Fun Giveaway: Cheerios Spoonful of Stories


Over the past seven years, Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories has given away more than 35 million children’s books by distributing them free inside cereal boxes and has donated nearly $3 million to First Book, their non-profit partner, which provides books to children from low-income families.

In addition to encouraging children to read, Cheerios is looking for anyone interested in writing children’s books. Now in its third year, the Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories New Author Contest is a way to encourage previously unpublished, up-and-coming children’s book authors and to continue to nurture a love of reading. Entries are being accepted March 16 through July 15, 2009 and will be judged on appropriate story and content for children ages 3-8, emotional connection, writing quality, uniqueness, and read-aloud potential. More details on the contest can be found at

I received four copies of some of the books distributed by Cheerios from MyBlogSpark and one of them was from the winner of the first year the contest ran.  The book is “The Great Dog Wash.”  The book is both in Enlgish and Spanish and it’s easy for you to read in Spanish even if you don’t know any.  But our favorite by far is “When Dinosaurs Came with Everything.”  The story is so much fun and my four year old has truly loved it as it is one of our favorite reads right now.  I have one set of these books to read to giveaway.


All you need to do to enter this giveaway is:

  1. Leave me a comment sharing what you child’s favorite book to read is or if you don’t have any children which book was your favorite read when you were a child.

Please remember to leave your name and email address in your entry. I need to have a way to contact the winner. Entries with no contact information will be considered invalid.

This giveaway ends Thursday May 21th at 9 PM CST. At that time I will select one winner at random using The winners will be contacted and will be given 48 hrs to contact me back with their mailing address. If I don’t hear back after that period of time I will select another winner randomly.  U.S. addresses only please.

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  • Bonni Mergenthaler

    Our youngest boy has always loved “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” in English and Spanish. We also love, “Llama, Llama Red Pajama” by Anna Dewdney.

  • Bonni Mergenthaler

    We like the “Llama, Llama . . . ” books, with the favorite being “Llama, Llama Red Pajama” by Anna Dewdney.

  • right now our 16 month old’s favorite book is probably ‘Doggies” by Sandra Boynton. we love reading all of her books. so silly & fun.

  • Cathy

    My son is 3 1/2 right now, and his favorite book of all time is Everyone Poops. It’s a book about poop, and the animals that make it. Right in the middle of his poop book obcession we had gone to the zoo, and as we are standing looking at the elephants, my son proudly yells, “look mommy, an elaphant makes a big poop!”

  • Jay

    My 2 year old wanted Sandra Boynton books! He has most of them but likes Birthday Monsters and Pajama Time.

  • Christy L

    My favorite book to read to children is ‘Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom.’ It has such a catchy rhythm!

  • Wendy

    My 3 year old loves “Firefighters to the Rescue”–he knows almost every word! Great giveaway!

  • Jennier

    My 5 year old daughters favorite book is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, I’ve read this book to her since she was 6 months old!

  • Becky Ertl

    My two-year-old grandaughter loves How Does a Dinasaur say Goodnight?

  • Heather

    I LOVE “The Dot” and “Ish” by Peter Reynolds. However, my 18-mo old’s favorite book is his “Babies” book – a board book from the 1980’s by Gyo Fujikawa (?) I found at the thrift store with some really cute drawings of babies. I never read the words – I just make up stories as we go along.

  • Nicky Brown

    Our favorite book in our house is actually a book from the Cheerios box a few years back!! My girls LOVE Muncha, Muncha, Muncha. It is so well read that we are now needing to replace it.

    Nicky Brown

  • Christina Truelove

    I have 2 year old twins. Their favorite books to read with us are Dumbo and Sleeping Beauty!
    Thanks – what a great giveaway!!

    Christina Truelove

  • Amy G

    My kids love “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”. My kids LOVE reading! Hope I win!

  • Misty Fernandez

    Right now we love ‘Brown Bear’.

  • Alisia

    My daughter currently loves ‘I Know a Rhino’ by Charles Fuge, and Jan Brett’s Hedgie books.

    Alisia B: abergsman at gmail dot com

  • Whitney

    We love books, but I think our favorites are Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, and Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear.


    Right now our favorite book is Gus and Button.


  • Bree

    Our current favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear!

  • Meka

    My little girl is only 3 months old, we read a book every night to her. Our favorite book is “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born” By Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s a wonderful story for anyone with adopted children in their family!

  • Monica

    My son loves books. He likes my husband and me to read him just about any book he gets his hands on. Right now he is really enjoying Dora and Diego books.

  • kristin w

    My daughter’s (4 months old) favorite book is ABC, 123. She smiles and “talks” the the babies in the pictures. Reading is so important for children!!!

  • staceyk

    Right now my son likes The Runaway Bunny

  • Chrissy

    My child’s favorite book is If You Give a Moose a Muffin. I like it too!

  • Margaret

    My first grader loves the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series. I loved the Wizard of Oz when I was a kid.

  • My 2 year old loves the Dr Seuss books right now. He loves Go Dog Go and Red Train, Green Train. We read books every night before bed and it is something all of us look forward to.

  • Marcia

    My five and a half year old loves to read Brown Bear to his ten month old sister! I cried the first time he read to his baby sister!

  • DanielleCorrelle

    My daughters favorite books are about Strawberry Shortcake. She loves any and all books, but those are the ones she asks me to read the most.

  • My little one is only 5months, so right now we are reading Dr. Suess books and Baby Einstein books. He loves the see&feel book with different textures.

  • Charity

    My 4 year old daughter’s favorite books are Pinkalicious and Purplicious!

  • Amber

    We love anything by Mo Willems. The Pigeon finds a Hot Dog is a favorite.

  • Sarah A.

    My daughter’s favorite book is Miss Nelson is Missing. Even though she is three and I don’t know if she understands the plot, it’s one that always shows up on the rocking chair at bedtime.

  • Kim Carlile

    How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

  • Lisa

    My two year old’s favorite book is Five Little Ducks. She “reads” the book to her dolls. It is so cute!!!

  • Jem

    I am amazed at how much my 15-month old loves books! His favorites are Where is Baby’s Belly Button? and the LullaBible Storybook.

  • jenny M

    No thats Wrong is our current favorite book=) And anything from the mighty machines series- my son brings them to preschool every day!

  • Norma Flores

    My daughter loves June B. Jones book. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    My 9 month old loves goodnight moon.

  • Nikki

    One of the books in the photo, Monkey and Me, is my daughter’s fav. We’ve even come up with our own little song to sing it to.

  • Amanda

    My 1-year-old’s favorite book is Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. He wants to read it over and over and each time he give the monkey and puppy a kiss. What a great give-away!

  • Jenna

    How do I pick my daughter’s ONE favorite? She LOVES to read and it changes by the week. Currently, she loves her Bible stories, Duck Hits the Ball and Super Duck.

  • Ellen

    My boys love “Frog in the Bog”. We received this book when we lived in Florida and both my boys take it to school to share with friends.

  • My daughter’s favorite book is Rodrick Rules.

  • My 13 month old son LOVES the Dr. Suess book The Foot Book! Ironically, that was my favorite book when I was little, too!

  • Nicky

    My 15 month old like “My First Read and Learn Bible”, (the only book she can’t rip apart). She got it at her first birthday party.

  • Christina @ Recession Proof Shopping

    My 3 year old daughter’s favorite book to read is a compilation of Disney princess stories and my one year old loves a little book about bunnies with a furry spot on the bunny.

  • Tamara B.

    My grandson’s favorite book I read to him is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess.

  • My daughter loves Yellow and yummy (pooh) We read it several times at bed time.

  • Tamara B.

    I am so sorry I forgot my email addy please disregard the frist entry.

  • Tamara B.

    My grandson’s favorite book I read to him is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess.

  • Sarah

    My daughter’s favorite book/s right now are the American Girls series. She really likes the Kit books. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hilary

    This giveaway is very near and dear to my heart! Years ago, I got the book, “Olivia and the Missing Toy” in a box of Cheerios. I threw it in a drawer somewhere and didn’t think much of it. Then…our Olivia Grace was born! I dug out the book and it has been our daughter’s absolutely FAVORITE story to read for months now. She and my husband can recite it word for word together. Last Wednesday, Olivia fell and had to get six stitches in her forehead. (Boo!) The doctor needed to keep her perfectly still, so my husband recited the story to her and she laid on that table and never moved, not one bit! The doctor and nurse were so impressed and now they know the story of “Olivia and the Missing Toy” also. LOL! So, that one little book in a box of Cheerios years ago is well loved and has made a very big impact on our family. Thank you for the book giveaway and thanks to Cheerios!!
    Hilary (

  • My 10 month old’s favorite book is Rainbow Rob. It’s a touch and feel book and she loves it!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • We love Sandra Boynton books-But not the hippopotamus especially, thanks!

  • Marlena U.

    My daughter loves “The Barnyard Dance”.

  • my son’s (3) favorite book is “Are You My Mother?” by Dr. Suess… my daughter (10 mos.) doesn’t really have a favorite yet! my favorite book to read growing up was “Love You Forever”.


  • Alli

    My son loves any book about dinosaurs! ANY…

  • Michelle

    I would be thrilled if we got a book FREE inside a box of Cheerios! What a neat campaign.
    Right now, my son’s favorite is Dr Suess’ Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now. He ‘reads’ it to me by the pictures.

  • My daughter is all about the BoxCar Children right now.

  • My favorites growing up were the babysitter’s club and Nancy Drew.

  • Sharon

    My 5 year old son loves to read Bug Hunt by Neecy Twinem. My 3 year old daughter, the book worm loves Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. My daughter would read this book to my tummy while I was pregnant, to now our 4 month old son every night before she went to bed and still continues to do so.

  • Martha

    My favorite book to read to my two girls is “The Bedtime Beast” … a GREAT book. If you’d ask my girls, they like to hear Daddy TRY to get through “Fox in Socks” by Dr Suess, because he gets so tongue-tied he has to stop several times … they think that’s real funny! Thanks!

  • MJ

    Good Night Moon.


  • We’re going to have to stick with a classic: Goodnight Moon!

  • Tiffany

    Green Eggs & Ham!!!

  • Karen Smith

    My child’s favorite reads are Curious George and the Llama, Llama books by Ann Dewdney

  • Nan

    Ooh, that would have to be the Skippyjon Jones books – so funny!

  • Kim

    My son loves Shel Silverstein’s Runny Babbit. So funny to read aloud!
    Kim F.

  • Anne

    We LOVE My favorite book to read to children is ‘Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom and Green Eggs & Ham!!!

  • Gina K.

    My favorite as a child was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” but for the girls that I watch…we love to read “Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom” and then dance and sing to the Ray Charles read aloud version.

  • Lisa

    My son loves Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman. We got the Scholastic Set of Books on DVD for Christmas and enjoy watching the DVD version also.

  • Jaime

    I love reading books to my 3 month old, he doesn’t have a favorite book yet. I love reading rhyming books like many dr seuss books and two of my childhood favs “the monster at the end of the book” and “there are rocks in my socks, said the ox to the fox.”

  • Leigh Sabey

    My daughter loves a book called “The Babies are Landing” (can’t remember the author right now). She is only one but she seems to love it when I read this one out loud to her.

  • Kelly

    My kids (ages 3 + 4) are huge PD Eastman fans. To say they love “Are You my Mother” and “Go, Dog, Go” is an understatement. These books are hilarious to my kids.

  • abby

    I loved to read “Amy The Dancing Bear” by Carly Simon. It was such a wonderful story and the pictures were beautiful. I used to read it by myself on summer nights, sipping lemonade. 🙂

  • Amy

    I absolutely adored “Hop on Pop” when I was little. I checked it out from the library every time we went!

    aehixon at gmail dot com

  • Kara Potts

    My son has many favorites, but “Alphabet” by VanFleet and “I Love you All the Time” by Hirschman and Cole probably top his list.

  • I always liked If You Give a Mouse A Cookie.

    marytini at hotmail dot com

  • I used to love the bearinstine bears. Also a book about a girl who wanted red dancing shoes, but they turned out to be bad, I can’t remember what it’s called and haven’t been able to find it either.


    where the wild things are

  • Keli

    my favorite book was Love you Forever. My sons(3) favorite book is Sesame Street Firehouse. My 8 month olds favorite book is peek a boo Elmo. Which is odd that they both love sesame stret books because we don’t watch it on tv! 🙂 thanks for the givewaway!!

  • Mandy

    My daughter is 3 1/2 and her absolutely favorite story is “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton. She knows that story so well, she’ll “read” it to me sometimes and get the exact words in places! I remember loving the story when I was a child too – a definite classic!

  • Alison

    It’s hard to find a book my kids don’t like! We really do like the Sandra Boynton books. They are good for all the different age groups in our house!

  • my 2 year old loves fox in socks by dr. seuss

  • Ashley

    My kids love ALL Dr. Seuss books. I grew up loving, Are You My Mother?”

  • Alicia

    I have a six year old son and we snuggle and read stories everynight. Our favorites include Goodnight Moon and Guess how much I love you. Thank you for this wonderful give away. Boooks are wonderful and when we read to our children, I believe we instill a love of learning that will follow them always!!

  • Amanda

    My favorite story to read as a child was “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” by Judi Barrett. I am looking forward to reading this hysterical story to my near 3 year old.

  • Abby

    Our favorite is Bear Snores On and Doggies. Thank you for this giveaway


    The favorite in our house forever has been The Little Engine That Could. In fact we have to replace it now.

  • michelle rosborough

    Velveteen Rabbit

  • Amy

    Gosh my kids have tons of favorite books we have to read all the time! My son who is 16 months old loves anything by Sandra Boynton we read doggies hippos go beserk. My daughter whom is three loves Fancy Nancy Pinkalicious and purpleisious and they both love everyone poops and the gas we pass. We read books all day long and have tons they love to read. My daughter first favorite book (not anymore but her first) was I’m the big sister and my sons first favorite used to be baby einstein babies! Great give a way thanks

  • Kristi

    My kids love Five little Monkey’s jumping on the bed. Thanks.

  • Heather

    I loved all the Judy Blume series when I was growing up. My daughter isn’t old enough for Judy yet, but she likes “Click, Clack, Moo” and the rest in that line. My son loves every book he gets his hands on, especially anything that rhymes, like “Silly Sally.”

  • Renee S.

    My daughter’s favorite is “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”
    Renee S.

  • Dianne

    When my son was 3 – his favorite book was “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny” by Marilyn Sadler. I still remember him learning ‘how’ to read with this book!

  • Amy

    We have so many we like as I used to be a teacher. It seems one of my little girl’s favorites right now is Mary Engelbreit’s Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. She’ll sit and we’ll go through over 50 pages at a time. I love it!

  • Marna Perez

    My 6 year old daughter loves Junie B. Jones books. One evening I went to check on her and her sister. I found her with a Junie B. Jones and her face propping the book open!!!!! Now that is dedication to Junie B!!

  • Rebecca

    My son loves Explore God’s Jungle! We read it almost every night before bed.

  • We have so many favorites at our household. A few that remain on the top of my kids’ list include “Rabbit Stew”, “The Attic Christmas”, and books by Helen Lester, Lisa Campbell Ernst, and Cynthia Rylant.

  • Elena

    The very hungry caterpillar!!

  • Christi

    My almost-three-year-old varies a bit. Currently, it’s probably a toss-up between Sheep in a Jeep (hilarious) and The Owl and the Pussycat (Edward Lear poem, ours is illustrated by Jan Brett). His first favorite was probably Hippos Go Berserk, which I read until I could recite it from memory.

  • Jana

    My son, who is two, currently LOVES Duck rides a bike and Curious George goes to the zoo… both are bedtime favorites!

  • LMHutch

    Fancy Nancy is my daughter’s favorite book! I am sure that she wishes she had all those outfits!

  • Amy

    My 2 year old daughter’s favorite book at the moment is “If the Dinosaurs Came Back” by Bernard Most. She is a dino junkie!

  • Nicole

    My youngest daughter and I read together every night before bed. Her favorite book is Flossie and the Fox by Patricia McKissack. She loves the old dialect of the story, and the theme of a child having the ability to outwit an “adult” (the fox). It amazes me sometimes how reading can really advance the skills of our young children in so many ways.