanted an unusual and cheap way to illuminate my driveway/sidewalk. I hope we have snow because I’m going to pack snow into various shapes of jello molds, bundt cake pans etc. It has to be the kind with a hole in the middle. I will stack 2 or 3 of these snow rounds on top of each other and add a votive candle to the inside. It should look pretty cool and the snow is free!

  • miou

    I’m buying gifts with gift cards I’ve earned from completing online surveys.

    julierh at hotmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I am making some gifts and just tightening our belts. We need to focus on the real meaning anyway!!
    figandchloe at hotmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I planned ahead for this year and started buying things for gifts when I found them on clearance throughout the year.
    megan from LA

  • Megan

    I’m making my presents!

  • Corey Mom

    I started months ago and we have decided to limit our kids to only a few small gifts and odds are Santa will not be generous this year as circumstances don’t seem to be allowing this. This will be the year to teach our kids that Christmas is not all about the toys.

  • Anonymous

    As a last minute shopper in all the years past. This year I’m new to blogging and couponing.. I’ve been Christmas shopping for the family already – mostly online with the good deals like free shipping and % off. So, I already ahead this Christmas thanks to all the wonderful blog info tips. Plus we moved to this new house over the summer, we have pine cones. So I’ll be giving pine cones to everyone lol. Thanks so much!

  • Tim

    Shopping early and hitting the sales. I have everyones list already.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Angie

    We don’t have a choice this my hubby was laid off and searching for a new job…so we are planning an old fashioned holiday…making small gifts for each other and spending lots of time playing games, watching movies, singing carols together. Thanks so much for the chance to win this…it would be so appreciated!


  • Julie

    My husbands siblings and my siblings have decided to draw family names this year. So instead of buying for 14 nieces and nephews we only have 1 family on each side. FANTASTIC! Plus it is fun to put more thought into something that the whole family will enjoy! I recommend it!

    Julie Hustead

  • Gina

    I’ve been buying gifts through the year (most on sale). Our kids only get three gifts each, anyway – since Baby Jesus only got 3 gifts. For teachers and close friends, I’ll be making gifts (homemade marshmallows, homemade graham crackers + Hershey bars for homemade s’mores – that’s how I’m leaning right now)

    ekahs_mommy at sbcglobal dot net

  • Anonymous

    My family and I are making gift baskets for everyone. We are using homemade things like jellies and special homemade gifts.

  • Geneive

    I have started early with my shopping. Sice I have been clipping coupons from the news paer and online, it has helped me out alot.

  • Laurie

    We have decided to not buy for every single person this year. We have dropped out of the family gift exchange since they want to spend $40 per child and we have 4 kids, so that would be $160. Unfortunately, they aren’t willing to budge on that, so we are out. We are also doing more homemade gifts that don’t cost as much.

  • Becky

    I am giving the teachers nice goody bags from the stockpile. I am also finding deals with gift cards that I can use towards the expense and we have decided to make more homemade gifts. This is the part I love!

    I am also hosting a charity drive (Christmas Crusade) to help a homeless shelter in my area by donating lots of free or almost free items and asking others to help with the cause!

  • Rachel Storm

    I’ve been Christmas shopping since August for the best deals! I also just used some of the money I’ve earned on Walgreen’s Easysaver rebates to buy some wrapping supplies on their buy 1 get 2 deals this week.

  • Mercedes

    Our family holiday dinner parties start with a list of what’s needed for dinner (i.e. appetizer, potatoes, veggies) how many will be coming and then we all choose a dish or two to make. The host house makes the big protein dishes and a pot of coffee. We also bring what we want to drink–it saves a ton of money!
    I will also be making gifts to save more. Last year it was holiday table runners, this year I am making baskets of homemade spice/dip/soup mixes.


  • Becky

    Wow! Tons of comments! $50 will do that, I guess 😉

    I am planning on simply not buying any new Christmas decorations. We will use what we have already. Also, I just realized I own about 10 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. No buying wrapping paper this year!
    ridingsilky at hotmail dot com

  • Martha

    I have just started couponing, and am finding many cleaning and household products free or nearly free … great items for Christmas baskets! As for our immediate family, I shop throughout the year when things are on sale, as many others do as well. We have decided that since Jesus was given three gifts on the first Christmas, we are going to do the same. It will make for a simple, meaningful Christmas. My girls are excited about that!

  • Amber

    I guess I am doing some of the same things the other gals are. I started using my rebate money to buy gifts. Also, I’ve started hitting up clearance items since this summer. I am sharing in my blog,, where the deals in our area are for the holiday dinners. My holiday gifts for co-workers will be from my kitchen. Lots of gifts made from love in the kitchen this year!

  • barbarabaker

    Unfortunately, we are doing nothing different to save money this year. You see, we are financially strapped and have been for far too many years. I don’t even know if we will be able to buy a turkey this year.

    Last year we spent about 300.00 for three kids and believe me, that’s not much at all…

    A 50.00 gift card would really help us out this year.

    -Barb 🙂



  • A

    I bought lots of great cheap gift throughout the year that I have saved up for christmas. I am also making gifts and jazzing up journals with scrapbooking paper for friends.

  • Sandra

    This Christmas I will be buying less than in the past, and I will be shopping sales and utilizing coupons to spend less. Thanks!

  • Sandra

    OOPS! I forgot to leave me email. It’s Thanks!

  • beaslts

    I’ve been shopping all year to find good deals. I’m also buying less this year.


  • katherine

    I am shopping the sales like never before. I never knew there were coupons for toys! Great giveaway. Thanks.

    centsable.katherine at gmail dot com

  • Fujiko

    I am just starting the whole CVS/Walgreen tricks to save money. I was hoping to get enough items to make good stocking stuffers. We usually never went all out during the holidays in the first place. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Fuchannini at yahoo dot com

  • thewizz

    I have to spend less this year, so I am trying to enter more bloggy giveaways! LOL!!

  • Nicole

    We are hand-making some gifts and hitting the clearance racks for others!

    alonglifestrail at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I try to keep a list throghout the year. Since my boys break EVERYTHING, I am shopping for barely usef this year or a big goft of a playset for the both of them.

  • Emily

    My hubby and I are planning a Black Friday trip.
    We have done it the last couple years.
    But this year he won’t get a bonus, so we really need to pare back!

  • Anonymous

    This year in order to save money, I am going with a theme for everyone. Everyone on our list is getting pajamas and a book or giftcard to a book store.


  • Kayla

    I will be baking most Christmas gifts this year. This will save my money and my sanity!! =)

  • silverhartgirl

    I look for great deals through out the year.

  • Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife

    Sales, sales and more sales!!! I also use ONLY cash so that I can carefully track what I spend. And I try not to get caught up in buying something for every single person (co-workers, mailman, etc).

  • Angela

    We are spending less by shopping less. We don’t feel compelled to buy thinkgs we dont even know exist!

  • christa

    This Christmas I’m making a list and sticking to it and really only going to buy for the kids. I’m bargain hunting everywhere I can think of- goodwill, craigslist, ebay and I’m scouring all the sales ads!

    cfischy at yahoo dot com

  • samsakara

    I’m going to have to cut back on Christmas gifts which was tight to begin with last year. I have won a few gifts for family members for Christmas. Plus I may make chocolate chip cookies from scratch for gifts as well. I’m also thinking of doing board games for my kids which may get more use then expensive toys.

  • Travis,Stephanie, Olivia &amp; Alex

    As a family we have decided to really cut back on how much we spend. To remember what Christmas is really about and focus on the true meaning. Helping a neighbor with something around their home or running an errond for an ederly friend is a gift in itself. We are going to make items (gifts from the heart) and set very small limits with other family members and friends. Also something we have done since our daughter was born was “one in one out” any new toy, stuffed animal in is one out and donated to charity.

  • Tracy

    I am trying to spend less by entering more contests!

  • Cassondra

    We are saving money by only gifting for the kids and our fur baby!!

  • Maria

    This year, I am not buying anything unless it is on sale, have a coupon for, offers a rebate, and anything purchased online has to have free shipping!! I have set a limit for each person and I am NOT going to go over budget this year!!

  • Anonymous

    I am transferring my prescriptions and using the gift cards for holiday shopping. 🙂


  • Anonymous

    I am having family members email me their favorite pictures and putting them together in framed photo collages. With all the great photo print deals available, it is working out to save lots of money. 🙂


  • amy

    We are spending less this season…hubby took a major paycut instead of a layoff this last week…so our kids will get maybe one little present each because we can’t afford anything else…

  • Valerie

    This Christmas we have reduced our list for the kids and ourselves and I have been buying things much earlier when I see a great sale (like Target & Shopko in Sept – B1G1 free sales). I'm only 2 gifts away from being done for my oldest and FF has those on sale this week!

    We've also gone to charitable giving for our grown bil & sil. We each name a charity and the other blesses that charity instead of a "gift." This blesses organizations that are important to us and is tax deductible for the giver!

    Thanks so much for sharing this offer!

    mva dot gehrke at sbcglobal dot net

  • Terri Peters

    We still haven’t decided what we’re going to do to save money with our holiday gift-giving. We haven’t started shopping yet and definitely need to sit down and look at our budget. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Anonymous

    I have been saving lots of money so far. I started buying Christmas gifts right after Christmas last year. Then when summer clearance came out this summer, I bought several “very cheap” gifts. Also, I have hand made several gifts, and asked my family to reduce the number of gifts expected!


  • Anonymous

    For Christmas I am sending email Christmas cards with a slide show of our family pictures and a personal note. I will be able to send a more personal note because I can type a lot faster than I can write. It is green in that I am not wasting all the paper – what does everyone do after Christmas with their cards – landfill them. And, I will save myself well over $100 in cards and postage.


  • site4teachers

    I have been stocking up on coupons, and try to use them when stores do “doubling coupons” days. I have gotten so much stuff for little or free. This is how I have been saving!

  • Kacy

    We spend less by 1) setting a budget for each person we buy for, as well as an overall budget and 2) making gifts & looking everywhere for sales!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Heidi

    In order to save, we use “the wise men brought 3 gifts to Christ, so everyone gets 3 gifts” guideline. It helps us to focus on the meaning of Christ’s birth rather than on the material items.

  • ILL maven

    My best friend & I spend an entire day baking every holiday season. It's a fun day for just us girls. We always end up with a ton of stuff so I'll be putting together tins for a lot of folks. (I've been buying the supplies for the past few months as things go on sale so should spend about 1/2 what we have in the past) I'll also be doing gift baskets with freebies like others have said. For the kids we've been buying smaller items as we see them on clearance so it won't be such a big hit to the pocketbook right at Christmas. but, of course, a $50 gift card sure would help! 🙂
    princessbride1021 at

  • Debra

    Just the kids this year.
    I’m actually looking forward to it.

    inhousetranscription at yahoo dot com

  • Cathy

    I just started couponing and am using some of those savings. Our kids will be getting their new Christmas pjs, like normal, and one other gift and then we’ll be giving by going to a soup kitchen or nursing home to serve and visit. We’ve also agreed with friends to take a year off.

    billycathy2b1g at comcast dot net

  • Chief Family Officer

    Thanks to coupons, The Drugstore Game, and smart shopping in general, I am buying things at lower prices than I did before. I wish I had time to bake, but since I don’t, I’m buying goodies and gifts for about the same price as it would cost me to make from scratch. It’s not quite as much fun, though!

  • Amy

    I think we are going to cut back on what we give, it’s the only way. we just got married, and are giving his parents a pic of them dancing blown up. cheap and simple!!!

  • Jami

    The adults have decided to draw names this year, instead of trying to buy for everyone. It’s REALLY helped!

  • LadyBug-Kellie

    I am giving many homemade gifts to extended family this year. And I have been stashing away dollar items for my daughters stocking. I also have a couple of clearance items that I have waiting to be wrapped from sales in the last couple of months. I think this makes it so that we aren’t hit as hard buying gifts in december.

  • Paige

    i will be making many gifts from the kitchen this year.

  • Jami
  • Danelle

    This Christmas I’m spending less my following the deals I find on blogs like this one.

  • Hannah

    This year I have tried to either give homemade stuff or partially homemade. ‘Cause some things you just can’t make….

  • Debra

    We’re definitely making some crafty gifts and thinking of buying gifts from the thrift store this year.

  • Debra

    Oops, here’s my email address:

  • Stephanie

    We set a budget then divided out how many gifts we needed to get to get a price range for each. We also got our families to do a name exchange rather than buying a gift for each person.

  • debbielynne

    I’m using stockpiled items to make gift baskets this year.

  • Melinda

    I am readjusting my thinking about gifts and am giving my son a Halloween costume I got on clearance for $1.50. Previously I would have just added it to the pile of stuff I was giving him and thought “Oh now I can give him more stuff because it was so cheap!” but now I realize that that can just be his present. He doesn’t know it only cost $1.50.

  • Anonymous

    Since I’m couponing this year, I can use gift cards, coupons, ebates, etc.,…all things I didn’t have last year. Am doing gift baskets with my free coffee and tea deals also. Thanks for doing this.
    Rachel :

  • Gina

    What a great giveaway! $50.00 dollars would come in so handy with all the added costs this year!

  • Kathy

    This year, I plan to spend less money by shopping for things that have gone on clearance and also using gift cards that have been given to me to buy gifts. With a limited budget, this has truly helped me in the past.

  • Anonymous

    I am making some framed gifts from yardsale frames (spray painted with black satin spray paint), scrapbook paper I already had (in colors that work for each recipient) and black magnets that say “FAMILY” from JoAnn’s Fabrics. I’ve been picking up the magnets over the last few weeks as I’ve had 40% off coupons from JoAnn’s and their competitors. In the end, all of this adds up to a nice gift for under 3.00 each.

    The original idea for this came from a blog and I WISH I remember which one I saw it on so that I could give credit.

    I’m also looking at some of the things I have set aside for the next garage sale to see if I have things that I can work with to make gifts in the same way (combined “finds” with a purchased element) and also brand-new things I decided not to keep, but that might be good for regifting. It will be an all-cash Christmas.


    (michellehaviland @ comcast dot net)

  • Jennifer

    This holiday season I will be using Ebay, coupons,, and making homeade gifts to cut down on costs. A $50.00 gift card to Walmart could also be an excellent way to save 😉

  • 1stopmom

    I have been shopping faithfully with my coupons for the last year. With careful planning I have got quite a few things free or next to free that I will use to make gift baskets. I have expensive candles and body washes, etc. I have also been using Swag bucks which I will be cashing in for some free gift cards to give to the kids’ teachers.


  • alexis

    I am using my points from programs like MyPoints to buy giftcards that I will use to buy gifts.

  • C

    Past Christmases we have spent lots of money on gifts for friends. For Christmas this year I found a delicious recipe for cinnamon raisin swirl bread that I’ll be making all of my friends. And the kids are making their friends ornaments instead of buying gifts this year.

    Connie at

  • MrsAdams06

    We’ve decided to do a couple of gift exchanges with friends rather than buying a gift for everyone. Money seems pretty tight for all of us these days. We’ve also been shopping a lot of clearance racks over the past month or so to pick up some great, inexpensive gift ideas.

    mrsadams84 at yahoo dot com

  • MrsAdams06

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    Dana (mrsadams84 at yahoo dot com)

  • Anonymous

    We will not be celebrating christmas this year, so it will help tremendously with our spending. How many of us have gone years celebrating Christmas, when it is not mention in the Bible? I just learned that we are blaspheming God, by doing this, because we are adding to the Bible when he said that we are not suppose to. It is a hard adjustment, but I am trying to the right things for the Lord and this is one of my first steps towards doing that.

  • Anonymous

    oop!anonymous here.
    momkell at yahoo dot com

  • Rebecca

    We are making some homemade gifts this year; a tutu for my daughter, cookies and candy for friends, ornaments for the grandparents.

  • Kelly

    We’ve done most of our Christmas shopping already – starting with the clearance Christmas items last year. (I personally believe I can never have enough Christmas decor and prefer to live under the delusion that everyone else feels the same!)

  • Erin

    I am going to use the internet to find the best prices on items as well as take advantage of sales. I have already purchased some photo collages and photo books from the great deals online.


  • Eden C.

    Well. We haven't totally figured out what we are doing for presents this year. But some ideas that we have had are fun little things I have picked up free for gift baskets from CVS, Walgreens & Rite Aid. Another great thing is with overage (from almost anywhere) I can pick up a few little things for presents. Yesterday I picked out three wooden vintage decorations with apples on them that hang from your kitchen cabinet doors. I had overage & so they were only $1 & I still got them for free. Also, for great stocking stuffers, I have been using this coupon here at to get free (& really cute!) paper clips!

  • Michelle

    I am putting together canisters of cookie mix, for gifts for relatives, so that I can still “give” this season, but with the only out of pocket expense of flour, sugar, etc.!


  • The Schaper Scene

    I’ve started clipping coupons and stockpiling. So far…so good!

  • Beth..

    I am using some of the good deals i get thru bath & body works, victoria's secret….and waiting for black friday! Beth at:

  • Corey

    Christmas gifts for the kids only.

    cmarieb2b at gmail dot com

  • Richelle

    I have been getting my son little toys through the summer at garage sales and thrift stores. We have hardly spent anything on him, and he will have a great Christmas!

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