Fun Giveaway: Huggies and Juicy Juice Prize Pack


If you don’t live in Wisconsin then let me tell you something, winters here are LONG.  Coming from the tropics, for me the winters are almost too long.  But it is around this time, long after the snow has melted and the April showers are beginning to green the grass and bulbs begin to flower, that I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Even my 4 year old is sensing the improvement in the weather and has already asked to go back to his swimming classes.  This year I am particularly excited because my toddler is old enough to start the classes too.  He is a fun kid and I know he will have a blast in the Mommy and Me swim classes.

Packing for the pool is a bit hectic though.  At least my oldest is now completely potty trained, so I will only have one in swim diapers.  But besides swim suits or swim diapers there are many other things I make sure are alwaysin my pool bag: sunscreen, wipes to clean messes, liquids to keep them hydrated and sunglasses and hat for me.  Huggies and Juicy Juice have created a fun game on the Walmart website to help you pack your pool bag and make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials.


The best part is that Huggies Little Swimmers and Nestle Juicy Juice are giving one bag to giveaway on my blog.  This Prize Pack has an estimated value of $100.  To get an idea of what’s included in this prize pack check out the Dive Into Summer Page.  But with brands like Huggies Little Swimmers and Nestly Juicy Juice  you know you are only the best.

To enter this giveaway all you need to do is:

  • Leave me a comment sharing how you keep yourself and your kids cool and protected from the sun in the summer.

This way you can earn up to five entries. Each entry must be made on a separate comment as each comment is considered a single entry. Please remember to leave your name and email address in your entry. I need to have a way to contact the winner. Entries with no contact information will be considered invalid.

This giveaway ends Wednesday May 20th at 9 PM CST. At that time I will select one winner at random using The winners will be contacted and will be given 48 hrs to contact me back with their mailing address. If I don’t hear back after that period of time I will select another winner randomly.  U.S. addresses only please.

Good luck!

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  • lora

    I love putting hats on my 5 month old twins. They are stylish…cute….& keep them protected! We also try to stay in the shade whenever possible.

  • Tassie

    We uses tons of sunscreen. I also always make sure to pack fozen bottles of water if I know we are going to be out all day.

  • Kristy

    Would love to win My kids love to swim and so do i thanks

  • Kerri

    Great give away! Hats all the way. We always wear hats in the summer when we are outside to keep the sun off our faces.

  • Shannon Lingg

    We keep cool with a a large blow up water slide in our yard. The kids Love it. Of course, we use a lot of sunscreen throughout the summer.

  • Julie

    We have the most fun with a little splasher pool and buckets and buckets and buckets of water.
    julieadp at gmail

  • Tiffany

    A garden hose and sunscreen!=)

  • lots of sunscreen. I’m also not gonna have him outside without a shirt…even in the pool. I’d never forgive myself if he got a sunburn! Might even put something over the pool (kiddy pool) he’s only 10 months old right now….no way I want him burnt!

  • Rebecca

    I always put the waterproof hats on the little ones. Our kids are super light, so they burn fairly easily! Lots of sunscreen is a must!

  • Amaree

    This sounds like a pretty good givaway, especially with the summer heat coming (even if, like you, I love up North and summer comes late and never stays long!) Enter me too please! Sunscreen is used frequently, especially since sunburns this north are common. I also like little hats, and those water mist fans!

  • This is my first summer with a baby, so I plan on getting a baby pool, lobbing on the sunscreen and eating some Rita’s WaterIce. Oh, and the baby can come into the pool too.

  • Lindsey

    WE LOVE to have water fights! and take naps under trees!

  • michelle rosborough

    We stay cool at shopping mall and amusement parks

  • Lindsay

    I live in Vegas…so it gets H-O-T here (it already is in the 90s!). We keep cool going to the pool, taking advantage of the local rec centers, visiting parks with water features, and (our favorite) devouring popsicles!

  • michelle rosborough

    Just posted on my facebook page

  • michelle rosborough
  • Lucky for us we live close to the beach so we spend a lot of time there. I make sure we all put on sunscreen prior to heading to the beach. The boys also were uv protected rash guards so their torso and arms are protected.

  • Allyson

    We live in Texas where it gets super duper hot. Luckily we live close to a lake so we do a lot of swimming, wear lots of big hats & lot’s of sunscreen. We also drink A LOT of juice & water & lemonaide throughout the summer months.

  • Alicia

    The pool and big ol sippy bottles of crystal light.

  • Twittered – mommyjen99

  • Alicia

    Shared on facebook. Stay cool and thanks 🙂

  • theresa G

    Lots of sunscreen and the kids love their kiddie pool to stay cool!

  • Marcia

    My inlaws have a pool so we are always swimming!!!!

  • Michelle

    I’m in the Chicago area, so yes, Winter has been long. In the summer, we stay in the shade, and wear sunscreen if we’re in the sun. Cool prize- thanks.

  • Heather

    We go on walks early in the morning before it’s too hot, then play inside until the late afternoon when the back patio is in the shade. Then my son loves to splash in his little bucket of water.

  • Chrissy

    To keep cool on the hottest days, we go to the pool or the lake. To stay protected from the sun, we wear aqua shirts and reapply sunscreen so often that we glisten!

  • Courtney

    That is a great giveaway! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  • We stay cool and protected with lots of water and sunscreen!

  • Brittany

    I lather my kids in sunblock of at least SPF 35 and my sunblock always has at least 3% zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

  • Karah

    My whole family has really fair skin so we use LOTS of sunscreen and hats and plan sun-exposed activities in the morning or evening whenever possible. Thankfully we also live in an area with a LOT of trees for good shade in the middle of the day too.

  • Kathryn

    We love summer after a long winter! We make sure to pack lots of sunscreen for my fair children and snacks, juice boxes, water, hats for everyone, and blankets to help keep cool in the summer!

  • Bree T.

    We always put on suntan lotion before we put on bathing suits, so it’s not as messy. Also, we wear sunglasses and hats when we’re playing outside!

  • Lori Cartwright

    I would love to win this. We all LOVE to swim to keep cool in the hot summers here in TN.

  • Alma Ambrosio

    Great Give away!!! Summer are a bit longer in TX so we love to go to the pool and bake in the sun…We stay cool by using all kinds of fun hats!!!

  • colleen

    my daughter loves the water! and popsicles 🙂

  • Julie

    what a great give away! we’re hoping to spend a lot of time at the beach this summer. my (VERY fair skinned) kids wear hats and sunscreen all the time, and rash guards/swim shirts for swimming or playing in the water. it really helps!

  • I can’t wait for summer either!

  • Angela

    We do many things to stay cool and safe in the summer. We always use sunscreen (and to the annoyance of my kids, we reapply often). We also love to go to the pool. We also make sure we drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. If we are getting “too hot” and the pool/sprinkler isn’t cutting it for us, we go inside to rest. We don’t stay out (unless in water) when it gets up there temperature wise.

  • kristern

    how do I keep the kids cool…well your giveaway would help! lol seriously, lots of cold drinks and icies, a baby pool. picking veggies from the garden with the sprinklers on…if all else fails good old trip to the mall in the ac always cools them down for a bit

  • Laurie

    sunscreen, sunscreen, SUNSCREEN!!! 🙂

  • Megan

    We use sunscreen and we also wear swim shirts.

  • Loads of sunscreen, hats & plain old H2O


  • Megan

    We use sunscreen and we also wear swim shirts.
    We love hanging out in the pool.

  • We stay cool by playing in the yard, which is completed shaded in back. I love tall trees!

  • Lots of sunscreen!!!
    And there’s usually a pool nearby on a really hot day!

    Emily McFadden

  • sunscreen and lots of it. my kids are in the water so much I’m surprised they haven’t developed gills by now

  • I just Facebooked it! (I don’t know how to link proof, is it on the honor system?)

    Emily McFadden

  • Deanna

    we live near lake so we are there alot or in the pool! Sunscreen and a hat if needed!

  • Deanna

    i forgot my email in my last post

    we are either at the lake or in the poo to stay cool. We use sunscreen and hats if needed!

    Can u delete my first one? Sorry!

  • stacie

    Firstly and mostly importantly I use kids sunscreen by coppertone. The waterproof kind. We spend our days alot at the beach, walking at the wild life sanctuary, Bay Beach… always make sure we drink alot of fluid when we are out on hot days. Find shade if we need too.

  • Jen

    Lots and lots of sunscreen. I also remind the kids to re-apply so it doesn’t wear off.

  • edi

    When it’s really hot, the kids wear their rash guards top – this is the same type shirt that surfers wear.

  • Kara Potts

    I make sure I have hats & sunscreen stashed in the car and stroller and make sure there is always water and juice chilling in the fridge. Soon, I’ll be putting a cooler in the car, so that even when we take short trips, I can throw in some ice packs and cold water to keep us cool and hydrated.

  • Tanya

    I get a blow up pool and fill it in my garage. The kids stay out of the sun and have a blast getting wet. My garage floor stays clean all summer long! As an added treat I let them have freezer pops in the pool. Less mess and my kids think I am a totally cool mom!

  • Jem

    I use lots of sunscreen when we go out. Also, I take my son out for a walk early in the morning or later during the day when the sun’s rays are not at their strongest.

  • Lisa Thomas

    I use a blow up pool all summer with lots of sunscreen and big hats for protection. Also, lots and lots of water!

  • stacie
  • Erin

    We spend a lot of summer days at Elkhart Lake. I grew up swimming there all sumemr and my kdis love it too. We always get there right when they open to ensure a table in the shade. I always slather the kids and myself with sunscreen before we leave home so that they can jump right in the water when we get there. I love summer days at Elkhart!

  • stacie

    I also posted on facebook as Stacie Lewin

  • Laurie

    Sunsreen, plenty of water to drink, and my daughters favorite: frozen bananas on a stick 🙂

  • stacie

    I face booked it Stacie Lewin

  • Faith

    My children love to just turn on the hose in the back yard and spray each other – spray down the slide – play with water guns, etc.

    We keep the sunscreen handy.

  • Jenny
    Hats, sunblock and lots of it! We live in Nevada where it’s very very hot!! I have swim shirts for my kids too.

  • we have several inflatable pools and as soon as the kids are awake, they are ready to head out. we have one at the bottom of the slide and one that sprinkles. they play out there for hours!

  • Jenny
    I facebooked it!

  • Leigh Sabey

    This will be the first summer that my one-year-old will be going to the pool, so I’m sure we’ll pack a sunhat, sunscreen, lots of juice and snacks, and stick to the shade as much as possible.

  • Jenny
  • Hilary

    Our pool, sprinkler, and a water table help keep us cool! Ice cream is a nice treat. For protection, we use tons of sunscreen, hats, and rash guard bathing suits.
    Hilary (

  • Hilary

    Just shared the giveaway on my Facebook page! Thanks!!
    Hilary (

  • Elizabeth Rehn

    This would be so nice. I have 2 in swim diapers.

  • Brad

    We love to swim EVERY day. It’s already 98 degrees in Nevada.

  • Elizabeth Rehn

    I just shared this on facebook.

  • Danna

    We carry lots of sunscreen and lots of juicy juice!!

  • Merrilee

    sunscreen, squirt guns (3 boys!), popsicles!

  • Stephanie T

    My kids stay cool and protected with a umbrella-covered sand and water table, sunscreen, cool shades, and my son’s favorite Elmo hat. Would love to win this giveaway!!!

  • Jana

    My girls and I try to stay in the shade.

  • Tricia A

    We use SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, and more SUNSCREEN!!! I also bought my little man the matching swim shirt with his swim trunks from Old Navy!!! It keeps him covered but he doesn’t get overheated.

  • Alan Brown

    I keep my family cool by playing at the parks with big trees that offer a lot of shade. Around here there is easily a 10 degree difference between shaded and unshaded parks. We also love to play in water. We use sprinklers, slip and slides, and pools. City pools around here have awesome kid sections with water slides, showers, and squirty thingies. Though we enjoy the outdoors, the sun is intense, so we wear light colored clothes and use plenty of sunscreen. The most important thing to remember in regards to sunscreen is to apply regularly. Have a great summer everybody!!!!

  • Leilani

    Looks like a fun pack. Thanks!

  • Leilani

    Sorry, forgot about the keeping cool tip. We use sunscreen and try to keep in the shade.

  • Courtney

    My family also lives in Wisconsin and are very excited to spend some time in Northern WI (up north). My family all has fair skin so sun block is extremely important especially when we are on the water! Can’t wait for it to warm up more:)

  • Elena

    We live in Miami, so all year long seems like summer!! We use alot of sunscreen spf 50 or higher and try to keep our hats on since my 15 month old tries to take it off at times 🙂 This is awesome giveaway!!! Keep up the great work you do for all of us!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline Baxter

    My girls & I spend our time at our local YMCA pool. We wear hats, sunscreen, drink alot of water, & eat a ton of popsicles.

  • My baby loves to swim. We swim all summer long! We make sure we use all sorts of sunscreen and hats to keep the sun off of my baby. 😀

  • bec

    I would love to win. We run through the sprinklers

  • Jennifer

    Sunhats, sunglasses, running through the sprinkler, and ice cream!! Looks like a fun bag! Thanks!


    sunscreen and big, floppy hats.


  • Amy Smith

    We pick fresh blueberries every year and I freeze about 6lbs of them and when the days get hot I add some strawberries, bannanas, and frozen berries with some milk into the blender this drink cools everyone off!! The healthy way to stay cool!

  • I always get all of my kids a little fan that they wear around their neck.

  • Mara

    We belog to the neighborhood pool 6 houses away! The little one wears a hat and we all wear lots of sunscreen!

  • Mara

    We belong to the neighborhood pool 6 houses away! The little one wears a hat and we all wear lots of sunscreen!

  • Jill

    I use a hat to keep my baby protected.

  • Sharon

    We live in Texas and it seems like summer is all year long. LOTS OF SUNSCREEN. We have a swimming pool in the back for the kids to play in and our dogs take advantage of it too. The great thing is that we have a big tree in the back that provides shade for the kids and dogs while swimming.

  • Tricia Johnson

    Sunscreen, water guns (I have two boys!), water hose, and lots of water and juice to drink!

  • Courtney

    We also live in Wisconsin and love going up north. My family is very fair skinned so sun block is very important and a must for our bag. Can not wait for the weather to get warm to get out on the water. Have a great day.

  • Maria

    We love to hang out at the beach, but we don’t get there as often as we’d like. Hats are a must when outside, and sunglasses, too. We have lots of shade on our yard, so being outside isn’t so brutal.

  • Maria

    Also shared on Facebook 🙂

  • Sun Lutz

    Great giveaway! – I love fun summer bags

  • mandy

    We use sunscreen and a wide brim hat with a chin strap to keep it in place.

  • Susan

    We wear lots of sunscreen and sun hats and keep cool in the pool during the summer!

  • Carrie

    We use sunscreen, drink lots of water, and eat chilled/frozen fruit. We don’t have AC, so when it gets really hot, we pack a lunch and go spend the day at the library.

  • Tina Wang

    We stay cool by crunching on ice cubes. We like cold lemonade and Koolaid. The Slip and Slide is great, too.

  • Tina Wang

    We eat lots of popsicles.

  • Bethann W

    Load the kids up and head to Waupaca Beach for an afternoon of swimming and sandcastles! We “grease” the kids up with sunscreen which was bought during some of Wags good deals and plop a big golf umbrella in the sand for a little piece of shade. 🙂

  • Laurie Lozier

    Lots of sunscreen, lots of smoothies, iced tea, and coffee frappacinos!

  • carol brockman

    we love to sit with our feet in the kids pool and eat ice cream

  • Julie Shaver

    I make sure the kids wear sunscreen (and reapply it as necessary) and drink lots of water.
    P.S. I posted this on facebook.

  • K. C.

    We use lots of sunscreen and eat lots of popsicles!

  • Heidi

    We use tons of sunscreen and make sure we always have our hats and sunglasses. Our bag always includes baby powder since we are more often packing for the beach rather than the pool, and baby powder helps keep sand OUT of the minivan! 🙂

  • We use sunscreen everytime we are out in the sun!

  • Torrie

    My girls and I can’t wait for Summer and swimming at my mom’s pool! My 20 mo old could totally use the swim diapers. My girls know – no sunscreen, no pool!

  • Maria K

    I keep my kids cool and protected in the summer in a few ways. I load up on sunscreen, coverups, and hats! I bring plenty of juice and fruit to keep the kids hydrated and not too full! Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  • Chrissy

    At soccer practice my boys wear bandanas, that have been drenched in cold water, around their necks. Thanks for the chance to win the prize!

  • We stay INSIDE in front of a fan! =)

  • S.B

    I always put the sunscreen on before we even put the swimsuits on and go out into the sun.

  • Kim

    I usually put the sunscreen on before we get dressed for the pool, and then we head out. I like to move a chair completely into the baby pool to lounge!! (But it only works when there aren’t many kids there.)
    Kim F.

  • Rebecca

    Great giveaway! We stay cool in the shade, with sunscreen and lots of water – for drink and play!

  • Melanie

    Our backyard is very shady, so we hang out with the neighbors in our yard. The kids run through the sprinkler, play on the swingset, and just enjoy each other’s company!

  • Amanda

    To keep cool – place sprinklers in front of our swingset and swing on the swings right into the sprinklers, and place a hose down the slide to make a water slide. Tons of Fun! and lots of popsicles.

    To keep from getting a sunburn – waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc. and applying often!

  • Shelly

    We love the spray on sunscreen – it covers so easily. We also enjoy going to the pool to keep cool.

  • we play in the pool, use sunscreen, and hit the mall on the really hot days!

  • Jaime

    sunscreen for everyone and hats for the baby! We love going to the lake!

  • maria

    we use rons of sunscreen and have a pool and one of those water slides for the kids to play on. Since we live in the south, summers are killers for us!

  • kim

    I love to use California Baby sunblock on my kids…safe and works well!

  • Kristi

    We always put our pool under a shaded tree and make sure everyone has sunscreen on. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Carrie P

    I keep my kids cool by sending them to Camp-Y-Koda for a few weeks in summer; this way they play with lots of friends and play in the water. Before they leave each day, they are coated with sunscreen and are instructed to reapply more later in the day.

  • We play in our backyard…a lot. It’s completely shaded. We play with a kiddie pool and lots of other water toys. I also keep the fridge in the garage stocked with Juicy Juice, Capri Suns and water bottles. Oh, there are plenty of freeze pops too.

  • CaroleG

    Redheads = Sunscreen!

    I shared your link on FB.

  • Lea

    We purchase a swimming pass for our public pool (which is conveniently located at the end of out street!). We also make sure to put on lots of sunscreen. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sue D

    We keep cool with plenty of drinks and frozen treats and we have a pool. We also go to the basement during really hot parts of the day.

  • Mara

    Lots of sunscreen and the backyard pool.

  • Sunscreen and plenty of fluids!

  • Joelle

    we keep cool running thru the sprinkler and making home made slushies. YUM

  • Sarah Evans

    homemade popsicles and ice cream! YEAH!! I’m not sure if it’s me or the kids who look forward to those more. 🙂

  • Julie

    Got some infant sunglasses and hat for the beach this summer!

  • Carissa

    Hats, sunscreen, and the pool! I can’t wait!

  • Laurie

    Frozen fruit slush- mix a can of pineapple (juice too), a box/tub of frozen strawberries, and a can of mandarin oranges (I drain) or whatever you like, maybe Juicy Juice! Freeze. Take out about 45 min before your ready to eat and WOW what a yummy healthy treat to cool you off! Also we drink lots of water, use the baby pool or sprinkler in the backyard, and wear our sunscreen and hats!
    farmerjo78 at yahoo dot com

  • Lana

    Lots of Aveeno sunblock, a kiddie pool, and popsicles!

  • Keli

    sunsceen, umbrellas, hats, and lots and lots of water!! my three year old and 8 month old love the water and I can’t wait to get them in the kiddie pool [again] this year! thanks for the giveawaY!

  • Amanda

    We will stay cool during summer by swiming in our backyard pool and at the lake camping!! Yeah Summer!

  • Brenda A.

    Would love to win this for my niece!!1

  • Karen Smith

    We stay cool by playing under the shade tree in our backyard. We hope to add a kiddie pool to “the playground”!

  • Christina Truelove

    We keep cool by wearing hats and sunglasses. We stay protected from the sun this way as well as with our sunscreen! What an awesome giveaway!!

  • Thankfully out boat has a top, so I stay under it with my little man. He’s only been on one boat ride so far, but he loved it. Of course, I also keep him smothered with sunscreen.

  • Holly

    Our local community pool makes everyone take a 15 minute break every hour. We use that time to drink lots of water and re-apply sunscreen.

  • Holly

    Just posted this on my facebook page. Thanks! Can email you the link if you need proof. 🙂

  • Holly

    Just blogged about the giveaway. 3 entries. I would really love to win this!

  • Desiree

    Sunscreen, sunglasses, shade, and hats! Great prize pack!

  • Ysenia Ramirez

    We love to keep cool swimming in our backyard pool. We always use lots of sunscreen. I trust Aveeno for protection. Thanks for the entry.

  • Tina Middleton

    Anything that has to do with water. We love swimming, playing in the sprinkler, and water gun fights! I would love to win this prize. Thanks!


    lots of sunscreen, hats and we stay cool by lots of water balloons and waterguns

  • Stephanie

    We visit a local park that has lots of waterplay things–and the WHOLE family gets wet! And my husband is very fair-skinned, so we are well versed in the art of sunscreen application.

  • LMHutch

    We basically live at our community pool. We wear hats and lots of sunscreen and of course eat some popsicles!

  • Nithya

    Sunscreen..sunscreen…lots of sunscreen. My daughter birthday is during summer – so we usually have lots of outdoor activities and games for her party. And we also go to the community water park close to us – which is not super expensive and the kids have a blast.

  • Tammy

    We head down to the pool and splash in the water 🙂

  • Tammy

    We go to the pool..

  • Julieann

    Thanks for the chance….I love to use those big umbrellas that you post in the sand when we go to the beach.

  • Rebecca

    We always use sunscreen and are careful to keep our baby in the shade as much as possible! We have a garden and he likes to play in the yard while we work… It’s hard work keeping him cool. I can’t wait to be able to take him to the pool!

  • Kim Carlile

    We are out in the kiddie pool almost everyday! And popsicles are great!

  • Lerin

    While I do beleive that some Vitamin D is good, we use hats and gentle sunscreen, and make sure there are some water toys when playing outside to keep us cool.

  • Danelle

    We like to head over to my Grandma’s who lives on a lake.

  • Summer

    Looks like a great pack of goodies. I would love to win!

  • Sheila

    water and sunscreen!

  • Elle

    Waterballon fights, swimming in Lake Geneva, and vegan ice cream.

  • sandy

    love hangin by the pool, and lots of sunscreen

  • Angela

    We too will wear our sunscreen, wide hats, stay in the shade when possible. Thanks for the entry.

  • rachel

    We use lots of sunscreen, hats and swim shirts.

  • BonnieH

    Hats are a great way to keep cool in the sun, and it’s almost time for me to dig out our collection. Besides the standard baseball caps, I have tried to find ones for the kids that were fun and interesting. One of their faves is a brown camoflage that my husband brought back from the Persian gulf. Adding of course liberal applications of sunscreen all over, and lots of water to drink.

  • Staci

    Hats, water, sunscreen, and shade – that is, when I can make them keep the hats on, put suncreen on, and stay in the shade.

  • lisa

    We spend alot of time at the pool and with lots of ice cold water. What a great giveaway!

  • We are in AZ so its already in the 100’s!!! We use alot of sunscreen before we go anywhere outside!

  • Lots of sunscreen and water fun.

  • jen

    Lots of sunscreen & water!

  • Nicky

    Stay in the shade and drink plenty of fluids.

  • Amy R.

    We go to the local park, which has what we call “the pond” It’s shallow, has sand, and lots of kids to play with in the water.

  • Ellen c.

    We all wear hats when we go fishing and metal detecting. I also bring sports bottled filled with ice water. Thanks for the chance.

  • Talia

    My son loves to splash around with the hose and spray things.

  • Sarah A.

    To keep cool and safe, we slather on the sunscreen and slap on a hat.

  • Christy L

    We spend a lot of time at the Beach! Can’t wait!!

  • I always slather on the sunscreen and the kids know that it has to happen before they head outside. We will be spending a lot of time at the beach this summer.

  • Carrie

    Our community has two pools and one is perfect for little kids, 6 and under! It is never busy and if you are a resident it’s only two dollars to get in. We love it, we go at least once a week! Because in texas the only way to stay cool is stay in or swim. we wear lots of sunscreen and my son always wears his little swim shirt to go with his bathing suit.

  • Jocelyn

    We wear sunscreen and hats. We also make sure to hydrate.

  • Kathleen

    I start buying sunscreen early since we go through loads of it!!! Water and yes….AC for those August days that are just waaayyyy too hot to be outside 🙂

  • I put juice boxes in the freezer so that we have cold drinks outdoors. Ü

  • Melissa

    We enjoy the outdoors in the early morning and late afternoon when the sun isn’t the most damaging. We also wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

  • Monica

    I apply tons of sunscreen on my child so he doesn’t burn and always make sure he has his hat on. I also make sure he is well hydrated while out in the sun.

  • sarah

    We’ll be hanging out under our shade trees with lemonade this summer!

  • We use plenty of sunscreen, stay in the shade if possible, and drink water.

  • Stumbled (aitmama).

  • Trisha

    This is my son’s 2nd summer, 1st one without A/C. I will be reading the other posts for good ideas. Time to get out the old box fans!

  • We stay cool with lots of popsicles!! 🙂

  • Amy

    My kids have taken quite nicely to either the sprinklers or the hose. They are asking for it almost every night now. But, can’t blame them as it is already hitting 100 degrees here…

  • Katherine

    My 2 and 4 yr old boys spend lots of time in the wading pool, and we always use a spray on sunscreen for easy, and complaint free, sunscreen application!

  • Michelle

    Well, I have lil kids, so we sit on the underbrella picnic table and play there.

  • Janet

    Hats! And some fun blow up pools.

  • Monica B.

    Kiddy pool, sunblock, and in the really scorching heat, there’s nothing like the air conditioned public library!

  • We try to stay in as much shade as we can. Otherwise, we spray with (or swim in) water. We are also HUGE fans of cotton clothing. And of course we slather on the sunscreen! Thanks!

    nyckristie AT gmail DOT com


  • I blogged about this giveaway! Thanks!

    nyckristie AT gmail DOT com


  • DanielleCorrelle

    Lots of fun in the backyard pool!

  • Heather

    I always lather my kids in sunscreen and bring lots of water. My kids LOVE to drink water and they love it when I surprise them with a juicebox!

  • Kim S

    I set up the pool in the shade, put on our sunscreen, pack up our drinks and off we go for some outside beat the heat time. Just bought another bike seat, so the boys can enjoy a nice breeze.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Gina Hindman

    We have a pool in our backyard & swim in it everyday during the summer. My son is a “fish” & you can’t get him out of there during the summertime!

  • Amtami

    We go to our neighborhood pool- lots of sunscreen, hats and rash guards for the kids 🙂

  • cassidy engle

    we stay cool by taking dips in the lake, wearing water-proof sunscreen of course!!!

  • Erin

    My boys stay cool on hot summer days with juice boxes, sunscreen and floppy hats by the pool or in the sprinkler.

  • Kara

    What a great giveaway. My kids love Juicy Juice and we love to be outside so we have to keep them full of liquid. we are at a camp a lot in the summer near a lake so this package would be great.

  • The sprinkler is always a fun & easy way to stay cool, and I slather the whole family with lots of sunscreen, and stay in shady areas most of the time-thanks!

  • Christina

    We always lather up with sun screen. Water fights are always fun too, to beat the heat.

  • Nicole Stoddard

    We keep cool in the pool with sunscreen and munch on popsicles! I love summer!

  • Erin

    This is a great give-away

    as for keeping cool sometimes that is realy hard living in the Ca. Desert and oue temps getting up into the 100+ range on a regular basis, there are hours in our days when we have to just seek the shelter of a cool house becuase even with high SPF sunscreen burns can still happen. for the hours when the sun is not the most intense we love to play in the pool with tons of sunscreen and also the kids love to go places near by, like the local lakes, Dam or creeks so we not only stock up on sunscreen but also bugspray. and of course they love our summer trips to the beaches that are about 2 hrs away. living in Ca. there are many places to seek summer fun. 🙂

  • Marlena U.

    We do lots of indoor activities on the really hot days…the children’s museum is a great place to hang out and not have to worry about a sun burn. when all else fails…hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for all!

  • Christina

    We lather up with sunscreen and love to having water fights with squirt guns!

  • Dacia

    Sunscreen, lots of liquids, inside and out!

  • Arlynn

    Summer is always great in a pool, sipping juice, listening to music and then being…. splashed by your kids. The thrill and look on those faces, priceless… Love the opportunity to share the joy of life..

  • Sylvia

    We eat popscicles and play in the sprinkler

  • Rachel K

    We wear hats, sunscreen, and stay cool by playing in the pool.

  • Amy

    Besides always using sunscreen and always using hats, we try to do some indoor events, in the AC and out of the sun, i.e. going to free movies, and frequenting the library! Thanks!

  • We love to hit the water park in the summer. They offer a parent/child swim time at 11:00 each day for the little ones before the big kid crowd hits. I really enjoy having that hour with my kids!

  • Sally

    Lots of sunscreen, swim shirts, and hats protect my kids and me from the sun. We spend much of the summer keeping cool at the pool.

  • Kitrona

    We slather on the sunblock (I’m pale as a sheet, and my kidlings are not much darker!) and turn on the sprinklers! Sometimes we’ll head to the lake.

  • Debra

    We go to the saltwater.[If it ever warms up around here.] Lots of lotion.Hats can’t wait.Thanks.

  • We usually use LOTS of sunscreen and we go to the pool almost every day during the summer. I love Juicy Juicy and I know we drink a lot of juice and water to keep ourselves hydrated too. It is hot here in Texas! 🙂 Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Corri G

    We use lots of sunscreen, rashguard shirts and caps. We are ready for the pool, we’ve already had our first 100 degree day here in South Texas.

  • We play outside with the sprinkler a lot.

  • In the summer we make sure to wear rashguards (surfer tops) with our suits to block the rays and avoid sunburn. My son looks adorable in his! Just like a lil surfer dude.

    ndisilvio @ gmail . com


  • Nadia

    Being 9 months pregnant, I think the kids and I are planning on staying inside! And maybe checking out our local pool! Thanks! Nadia (

  • Rachel Belkin

    Thanks for offering this contest. Hope we win.

    we use lots of sunscreen

  • Jennifer

    We use a baby pool, hats, and sunscreen. Thanks! 🙂


  • Heather Rehs

    SPF60! Need I say more. We also like to play in the hose on those really hot days

  • stephanie

    fun giveaway !
    we have fun with spray bottles, just leave them anywhere pick up and spray. cools everyone off and have fun with it too ! also we have a large stock of squirt guns.
    sunblock 40 or more is on us all the time.
    oh and lots of frozen juice made as popsicles in our tupperware icepop makers 🙂

  • stephanie

    my email for stephanie is

  • tara delong

    I would love to win this prize. We live in Florida and are always at the beach, park and baseball games. My kids love to be outside and I always try to make sure that I have everything that is needed in a bag.

    Thank You

  • Raelena

    wear hats and drink water

  • Jane Brumley

    This year will be our first with a pool – so we will use that with lots of sunscreen!

  • amanda

    new kiddie pool for the us under a canopy & sunscreen.

  • We keep cool at the pool, but we are sure to slather and spray on sunscreen before we leave the house. I’m planning on using rashguard shirts with my wee boys this summer, as well as hats.

  • Lynn

    Water Hose and Sunscreen

  • Tiffani

    We use sunscreen to stay safe.

  • Veronica L.

    My kids always know it is summer when we break out the slip n’slide. Plus we use yons and tons of sunscreen. Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  • We always use 30 or higher sun block.

  • We always use 30 or higher sunblock.

  • keeping cool in the summer in phoenix?! stay indoors! outdoors time is limited to before 9 am and after 8 pm. play dates at chick fil a will be key this summer!

    ~allie z

  • Sarah

    We use sunscreen, pool and the sprinkler during our summer fun!

  • Sue

    POPSICLES!!! The first sunny day my son starts asking for popsicles. Also my little one loves the kiddie pool, and I set my chair up beside it and dip my feet in.

  • We use lots of sunscreen and take frequent breaks when playing outside.

  • Alyssa L.

    I love the spray on sunscreen for babies, it doesn’t hurt their eyes and its super quick and easy to put on!

  • Heather

    My girls love to put the sprinkler on under the trampoline. So they can jump and splash at the same time!

  • Faythe

    We live in Wis. too… and no air conditioning…
    lite weight clothing is a must, with boys I am lucky to just get shorts on them!
    Their favorite way to cool off, since we have no pool or any near by, is for me to hook up the sprinkler & let them run & jump through it. sunscreen added before hand, but they get their exercise instead of hiding in the house watching tv. And I get splashed myself, and if not run too long it doesn’t waste too much water, as it is located near the flower gardens or where the grass can get a drink.

    I found you through FreeSamplefreak.

  • kellie

    I always slather the sunscreen on me & my daughter before going outside. Also I have her wear a brimmed hat to protect her little face! We cool off by playong in the sprinkler & visiting the pool!

  • Kristyn A.

    I pick up a little $15 kiddie pool for the backyard. My little ones practically live in there all summer long- it’s great! They’ve already spent the past week there- summer hit early for us.

  • Tamar

    Lots of sunscreen! I keep trying a hat but my little guy usually rips it off!

  • Kristy

    We always use sunscreen and we try to stay out of the sun. We also drink lots of water!

  • Jessica

    Lots of sunscreen & water!

  • Cor

    My daughter will be able to take her darling one year old to the pool this summer. Mommy is a lifeguard and taught swim team so little Miss B has already had lessons and LOVES the water. Mommy will use lots of sunscreen and little dollie will wear a hat lots, because she is so pale.

  • I like the use the continus spray sun block. It is nice and cool and you don’t thave to rub it in.

  • we are staying cool and protected from too much sun the best we can. Living in the south its not always easy to do that. We use organic and natural sunscreens, lathering up a couple times daily, apple cider vinegar to control skin ph, hats, lightweight clothes with either 3/4 sleeves or lightweight blouses of coverups. And ever so importantly, we hydrate! always carrying about bottles of water and juices!

    cathy b’
    project hop e7 at g mail dot com

  • Sarah L

    This will be my little girls first summer outside. Being the fair skinned little girl that she is we use sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. She loves being outside and we are looking forward to taking her to the pool and the beach!

  • Jennifer Bixby

    This would be perfect for me and my son. We have a pool at our complex and this will be his first year in it.

  • Jennifer Bixby

    I like the bag idea. Everyone needs sunscreen.

  • Lori Horsley-Fricke

    The summers are hot here in the desert of Eastern Washington so summertime items are a must! A boat, the Columbia River, sunscreen, life jackets, water, and popsicles keeps us cool, safe, and having fun all summer long.

  • I keep sunscreen in every bag and in the car so that I am never without it! We are all so fair and burn so easily that we go through a lot. But that doesn’t stop us from heading to the beach at least twice a week during the summer!

  • Lory

    We wear sunscreen, hats and sunglasses for protect. We take each person’s favorite flavored drink and freeze it an put it in a cooler to go. It helps keep our food cold until lunch as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful bag of goodies.
    Lory Wood

  • Faith

    Great Giveaway! We spend lots of time at the river, lather up with sunscreen, bring a big umbrella, and use hats and the shirts with built in protection to cover those shoulders!

  • Lory

    I tweetted Lorywd!

  • Lory

    I posted on my facebook. Lorywd

  • Faith

    I shared on facebook!

  • Tracy

    We use hats and lots of sunscreen.

  • Amy

    We use a baby float with a built-in shade for my twins while in the pool. Tons of sunscreen also.

  • I live in Florida and we keep cool and protected by wearing sunscreen and playing on our blowup waterslide. While enjoying cold watermellon and icepops. Thanks so much for this wonderful contest.

  • kathy butler

    it’s too hot to spend much time outdoors in Az but we slather on huggies sunscreen and hit the pool for a couple hours every morning.

  • Emily White

    We spend our summer playing outside in the backyard or playing the pool. We try to eat lots of yummy cool treats. Summer’s in MN are great.

  • Gipsy

    A lot of shade an sunblock!!! Have a happy summer!!!

  • We stay in the shade as much as possible, but use sunscreen (one without nasty chemicals) when we’re in the sun.

  • Brandi

    Popcicles, popcicles, popcicles!!! We have a great time making (and eating!!) our own.

  • emily l

    Sunscreen and water. Nothing better!

  • We use sunscreen, hats, and to keep cool swimming! Love the pool!


  • tweeted on Twitter



  • stumbled!

    ID: faith4eternity


  • Karis

    this is my 1st summer with a baby, but i bought one of those “surfer” 2-piece swimsuits (shirt and shorts) so that way alot more of her body is protected from the sun

  • Beth

    My girls always fight over sunglasses & hats. And my 20-month old loves putting sunscreen on!

  • Karen

    We stay in the shade when we can and wear hats and sunblock in case we can’t. A couple spray bottles with the foam fans attached are great too!
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  • Hilary

    Ice cream and sunscreen. We love outdoors.

  • Kristine Mitchell

    Love this giveaway!! My 3 year old son loves his “spray fan” when were not in the pool. Lots of sunscreen and pudding pops. Thanks,

  • stephanie

    oh my gosh i live in las vegas and its not even summer yet and its hitting 101 degrees..we live in apartments and me and my 3 kids are at the pool with our sun screen snacks and floaties all day long till we get kicked out =0)

  • Nikki Perry

    We do all the typical things to stay cool in the summer. Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen are the essensials. We go to my moms to swim and we love ice cream. This is a great giveaway and thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Amber

    We stay cool by playing in the shade and enjoying SWIRL To Go Frozen Fruit Juice.

  • Cathy

    My 3 yr old son loves popsicles. I usually buy the all ffriut ones, that way theres less sugar. We also have watergun fights and he’s a water bug. He loves the lake!

  • Jean

    Great prize! To keep cool we spend all summer in our pool. Cute hats and lots of sunscreen for protection. Thanks.

  • Jill

    Hey there! We live in Vegas so it is always HOT! In the summer we always choose a park with a water feature. The kids are lathered in sunscreen all day. I use the stick sunscreen for their faces. They help put that on. They also have $1 spray bottles full of water at the park to keep them cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jill

    I tweeted about ya too @zabbysmom

  • Christine Starr

    We have plenty of sunscreen, popcicles and the shady porch! And of course our pool!!!

  • We do a lot of swimming during the summer, so I have to stock up on lots of sunscreen! We love the Little Swimmers, and we are down to having only one kiddo in ’em. It will be my baby Meleah’s first summer, and I cannot wait to put her in the pool for her first swim!

  • My kids love using the spray on sunscreen. In the summer they put someon before going out to play. We also go throug alot of popsicles to keep us cool.

  • Here is my tweet:

    Enter to win prize pack with Huggies and Juicy Juice goodies @CommnSenseMoney

  • To keep cool, we go to the pool or play with the sprinklers in the backyard.

  • I posted this on my site, and here is the link:

  • Bay

    I use a lot of sunscreen and a little tent when we’re at the beach to keep the baby covered and safe. Thanks for the entry!!

  • Bay

    I tweeted as well! @queenmotherblog

  • We swim, catch frogs and play down by our pond to enjoy the summer weather here in Kewaskum Wisconsin. I use alot of spf 35 or above sunblock to protect me and my children from the suns harmful rays. I recently loss my best girlfriend to skin cancer on Feb 14th 2008. She was only 46 and left behind 3 children, and 4 grandbabies one whom was born after she passed. Staying protected is super critical as they have linked skin cancer with incidents of over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. I would love to win this gift set so I can help my granddaughter be protected and have some fun.

  • I tweeted about it on my twitter account almostantique
    Don’t know how to make a link to show you but if you do a search for me you will see I put this link and then last day to win.

  • Allison

    To keep cool – we have lots of waterfights with balloons. Can’t wait until this weekend to get it all started!

  • Suzanne

    Sunscreen and hats!

  • Renee Turner

    We always wear hats and eat lots of snowballs!

  • Marcy

    We always keep refilled water bottles in the freezer to take to the beach or pool so they thaw as we heat up.

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