Fun Giveaway: Crocs Gift Certificate worth $50

When you think Crocs shoes, chances are very good you think Crocs Cayman. That’s what I thought of too for the longest time, until very recently. Back in April I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for a Crocs Gift certificate on another blog. With this certificate in hand I stopped by the Crocs website to check out their models and WOW! let me tell you, I was in for a surprise. Have you looked at the new models from Crocs? They are so cute! Choosing was definitely hard but I ultimately settled for a nice pair of Celestes. I wanted a pair of comfortable shoes I could wear throughout this pregnancy and beyond.


But while I looked for those I saw other models that tempted me a LOT! In particular I wanted a pair of Malindis in turquoise. However, I was heartbroken to find out they were already out of that color online. Then I did something completely unlike me. I decided to treat myself to a cute pair of crocs in a cute color. You see, I mostly own black or brown shoes and for me to get a pair of colored shoes is not what I would normally do. I searched high and low for the Turquoise Malindis without any luck. Then in a visit to a Chicago mall we walked by a kiosk selling Crocs and found my shoes. Not the Malindis but this pair of Crocs Olivia in red.

crocsoliviaand I love them! I love the color and they are so cute and feminine. The picture doesn’t show it very well but they have a sparkly charm on the side that adds just the perfect amount of “bling.”. They make me feel very Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

I am ecstatic to share that Crocs is sponsoring a $50 Crocs gift certificate giveaway here on Common Sense with Money. Yeah! one of you will have a chance to try one of Crocs’ new cute and trendy designs for FREE. All you need to do to enter this giveaway is:

1) Visit and check out the all of the cute designs. Then come back and share which one model and in which color you would get if you won this giveaway.

2) For up to three additional entries, share this giveaway with others on your blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Please make sure to separate comments if you decide to share this giveaway. Each comment is considered an entry and if you share you could earn up to 4 entries that way. This giveaway ends 7/3. Open to U.S. Residents 18 and older please. I will pick one winner and contact him/her at the time the giveaway ends. If after 48 hrs they don’t contact me back I will select another winner.

Not that I wanted to tempt you but in case you may feel tempted *grin*, Crocs is currently offering free shipping with code july4 (case sensitive). And remember this deal? My son is now the proud owner of a pair of Bob the Builder Crocs.

Good Luck!

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  • Megan

    Wow, I love the Celeste Canvas in Chocolate/Sienna! My Mary Janes are getting worn out, I need a new pair of Crocs:)

  • Tassie

    I LOVE the Olivia in black. These would looks so cute with a jean skirt.

  • Jenn Elton

    I would choose the Capri Suede in Chocolate Sea Foam. I love Flip Flops and I love the colors!

  • Lisa Penosky

    I would love the Trailbreak, in the light gray/berry combo. They are rugged & cute at the same time!

  • Corrie @ “Cents”able Momma

    I like the Crocs Ginger in black…who knew they had anything other than the “normal” Crocs.

  • I would love to try the Cleo in turquoise! I’ve never tried Crocs but am need of comfortable shoes!

  • Kristina L.

    I have been eyeing a pair of the Capri Suede flip flops. I’m pregnant and these shoes have the circulation nubs to help blood flow and they seem that they wouldn’t be slippery for me to walk in. Being pregnant most flip flops are not great walking shoes but I think that these will work.

  • Sue

    I think the Malindis in brown would be so comfortable to wear when I’m teaching (I’m a kindergarten teacher and on my feet a lot!) They are really cute! If those weren’t available I’d get the Olivia in brown. Thanks for getting this contest for us!

  • heidi h.

    I would love to have the malindi in pulse. They look very fun. I have never had any crocs.

  • Love the Olivia in Brown and also in Ultraviolet!

  • Beth

    I would get the Cyprus croc, in Chocolate, if I weren’t pregnant! Comfortable heels? I want to try them!
    But for practicality, I’d like to try the Juneau in silver.

  • Betsy Fruncek

    Patricia in pink – love it!

  • Lil

    The Croc Cleo’s are really cute.

  • Heather B

    Crocs are so comfy! I would love the Patricia in in Berry/Pearl or Chocolate/Light.

  • Melissa Fackelman

    I like the juneau crocs in brown and khaki. Who knew they had so many!

  • Heather B

    I’ve shared this contest on my facebook page too!!

  • Courtney

    I love Crocs. I currently have a pair of Athens sandels that I consently wear in the summer. I also have Mary Janes which I wear for work-they are so comfy. I would love to get a few more dressy pairs for work. I really like the Sorbet.

  • Carrie

    I’d love the Prepair Flip in red/black. I need some flip flops & these look really comfortable. Thanks!

  • Beth

    I too love the Celeste’s and want one in every color- (black if I have to pick just one)!!

  • Shawn

    I like the Mary Jane’s. I think I would have to go w/ black or brown. I’m like you, I usually go for something sensable.

  • You had me at “Dorothy”…I would love the Olivia’s in red, too!

  • Jerri

    I will love to have the Celeste Canvas in black.

  • Faith

    How fun! I’m crazy about the algarve design… probably in fuchsia or bright red. πŸ™‚

  • Shelbi

    I would love Olivia in Black. These are way too cute.

  • malindi in black. I already have a turquoise pair and LOVE them!

  • Paula

    The Olivia in brown are adorable!! I have never tried Crocs but have wanted too.

  • Emma

    I love the new selection, especially the Audrey in black and white, and the Olivia in brown!

  • Queenie

    How cute are the Santa Cruz in Berry & White stripes?!?! I would totally rock those this summer! They have come a LONG way – I used to buy Crocs for my daughter only because she loved them and they looked mega comfy, I just couldn’t see myself in a pair…but now – my goodness! Dress shoes, sandals, flip flops, etc!!! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ooooh, I’d love to have the Juneau in black/silver. I’ve been looking for an awesome pair of “big girl” shoes, as my daughter calls them!

  • Kirsten

    I would go for the Capri Suede in chocolate/cotton candy. They even sound yummy!

  • Jamie

    I really like the Capri Suede…in all colors! But would probably go with the black…great giveaway!

  • Cathy Davis

    I would get a pair of celeste in either red/pink or chocolate/choco. They are lovely!

  • I like the celeste canvas or the saffron in white or black…probably would go with the black though. This would be a tough choice!

  • Margaret

    I didn’t think Crocs would have anything cute, but I took one look at the Sorbet and thought they were adorable! You’re right–there are so many to choose from besides the Cayman!

  • Angel S.

    I like the Honey Flip flops. Who knew they had so many styles?

  • Ana T.

    I love Crocs! I would purchase the Women’s Santa Cruz in White/Navy. They would look very cute on me with some skinny jeans. And they’re work appropriate.

  • Laura

    I expect the Crocs Olivia would be my fav go-to shoes for work! So versatile and comfortable!

  • Dawn

    I really like the Capri Suede in Chocolate/Sea Foam. I have a few pairs of crocs that I live in during the summer! They are my favorite!!

  • Laurie Lozier

    Whoo Hoo!~What fun!~~Love the Celeste canvas in Ruby Red!

  • Catherine

    I adore the Cyprus in scarlet – they’d look great with skirts or shorts, and could go from daytime to evening!

  • JILL

    I love the Olivia and the Capri for casual days. Hmmm….tough decision but I’d probably get the Olivia in black!

  • Diana

    The Alice in black – I like bling too πŸ™‚

  • Michele Laramay

    I would choose the Olivia for sure. And I hope I get a chance to !

  • I like the Cabanas in pink… so cute!

  • caitland sharp

    I would love a pair of the Malindis in brown. I am a school counselor and need something appropriate to wear while running around the building. I would probably get my daughter a pair of trailbreaks too!

  • Sandy

    I would get a pair of Trailbreak Kids for my son and a pair of Gabby for my daughter.

  • vickie

    the celeste in black would be terrific for work!!

  • Rei

    I love my crocs – they are so comfy. The Olivia is really cute…I would get them in brown.

  • Rachel

    I’ve been wanting to try a pair of Crocs forever, so this would be an awesome giveaway to win! (Especially with my tight budget…you all know how that goes!) I can’t choose between some flats, like the Olivia, or something with a heel for work, like the Lena…. If I win it will be a tough decision!


  • Shannon

    new caymens in ultraviolet for the girls!

  • Oh, I love my crocs…. I’ve been wanting to try out a pair of the santa cruz slip-ons in White/Canvas.

  • Shannon

    I love the Celeste Canvas in Chocolate with Chocolate. I always buy Crocs for my son, but never realized they has such cute ones now!! Love this Giveaway!

  • denise

    I like the Olivia and the Saffron.


  • Mandy

    I love the new Oliva or the boots for next winter. Both in Black or brown.

  • Just posted info about your great giveaway on my blog!!

  • chelpa

    i like the adara i chocolate. very cute, and your right-lots of cute new styles!!!

  • Marge

    I would love Patricia in Pearl. My sister-in-law wears Crocs all the time. But, I’ve never tried them.

  • Jane Ellen

    It would be hard to choose between Cyprus or Patra, then of course I like the Auburn flip flops!

  • Janet

    I like those Celestes. I would love to try them!

  • Aimee

    For me I would get the Captiva in white and berry. My kids wear crocs all summer long. They are perfect for splashing in mud puddles.

  • Kate

    I think if I were to branch out to Crocs I would most likely be interested in rocking the original croc beach style in my collegiate’s colors. I think the gold croc with black accents for this Purdue Boilermaker is a fitting match : )

  • Shelly

    patra in white/celery

  • Michelle

    I would get the hibiscus flip flops or the Ivy flip flops.

  • Shelly

    shared on facebook

  • Amy Babb

    I love the Santa Cruz in the white/black print. TOO CUTE!!

  • Stacia

    I would pick Olivia in black. Boring, I know, but I’m a nurse an am forced to wear maroon scrubs…so fun colored shoes just aren’t an option!

  • Theresa G

    There were so many I liked but I chose the Patricia in Berry.

  • Julieann

    I like the Virginia Tech crocs!

  • My favorite on is probably the Women’s Santa Cruz. Very cool shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lea

    Please pick me! My favorite pair of crocs were ruined by a stay in a hot car. Crocs and Florida sunshine don’t mix! I’d love to win this prize to get a new pair!

  • Julieann

    I made an entry on Facebook.

  • Julieann

    I twittered about it @jrobertson

  • You’ve also been plugged on my twitter:

  • Delores

    I would love the Patricia’s or Patra’s. They are so cute! Great giveaway!

  • Lea

    I tweeted!

  • And also, I posted a new blog post about your giveaway:

  • Laura

    I like the Olivia in brown.

  • And now you have been linked to on my Facebook page, but I can’t post that because my privacy settings wouldn’t let you look at it.

  • karyn giles

    I love the Capri Suede in the Ultra/violet. I never knew of the new styles, but would love to try these.

  • Only choose one pair? That’s a tough one. I would probably go with the white/canvas Santa Cruz. In a close second is the Trailbreak in pearl/light blue.

  • Danielle

    Oh my I did not know they had so many types. I have to say I did not like the old boring crocs but I love the new styles. I would have to say my favorite and there were alot would be the capri suede om chocolate/cotton. They are all adorable.

  • Aaron

    I like the Baya. They are similar to the original style but have a little more spunk.

  • Mario R

    I’d buy me some Black Prepairs.

  • Laura W

    I would go for several -but probaby my favorite is Malindi in cotton candy! Thanks.

  • I like the Adara in silver/lavender or navy/lt blue.

  • Hillary

    I would choose the Santa Cruz in white/lapis. Very cute!

  • Erica

    Capri Suede in black/neon pink. Look hot! I currently own a pair of croc flip flops from about 2 years ago. They are still going strong and so comfortable.

  • Tiffany

    I love your Celestes, but I also like the Olivias. Decisions, decisions?

  • Tara

    I would love the Audrey in black!!!

  • Lora

    I like the Specialist clog with the enhanced arch support. I need all of the arch support that I can get!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  • Sarah Milbrandt

    Ok so I’ve always dislike Crocs… but I have to say that I was tempted to look at their designs because of your pictures in this post. I love the 2 that you posted about, but if I won I think I would have to get a pair of Algarve in black. They were surprisingly the cutest black wedges I’ve seen in a long time! πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer H.

    I really need a new pair of brown shoes for fall, so I’d go with Celeste in chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • it’s so hard to choose! i never knew that crocs could be cute!
    Malindi in navy.

  • Kim Carlile

    I think the Double X TG are awesome. They are in natural / black color. Thanks.

  • I added your giveaway to my blog!

    Malini in navy, thanks!

  • Jennifer K.

    I love the Algarve in black!

    My favorite pair of black wedges from Banana Republic circa 2001 just died πŸ™

  • I would purchase the Capri Suede in chocolate/sea foam.

  • It is so hard to choose! I had no idea they had so many kinds. I love your idea of getting something in a fun color, because I am so practical I just never do that. SO maybe Alice in blue? I also like Juneau in brown, for the practical side of me! πŸ™‚

  • I would definitely try the Cabana in black, because it isn’t something I would normally “splurge” on. πŸ™‚

  • gretchen

    I had no idea they had so many varieties, either! I think the “Havana” is my new favorite!!

  • Diana

    I’ve been wanting the Iris in Chocolate and they are on sale for $9.99.

  • Melissa

    I would love to try the captiva flip flops! Awesome giveaway.

  • Cecilia

    Crocs saved me during my pregnancy. I am a preschool teacher and spent 10 hours a day on my feet. Crocs were heavenly. I love the Celeste in Canvas/Cream. My daughter said they were really cute too. πŸ™‚

  • Christy

    I like the Patricia… summery, yet pretty! I just have the basic Caymens… which I do love.

  • Molly

    I love the Olivia in Ultra Violet!

  • Lenore

    I would love to have a pair of the celeste or the saffron. You were right…Crocs does make more cute shoes than I thought!

  • erin

    i love the celeste in chocolate/choco : )

  • Kathryn

    I absolutely LIVE in my mammoth crocs in the winter and my kids LOVE the crocs they have. I really wanted to add the super cute styles they had for kids including the princess mary janes and the SCOOBY DOO crocs for boys!! The flip flops are so incredibly comfortable, we just love all of their styles. Also would love to try out the new sneakers they have!

  • Tabitha

    I am in complete aww, of how many differnt versions of crocs there are. It is hard to pick just one. I think i would go with the Adara in chocolate/ cotton candy.

  • Cecilia
  • Laura

    I like the “ginger” in black, and the “lena” heels–so cute!

  • Melanie

    I really like the Women’s Captiva flip flops in berry, they look so comfy!

  • Nicole

    I like the Athens. πŸ™‚

  • kara

    i think the audrey in pink/purple would be fun!

  • I love the Sassari in celery! I never knew Crocs had more shoes than just the classic style!

  • Heather

    The Patricia in Pearl/Cotton Candy! Very cute! Would be my 1st pair.

  • I am officially in love with the Tartufo in Snake. Comfy, trendy heels? Who knew?

  • Amanda C.

    I would love a pair of the Malindi in the leopard. How fun are those? I’m interested in trying a pair. I would love to win!

  • I also twittered this (@timechild)

  • Kathy Ross

    I love the Cyprus in olive! Thanks so much!

  • Kathryn

    I really like the Breeze style in black. They look super comfy. Might have to buy it if i don’t win πŸ™‚

  • Danelle Scott

    I think since it’s summer I’d go with the Capri Suede. Thanks!

  • Diana

    I like the Honey flip-flops in chocolate

  • Susie

    I think I would probably get the Scooby-Doo Hanna Barbera kids cayman. They are adorable!

  • Amy

    I would love the Malindi’s in brown.

  • staceyk

    I’d get these in blue.
    Kids Athens


  • Kysha

    Positano!!! For sure, i I had no idea that Crocs could be so sassy! I love those shoes and would definitely get those.

  • Marianne

    I love the Capri’s. Great giveaway!

  • I love crocs! My choice would be Sassari in black!

  • Amy

    I LOVE Crocs! I would really love a pair of Celeste Canvas in the choc color. Crossing my fingers that I win!

  • Sharon

    I looked and looked and love the ones you chose too! Olivia in Red is calling my name!

  • Kristen

    I would definitely get the Crocs Saffron in black. They’d be cute (and way comfortable!) for work.

  • Susan

    I love the Sorbet flats in Charcoal Snake!

  • Sharon

    I also love the Olivia’s in red! So sassy!

  • Emma

    i would love olvia in black.

  • Erika

    Love the Celeste in chocolate!

  • Karen

    I love the Celeste Canvas in canvas/cream. . .I buy crocs for my girls but never realized they had such cute styles for moms too!

  • Katherine

    I like the Olivia in black to add to my croc collection. I love croc flip flops. I have them in three colors and I highly recommend them to women who have bad feet.

  • bevb

    I would select from the santa cruz design the white w/blueprint.

  • Sue

    I love the Celeste Canvas in chocolate/chocolate! Very cute!

  • Amanda

    I would get the Capris in Khaki/pearl

  • Crystal

    I love the capri canvas crocs in black/white pri. They are really cute!

  • John Sarver

    I will get the Crete Suede

  • zm

    I love the Saffron and would love to wear those to work in place of my heels.

  • Tigerfreak21

    I really liked the celeste suede in black. I realized those are the ones you had posted after I spent my time searching lol but they look soo nice and comfortable. Hope i win!!!!

  • zm

    I posted a twit:
    catladyfour4: Mercedes is doing a $50 croc giveaway

  • zm

    I just posted on facebook
    Stephanie Jensen: Mercedes is doing an awesome $50 Croc gift card giveaway. Check it out:

  • Whitney

    I have been wanting the black Malindis for a really really long time!!

  • Charity

    Neat giveaway! I would get the Celeste Canvas in Navy/Denim.

  • Stacey

    I love the Patra in khaki/pearl. My sister-in-law has these, and I am green with envy! If those weren’t available, I would have to get the Olivia in brown or black. This site is absolutely wonderful!

  • Melissa

    I love celeste in brown. These would be so comfy!

  • I like the crocs wake texas, comes in orange only, for obvious reasons! πŸ™‚

  • kim

    the cyprus…. heels on crocs, who would have thunk? I would get it in black/black!

  • crocs Olivia in red… I love red!

  • Dianne

    Gotta have the Bama flip flops…at a great sale price no less! Roll Tide!

  • Lori in IN

    I like the capri suede in brown/pink. I think it would be so nice to have comfortable flip flops. I’ve never owned crocs before and this would be a wonderful treat. πŸ™‚

  • Rachel

    Crocs captiva in white/citrus…they look so comfy!!

  • Carolyn

    I have quite a few pairs of Crocs, and live in all of them. (I even used the gym elliptical trainer today in my Crocs and they worked better than my running shoes – go figure!!) My kids absolutely love them too. That being said, I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to receive a free pair, especially ones that I wouldn’t normally pick up for myself. I love the look of the Malindi Leopard in Gold/Black. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Emily

    I would take the Celeste Canvas in black. πŸ™‚

  • Telisha

    Ohhhh, the pink and green flip flops on the first page have definately caught my eye ;o)!

  • Valarie

    Juneau in Brown. so cute.

  • Carmen

    I like Santa Cruz. I would think I could wear those in White/Canvas to work and be nice and comfortable.

  • Carmen
  • Michelle

    I’d get the Rally crocs in cotton candy color for my daughter. It says they’re the first crocs sneakers- they look so cool!

  • Carol

    I love the prepair slide in cotton candy; cute and yummy!

  • MJ

    I love the Malindas in brown.


  • MJ

    I tweeted!


  • Amanda

    I would love the Olivia in brown!

  • Mary

    I love the Celeste’s in any color – I think I could wear them to work!

  • I love the Celeste Canvas in Chocolate/Cocoa!

  • I love the Olivia in New Gold!

    Thanks for the offfer!

  • I just added the contest to my blog.

  • I just tweeted about the contest!

  • Kristi

    I would love the new Sorbet shoes. I can’t believe how many styles they have. What a hard choice to make. πŸ™‚

  • Shawn M.

    The Celestes are so cute…I just can’t decide on one color!

  • Tyree

    Wow, there really were a LOT of cute new Crocs!!!! I was torn between two. The Baja Crocs in Mango and Canvas were adorable flip flops, but I think the Cypus in Black and Silver would probably win. Who knew HIGH HEELS from Crocs-DOUBLE WOW!!!! I don’t wear high heals very often, but these were so cute and would of course be compfy–they ARE Crocs so that means compfy–YES!!! I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THESE!!!!!!

  • Lori Cartwright

    My whole family loves crocs! I would get the scutes!

  • Fran R.

    The Cyprus in Chocolate/Cotto caught my eye.

  • Michelle Coppola

    I would love to try the Santa Cruz in Canvas! How cute.

  • Becca

    I would have to shop the outlet tab so I could get at least 2 for one. The Kids Black All Terrain for my daughter for our wet weather. I could never own enough flip flops so I’d have to go for Long Brothers in Tan and Ridge in Chocolate. I think….:)

  • sandra rodriguez

    Malindi in cotton candy. So Cute

  • Connie

    I love lots of them, I hadn’t seen most of these new choices, and it is hard to pick just one but if I have to choose one I think I would go for the adara in navy for starters!

  • Fun giveaway and a difficult choice…I like the Women’s Troika in red a whole lot!

  • Carolyn

    The Olivia in brown would be my pick πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    I would love to try the Slingvibe AC in light blue

  • Robin,122 I’m a sucker for Mary Janes – and in bright pink??? red? Oh my! I love these shoes and I love all the colors. πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    I never knew they had so many options. How to choose? I love the Sassari in sea foam and white or the Olivia in New Gold. So many fun options!

  • Tina Middleton

    My husband is really into this new loafer style shoe so I would def. pick the mens santa cruz shoes for him! Hope we win!

  • Trailbreak in Chocolate. . . yum!

  • Elizabeth

    I think I love the pair that you chose! The Crocs Olivia look so adorable!! I was not completely sold on crocs but these look stylish and fun!

  • Deanna

    I would get the Wake flip flops

  • Deanna
  • Deanna
  • Nicole

    I would get the Olivia in black.

  • Tonya

    I love the Cyprus in black of course. I am not ready to take a walk on the wild side and get a different color, yet…..but I would love to have a nice pair to wear to work! Thanks for the giveaway and all of the work that you do.

  • Tammie

    I would love the Oliva in Black – these are cute…. hope they are as comfy as the look.

  • Andrea

    I had no idea Crocs made so many different styles of shoes! I think that the Malindi in Berry would be so cute!!!!! Then of course I would have to pick up the Gabby in neon pink for DD too. Oh, sometimes I just can’t help myself πŸ™‚

  • I love the adara!

  • I tweeted!

  • Joan

    I like the Capris Suede Crocs the best.

  • cindi

    i have been wanting a pair of crocs celeste for the longest time! thanks for the opportunity!

  • Emily

    I like the Malindi Leopard in Gold/Black Leopard!!

  • I would love to try a pair of Crocs Flip flops. The Capri Suede would be my first choice.

  • Adriane

    Just for fun I would choose the Cyprus in Silver/Lavender… they are cute, and so not me… it would be fun to have some excitement in my shoes lol.

  • Nancy

    I would like the olivia in red I think…then again there are just so many to choose from!

  • Kim From KY

    I would love the Oliva in Brown. I love cros!!!!

  • karen

    I’d love the cleo in navy. I just got a pair of “fun” colored ones, bought the maryjane in celery when they had buy one get one 50% off! thanks!

  • Kelly

    patricia in navy/lavender!

  • stephanie

    I have never been able to find a pair of crocs that I was willing to wear, but I love the look of the Cabana in black. Who can pass up a kitten heel flip flop?

  • Julie Shaver

    Wow! I would LOVE a pair of size 6 Pixies in black! I had no idea there were such cute crocs!!!!

    I will put this giveaway on my blog:


  • I don’t own a pair but would like to get one
    and this is the one I would get
    Saffron in black

  • Heather

    What a great giveaway! My son needs a new pair of crocs and I love the Trailbreak Kids in navy! They would be perfect for him!

  • Cathy

    Just bought crocs for my son and he wears them all the time. I would love the Olivia in red also. What an extravagance! Rarely do I get stuff for myself.

  • Gina

    I’d love to get my son a pair of men’s trailblazer in khaki, size 11. He goes through shoe’s so fast anymore, a free pair would be great!

  • I have been wanting to try the celeste style in brown. I also like the capri flip flops! My toddler has 2 pair of the mary jane style and asks to wear her “croc shoes” everyday!

  • I added your giveaway on the right sidebar of my blog!

  • Nikki D

    How strange to be thinking about boots when it’s almost the 4th of July! But I (like you) rarely treat myself to anything when I have three kids who outgrow their shoes so fast. But I fell for the Nadia boots in Khaki. It would be great to replace my old pair!

  • I’ll take the Malindi’s in brown please!

  • Candy

    I would choose the Olivia in Brown. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • I added this giveaway to my blog!

  • J&R

    I have never worn Crocs but I hear they are really comfortable. Someone recommended them to me recently as we are going to be traveling to Ethiopia to pick up our son during the “rainy season.” I think it would be neat to get some extra pairs when they are marked down for the kids in the orphanages/ on the streets. Many are barefoot.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Joan Callaway

    Malindi in navy…I think.

  • Patty

    I love the Malindi Leopard shoes! A cheetah loving woman can never have too many cheetah accessories! Oh, and the Sassari ones are daling and practical. (Fingers crossed I can win one of these beauts!)

  • Chrissy

    I’d like to get some navy caymans for my boys! Thanks!

  • Laura

    I like the Adara style in navy/light blue. I didn’t realize they had so many styles. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Amber

    I just got a new niece named Olivia so a red pair of Olivia’s would be perfect! How cute!

  • Julia B

    Oh I would definitely go for the Trailbreak in Chocolate. I love Crocs – it’s all I wear. Even to church! LOL

  • megan

    I love the malindi in turquoise. They look fun!

  • Rinnie

    The Ginger in black. I could wear it to work (I’m a Nurse Practitioner) and also just around for fun.

  • I love the Capri Suede in Chocolate/Cottoncandy

  • I would LOVE the celeste canvas in chocolate/choc – they are Super Cute!!

  • I love the Audrey in pink…but the celeste in brown is also right up my ally. Did not know crocs came in all those fun colors!

  • I really like malindi in navy and the Santa Cruz in white! I had no idea crocs had so many different styles and colors! They need to put more of them in stores!

  • Sarah Beth

    I would get the brown Olivia. how cute!

  • Sarah Beth

    posted your giveaway on Twitter

  • Sarah Beth

    Posted this giveaway on Facebook

  • I love the Crocs Patra in the White and celery – too cute for summer!!

  • Lea

    I posted a link on Facebook!

  • Katie

    I would get the Olivia in red too! So cute!

  • Misty

    I’d get the trail break in black. Too cool.

  • lori sifuentes

    I would love Patricia in pink. Thanks!

  • Patty

    I would get a pair of patricia in navy/lavender. They look cute!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Katie

    posted this giveaway in my status on Facebook!

  • Katie

    I twittered too! Latest: Crocs gift cert giveaway! less than 5 seconds ago

  • Margie

    I’m with you, I love the Malindi and Olivia styles!!!

  • Celeste

    I actually like the Celeste ones that you have posted. They look so comfy and they share my name. Also the Olivia ones share my daughter’s name.

  • Joy

    I have wanted a pair of Mary Janes in red or black ever since they came out!

  • Joy

    I tweeted!

  • Joy

    I also posted on facebook!

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  • I’d pick the Ginger style in black…very cute!!

  • Melanie

    I really like the Trail Break shoes for my daughter!

  • Melanie

    I subscribe.

  • Dapland

    I initially said the black in olivia, but that’s me thinking they’d go with everything. But if they’re free, then definately red!!

  • Jena

    I love the Olivia in black or maybe if i’m brave enough red!

  • Julie

    I would get the Malindi in Cotton Candy. or Silver. or Navy. I can’t decide! I have the Mary Jane style and I love them. I would love to try another style! What a fun give away!

  • Monica

    I am a flip flop type of girl. I would try the captiva in white and jade.

  • Dean

    I would love to treat my wife to the Tracks Red/White. Her favorite color is red!

  • Aidan

    I would like the Honey Flip-Flops in chocolate. They would go with pretty much everything I wear.

  • Caroline

    I’d love the Cyprus in black – dressy enough for work yet must be super comfy as all Crocs are!

  • Izzy

    I would go for the Ginger in black, very cute. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • kristin w

    Malindi in black. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Heather

    Mammoth – When I gets cold I need some slip ones to wear to take the dog out. Bought some knock offs last year. So not worth it. Go for the original!

  • I just got my first pair of Crocs (they’re Mary Janes), and they’re so comfortable! If I won this gift certificate, I’d probably get Cyprus in black/silver.

  • ellen

    I’m going to get the women’s cyprus for my MIL. She injured her toe and had a surgery, she is looking for a lightweight sandals and this would be perfect.

  • Heather

    Prepair Flip in Pink. I just started running and am looking forward to my first 5k in September. These would be great to wear after the race.

  • Heather

    Pixie in Black. I hate high heels but love the way they look. They always make my feet hurt. Hopefully Crocs can put an end to that problem.

  • TLCannon

    I would buy any style in hot pink for my daughter

  • Colleen

    I would love the Olivia in black! I have about a dozen pairs of traditional crocs, flop flops and mammoths…but I have never tried any of their flats. I would love to!

  • CandaceT

    I’d choose Pixie in gold. I need more shoes for work than anything else. Thanks for offering this!

  • Kelly A

    I love the Mary Jane’s in Ruby Red!!!

  • Leanne

    I would go with the Cyprus in either silver/black or berry/berry!

  • Aimee

    I would love to order the Sporty Adara in chocolate/celery. I’ve been eying these since your previous posts about Crocs, and can’t seem to find them in any stores. Thanks for the chance!

  • lisa

    I would love to order the Capri Suede flip flops in light blue with walnut, they look awesome!!! Thank you!!!

  • darci

    The Capri Suede in chocolate/cotto is just my style! Thanks!

  • Amanda

    I would love to have the Capri Suede in black. I have purchased a pair of the original flip flops a couple of years ago and I LOVE them! I’ve almost worn the bottoms out and will need to replace them by the end of the summer! I also have a pair of clogs that are worn out. I wore them constantly when I lived closer to the beach.

  • Carollyne

    Cyprus in Bronze look AWESOME! I can’t believe all the Crocs there are now… wow wow.

  • I couldn’t make up my mind between the Olivia in the red or the Celeste Canvas in the navy/dark denim. Then I checked the sizes out and wouldn’t you know it. They don’t have my size in the Celeste so my choice would be the Olivia in red.

  • Kristina

    We have such similar tastes! I liked all of the ones that you mentioned, but then I saw the Nanook and fell in love!! I’d probably get brown and then maybe another fun color!

  • Capri Suede! Black and white one.

  • SmlTwnLdy

    womens santa cruz in navy. i like it!

  • I like the Patricia in pink! thanks for the chance!

  • beths

    I heart the red maryjanes (don’t like straps behind my heels)

  • Adrian

    I like the rx cloud ones-cute medical shoes.

  • I love the Positano and since they are on sale I would apply the GC toward those.

  • Nicole O. D.

    Okay, so way too difficult! My favorite color is orange, so I was drawn towards the adorable Malindi in Mango. However, with 5 kids, 3 dogs, and foster dogs in and out- I thought that the Trailbreak in Khaki would better fit my lifestyle. We live in the boonies of RI and are always walking dogs, walking trails to fishing spots in the woods or on the local town beach. My feet are on the go 18 hours a day. You can relate- with you little guy and one on the way! So, despite the fact that I love the Mango Malindi, I would wear the Khaki Trailbreak every single day! Case closed.

  • Wow, I have to pick one?!?!
    Let me see… I really like the Patricia in pink but the adara in black is lovely as well!!

  • Posted to Twitter! Yippee! Now as a reminder, that is the Trailbreak in Khaki- lol!

  • Almira M

    Just wore my FSU Athens flipflops for the first time today and they were so comfortable and perfect for summer. So the thought of having wedges this comfortable?? That’s a no-brainer. I am totally coveting the Havana in Berry/Pearl.

  • I posted this on my Facebook page – Bloggy Finds

    jeanilynne at gmail dot com

  • Della Cass

    I love the ace boating crocs! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  • I liked the Ginger. I really liked the look of that shoe and I love how these shoes have that knobby bottom that feels good on my post surgery feet.

  • Rick Weitzel

    I love the look and idea of the Trailbreak. Most Crocs are too floppy on my skinny foot. These appear like I could tighten them up. If I win, I think I will get the light grey ones. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • I would get the Alice in red! I am a nurse and really need new shoes!

  • I also posted the contest on my blog!

  • Nancy Weitzel

    Thanks for giving us so many great opportunities to try new fun things! I love the idea of the Golf AC 3. I’m not a golfer, but a Croc tennis shoe – cool! Lite blue and white is my favorite color.

  • Lynn

    “Patricia” has my name written all over it! Who would of thought that this type of shoe could be so comfortable and feminine too!
    My family thought I was crazy when I wore the lined crocs for winter….but oh so comfortable!
    I will leave you with this:

  • Misty Weitzel

    Wow, Crocs makes so many fun shoes. I think if I win I’m going to try a pair of Axel’s from the outlet in Pearl, but in addition to that I love the idea of the croslite insoles. They come in silver, silver or silver; so I think I’ll try silver! Thanks for everything that you do!

  • Lynn Paulitzky

    IF you select me to receive these beautiful crocs
    I would promise to wear them around the clock
    What color to pick oh what should I do,
    I love to wear jeans so they have to be blue
    “Patricia” would look great with my manicured toes
    and the shoe is so soft I would have no feet woes
    I hope that you pick me, I certainly do
    Because the croc is my most favorite shoe!



  • Roseanne

    Thanks for the giveaway. I don’t own a pair of crocs but “Patricia” in silver are calling my name. So, I’ll be like Donkey in Shrek and say, “Oooohh, oooohh, oooohh! Pick me, pick me!”

  • Dee

    Definitely the black woolly mammoths!

  • Lisa Marie

    I don’t own a pair of Crocs, but I think the Baja in Mango looks fun!

  • Nathalie

    It would so have to be the “Malindi” in Berry, Cotton Candy, Mango, or Pulse! Lol, can you tell that I love shoes! I miss my old pair of crocs, I so completely wore them out, but they cost so much, I don’t get to buy them anymore. Oh well! Have a great day!

  • Karen R

    I love the Sorbet in Charcoal Snake.

  • I’m going for the Celeste Canvas in Chocolate/Choco!

  • Holly Horton

    Olivia in brown/brown size w8 please πŸ™‚

  • Holly Horton

    posted to my facebook! Olivia brown/brown size w8 :0)

  • Holly Horton

    Olivia brown/brown size w8 πŸ™‚

  • Holly Horton

    Olivia brown/brown size w8 thanks πŸ™‚

  • Dana L

    I LOVE CROCS!!! My husband bought a pair of Cayman’s for me a few years ago and now my kids are big enough to wear them! I would like a more girly pair! I would love to have a Dark Purple/Natural pair of Rio’s.

  • Kirsten

    I am a first grade teacher and busy mom of 4 girls, and the Olivias look like they would be cute and comfy for teaching and all of the in and out of the car that comes with schlepping my kids places. Probably brown or black would be best. My second choice is Saffrons in black.

  • Laura

    I love the Crocs Wave for kids; however, I wish they had the heel strap like some of the other Crocs do – they would never stay on my 2-year-old’s foot otherwise! For me, I love the Crocs Malindi in berry – though knowing me, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to wear such a bright color and so I’d probably be better off buying them in black.

  • audrey w

    i would actually get the Olivia in Red. red in my fave color. i don’t have a pair of red shoes though. and i love the olivia style. super cute. plus, i’m pregnant & i know they would be good to me!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Shawna B

    Okay, I am a total Croc freak! My entire family is. My favs are my Mammoths but would love to have COMFORTABLE dress shoes. The ones I LOVE are the Algarve in Fuchsia. They are regulare $150 though but are now on sale so, if I won, that gift certificate would go a long way. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

    – Shawna

  • Loo

    I volunteer in a prison, and I’m required to wear shoes with a back. Running shoes and other closed shoes are too hot to wear all day, so I have a pair of Crocs that are ideal. Cool, comfortable and loose, but meet the safety requirements. I’d love another pair – the red Olivias would add some brightness as I work in that sometimes dismal place.

  • Rebecca

    I would love the Patricia for everyday (esp the cotton candy/pearl combo), but I need a new pair of shoes for work (I’m a nurse) and the Saffron in white are calling my name.

  • Jessica

    I also didn’t realize how many designs of Crocs there where!!! I am confused if the Bite Tracks are Crocs, I would love a pair in lime. If they are a different brand then I’d also love to try the Croc Trailbreaks in Chocolate! How fun!

  • jessica wood

    I love crocs and would have a hard time deciding but I really liked the capri canvas!

  • Paula

    I love the Prepair in Red! Love crocs, thanks! I read your website every single day.

  • Terri

    I love the Malindi’s in Navy. I love Crocs. They are so comfortable. Thank you for the giveaway. I visit your website everyday.

  • They’re awesome-I love the black/white Sassari – thanks!

  • I would have to go for the Captiva flip flop in white/citrus.

  • Melanie

    I’d use the certificate on a pair of Pixie strappy heels or perhaps a pair of Patricia sandals. Not your typical old crocs!

  • Melissa

    Croc saffron in black…

  • I can’t believe that there are HIGH-HEELED CROCS! WOW! I want a pair of YOU Positano heels! LOVE them:)

  • Chris Osberg

    I would choose the Santa Cruz in White/Canvas. I didn’t know they made these!

  • Marie

    I am being selfish and want some for me! I love the Celest in chocolate and cocoa. I work in health care and these would be perfect because they are closed toe and back! Yay, I love meeting dress code!

  • Sue D

    I like the chocolate/khaki cleo.

  • krissy miner

    i would get the adara sandal, brown with cotton candy on the inside. i love them!

  • krissy miner

    put it on my facebook

  • Lana

    I like the patricia in brown.

  • Lana

    I subscribe.

  • DanielleCorrelle

    The Olivia is cute!! I had no idea they had such a selection. I saw a lot that I liked, but I really really want a pair of Mary Jane’s in chocolate…for yard work and gardening.

  • Kristen

    I love the Olivia shoe in black.

  • Melissa

    I have always thought the original Crocs were ugly, but I’ve been looking at their sandals and there are a couple of pair I would like to try.

    I like the looks of the Capri Suede because I thought they would be soft between my toes. I would have to go chocolate/sea foam for these.

    I also like the criss cross effect on the Adara. I would have to go with the navy/light blue on these.

  • Seriously, I had NO idea that Crocs offered such a wide variety of shoes. They have HEELS???? Super cool. I think I’d get *Crema* or maybe *Lena*.

  • I’ve never owned any crocs but would LOVE to try them. I love the Olivia style and also the new Lily LJ Plaid…SO CUTE!

  • Sandy

    Oh I love the Cypress in black in a size 10! big feet! haha

  • Sandy

    Shared on facebook

  • Carrie P

    They make high heeled shoes?!? The Crema sounded wonderful to wear to work – which color?? I liked all three, how is a girl to decide?

  • Carrie P

    Also – shared with friends on facebook

  • Nancy

    Wow what a variety. I like the Patricia style ANY color size 8. It looks comfy and cool. I could really use these for my trip to Florida the end of July.

  • Nancy

    I “Facebook”-ed it!

  • nina

    never tried crocs but being a teacher with heel pain.. I might just have to check them out. I like the rx medical silver fox in black.

  • I LOVE either the Malindi’s in Berry or the Olivia in Ultraviolet. If only they had the Malindi’s in Ultraviolet i wouldn’t have such a tough time choosing!

  • loretha h.

    Thanks for this opportunity esp. my 3 year old daughter LOVES Crocs! When I bought a pair of neon pink maryjanes for her 2 months ago—she won’t wear anything else. i would love to win and surprise her with another pair in a neon pink. Either the Gabby or Electo in a size child 7. thank you so much!

  • Renee Evenson

    Oh, my gosh! I need a pair of the cotton candy pink Patricia sandals. They are so cute I might have to buy 2 pairs!!

  • loretha h.

    would like to win this for my child—wb batman in a black/yellow c8/9. thank you!

  • Barbara

    Hands down we would love the Malindi Crocs in Turquoise… actually my 13 year old daughter would, she’s had her eye on them for a while!
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  • Shea Blackston

    I am in love with all the new croc styles. I work in cosmetics and pass a kiosk with crocs everyday. I have been eyeing your new styles…and would love to try a pair for free! I would choose the “Melindi” in black for work. Thanks Crocs!

  • mommy308

    I honestly didn’t know crocs had such a wide variety of shoes! And if I had to pick one pair I would have to get the girls rally sneakers in ultraviolet/lavender for my youngest daughter so she wouldn’t feel left out when we go school shopping for the older two. And if I had to pick a pair for me I would get the Lily LJ plaid in bubblegum/chocolate. A little funky,but they are so cute.

  • Diana

    I would just get the Caymans in pink. I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs before.

  • Sharon Ressler

    I LOVE Crocs. I would just love a pair of Scutes in Navy/Peral. Thanks for the chance.

  • Karen

    I would love the patra sandles..cute for summer

  • Cecilia Holmes

    I love the Crete flip flops in Khaki and Sienna.

  • Cecilia Holmes
  • Well, I can’t wear them b/c I had an amputation a few years ago but I would LOVE to win the Men’s Santa Cruz in Khaki for my dad. He works a lot so he needs some comfy shoes for when he’s not working.

  • gwen

    The Malindi in Pulse would be my summer fav! Thanks.

  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach crocs in mango! my family won’t let me purchase these for myself, but if i got a gift card, they couldn’t say no! i am an avid DIY gardener and have a precious courtyard (see pictures here: and i would LOVE a pair of crocs for my gardening hobby! I have posted a link to this giveaway on my facebook status too!

  • i posted a link on my facebook! i want the Beach crocs in Mango! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • I posted a link on my facebook, would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beach crocs in Mango!


  • I’d like to try the Celeste or the Olivia in (boring but classic) black. I also love the new Lily LJ in black/white plaid. Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  • michelle rosborough

    I like the Trailbreak in chocolate

  • michelle rosborough
  • michelle rosborough
  • Melanie

    I love those Malindi’s. Cute. Don’t know what color. I had no idea they had so many CUTE shoes. WOW!

  • CourtneyK

    I would get the Capri Suede in the light blue.

    I know they are just flip flops (I live in flip flops during the summer)but I tried these on when I was on vacation and they were the most comfy shoes I’ve ever put my feet in. I had already spent my alloted trip money and was really depressed when I had to put them back on the rack.

  • I would have to do the Olivia in Red too! Love it! Of course with this I could probably get two pairs in different colors! πŸ™‚

  • I tweeted about it!! MomMakesCents

  • Karla Sheeley

    The Cleo in Chocolate/Cotto looks like the shoe for me. I have never had a pair of crocs, but love a comfortable shoe.

  • Karla Sheeley

    My daughters would love the Mickey Mouse Crocs.

  • Karla Sheeley

    The Audrey is darling in Black/White. How cute!

  • Christina A

    I would so love to rock out the Olivia in Red.

  • Karla Sheeley

    Rio in red, oh please oh please!

  • I already own five pairs of crocs in different styles πŸ™‚

    I’m eyeing the Trailbreak in Light Grey/berry. So fun looking!! Then again, my standard Beach crocs are well worn out…hmmmm

  • Entry #2 – Facebook

  • Entry #3 – blog

  • Entry #4 – Twitter

  • Sara

    I liked a lot of them, but the olivia in red would be great. I can’t resist red!

  • I posted my first entry on my blog – I’m excited, as I have to admit that I bought my first pair of crocs this past weekend! I’m soooo way behind the times. But I lurve my Cleos and would love to have another pair!

  • Second entry on facebook. I would love a pair of Cleos in black and charchoal size 10… and then my life would be complete… *sigh*….

  • Chrissy

    I love the Sorbet in Charcoal Snake. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I never would have known that Crocs have such nice looking shoes!

  • Glenda

    I’ve got to go with the Olivia in red. They are darling!

  • Alli

    I like the Capri Suede in brown!!

  • ok…there are waaaaaay waaaaay waaaaay too many cute ones to chose from, but i think off the cuff: the Olivia in Brown – but that is only choice one πŸ™‚


    WOW! I would love the celeste canvas in navy! So cute!

  • tweeted πŸ™‚

  • Tracy Dunglinson

    You picked a winner with the Olivia. I’d get the Olivia in ultraviolet AND the red! So affordable, good for a new mom who is new to the playground scene…and did i mention cute?

  • Heather

    I love the cyprus. I always thought crocs were so ugly until I looked at this site, they sure have come out with some cute styles. I would love to try them.

  • Carol

    I’d love the Celeste Canvas in black. They’d be great when I’m on my feet all day teaching!

  • Charlene

    I would love to have a pair of RX Cloud clogs in black. My feet are very sensitive due to my diabetes….these sound perfect to ease the pain.

  • Sherri

    I would love a pair of cotton candy colored Patricia’s. Cool! I have diabetes and I’m a teacher. Croc’s are the best!

  • kindra

    Wow I didn’t know Crocs made other styles. I like the Berry Nadia boots… perfect for the cold winters!

  • aunttammie

    Celeste in Black!

  • Tammy

    LOVE the Capri Suede Crocs in chocolate/cotto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fran

    Wow, this is too funny. I got 2 pair of faux crocs at Walmart for $1.00 each…even got hubby a pair for $1.00. These are way nicer. It would be great to be able to use that gift card on either the Prepair Clog, the Olivia, or the Malindi, but don’t hold me to this…a girl can change her mind. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I’m a flip flop girl. I like the Athens in Chocolate/light blue.

  • Tricia Aynes

    I would LOVE to have a pair of the Celeste Canvas Crocs in Pearl/White. I am on my feet all day and would experience comfort along with style if I had a pair of these!

  • Pam

    The red Olivia Crocs caught my eye immediately! My birthday is next week, and what would make me feel more special than shoes with a little bling! I’d be some “hip” grandma!

  • Tena

    I love the Cyprus crocs in black/black! They are nice enough to wear to work!

  • Sarah A.

    I love the Malindi and Mary Janes, but don’t know what color yet because there are so many to choose.

  • Rochelle

    I’d love to win the Malindi in black! Thanks!

  • Terry

    I would love a pair of Malinda in black. I know that is not an exciting color but my daughter really needs a pair to wear at work. Her feet are dying in her current cheap shoes and she must have ones appropriate for the office.

  • Lisa

    I would love the Capris in black. I have them in brown and LOVE them!

  • Shalah

    Thanks for the chance to win! I have a pair of Crocs flip-flops (received them as a gift) and I love them! It would be wonderful to have a pair of Celeste in Chocolate Choco (not a very exciting color, I know, but then I could wear Crocs to work!).
    Thanks again!

  • Kathleen

    I am partial to the Olivia in Brown. I’d like to go with a crazy color but my practical side says brown goes with everything!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Definitely the Slingvibe AC. I had NO IDEA that Crocs made shoes like this!

  • Whitney Hull

    I would get Olivia in Ultraviolet! Purple is my favorite color, and crocs are super comfy!! I would wear these to work in the dental office! How fun!

  • Adrianna

    I like the “nanook” in gold the best. I do love gold, especially on my feet! The “nadia” also caught my eye. I haven’t had a pair of boots in a long time and they’d be fun to give a whirl

  • Erin

    I think I’d get the Lena in black.

  • Erin

    I shared this one facebook.

  • Karen Smith

    I would order a nanook pair to compliment my 3 pr. of mary janes and one pair of beach shoes!

  • Sherri

    I love the Melindi Leopard – too cute!

  • Tessa

    I think I’d get the Malindi in Berry. They are super cute!

  • What a great giveaway. I would get my son the Disney/Pixar wall-e kids cayman

  • Suz

    My favorites are the Malindis in leopard! They don’t even look like Crocs!

  • The Lily lj in the black & white plaid are really cute!

  • kate

    I love the capri suede in Chocolate/sea foam. They would look great when I wear my chocolate capris. Having been an elem. teacher for 26 years, I am forever on the lookout for comfy shoes. This summer I am teaching summer school for rising second graders and NEED some comfy CROCS. Doubley so for I am runnning after two 3 year olds and a 5 year old as well…a gift certificate would make it possible for me to have CROCS of my own. I would LOVE it!!!

  • I’d love to get some Cleos in black/lavender!! They are the cutest!! Thanks!

  • I would get the Athens in Light Blue / Pear to replace my current very sad pair in black.