Fun Giveaway: New Years Celebration on a Budget

NewYearscelebrationI have to say that I miss my family a lot during the Holidays.  Particularly I miss not being with them for New Years Eve.  Growing up Christmas was always fun, but nothing compared to the excitement of the new year and the hope of bigger and better things it always brought.  A big gathering was always in order.

I wish I was throwing a big family bash this year.  Are you?  if you are looking for some ideas I want to share these two videos featuring Food Network’s Chef Aaron Sanchez.  He has helped put together a New Years party for ten for under $40 total!  What I am loving about it too is that the videos are both available in Spanish and English. Here are some of the items he included in his menu:
* Shrimp Tray
* Vegetable Tray
* Hillshire Farms Little Smokies
* Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
* Land O’Lakes Egg Nog
* Red Velvet Cake

Win It!

While I can’t celebrate with my family this time around I can celebrate with all of you!  Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this giveaway of two $30 Walmart Gift cards.

There are four ways to enter this giveaway:

1)  Leave a comment sharing  how you like to celebrate the start of a new year.

2)  Follow me on Twitter and tweet the following:  “I just entered to win one of two $30 Walmart GCs click here to enter too via @commnsensemoney”

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This way you can earn up to four entries. Just please remember to come back and leave me a separate comment for each additional action you have taken (leave comment, share on Twitter, share on Facebook, etc).

If you are reading this entry via email updates or via RSS reader please CLICK HERE to visit my blog to enter. Emailing me is not a valid entry for this giveaway. This giveaway is open to residents of the United States only. Please enter only if you are 18 years or older.  This giveaway ends on 12/31/09 at 9PM CST.  At that time I will close the giveaway and select two winners randomly.

Walmart provided me with a $30 Walmart gift card for myself as well as giveaway gift cards for my participation in this promotion.

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  • Rachel

    I don’t really have a way of celebrating the new year. I do like the ball drop each year but that’s about it.

    • Happy New Year to Common Sense with Money, and all the followers. I will probably be on the computer celebrating New Years three hours behhind my girlfriend in NC.
      I am a Facebook fan and twitter follower and tweeting this now! Posting on FB too!

  • Jeanette

    Spend lots of time with the kids.

  • We like standing on our roof and looking for all of the fireworks in the city.

  • erika h.

    We like to go downtown and watch the fireworks!

  • Just shared on twitter

  • Gina

    I usually celebrate the start of the new year with my family and a few close friends–a special dinner and a toast at midnight!

  • Gina

    Follow you on twitter and tweeted–

  • truejoe4u

    I get your always fun emails, follow you on twitter too!

  • denise

    Now that I live in the midwest, I watch the ball drop. 🙂

  • denise

    I follow you as wiscmom24 and tweeted.

  • Rachel

    My hubby’s b-day is the 1st so we ALWAYS start each year with his birthday party 🙂

  • Charity

    We have a quiet evening at home and go to bed after watching the ball drop on tv.

  • Christy

    We hang out with neighbors and play games. Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  • Didi

    I have my parents and my husband’s best friend and wife over for every year for the past 4 yrs. I love having “small gatherings”, with ppl that really matter to me, the ppl I can be myself with regardless of “what is being served”!!

  • karlee

    With two young boys we usually just celebrate with friends and family.

  • Stephanie

    Getting some sleep! That is how I will ring in the New Year! 🙂

  • Keita

    I like to start the new year making sure the house is clean and decluttered.

  • K

    Spending time with my family 🙂

  • Laurie

    As a kid, we always celebrated by going out for a delicious Hot Fudge Sundae–complete with whipped cream, chopped nuts and of course, a cherry on top!
    Now I’m happily married with three kids of my own and my husbands birthday is New Years’ Eve! We always celebrate with a huge party for both kids and adults, with lots of good food, games, drinks and fun! This year we are up to about 49 people (16 adults/23 kids). It will be a memorable time for everyone!

  • Keita

    Following and tweeted!


  • Deb

    We have our family Christmas gathering on New Year’s and try to squeeze in some good bowl games amongst all the excitement.

  • Elena

    of course with family. great music and delicious food!!!

  • carrie

    facebook fan!

  • DG
  • Karina

    my family comes first! Thats the perfect start to a new year…all of us together.

  • carrie

    i left a tweet on twitter.

  • My 12 year old said he wants to stay home as a family and eat tons of Crab legs!!! So that is what we are going to do!

  • DG

    I’d like to celebrate the start of the new year surrounded by family and warm in my home 🙂

  • carrie

    We usually stay at home and watch the ball drop on TV. It is a quiet night with family.

  • DG

    twitter follower and tweeted! 🙂

  • Linda

    This is the first year my kids are old enough to stay up and be half way civil so I’m planning on letting them do just that…ringin’ in the new year! I think we might be making a gingerbread house since our christmas was out of town and crazy busy we didn’t get it done then.

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  • Ronda

    Spend time with my little ones

  • Mary

    This is my husband and my first New Year’s as husband and wife! 🙂 We are planning on having his whole family here for a yummy dinner. This gift card would really help!

  • DG
  • Nancy B

    We spend the evening eating snacks and playing cards and putting together puzzles. Mine and my sister’s kids are getting big enough to really join in the fun and that makes it even better.

  • Now I celebrate by having a birthday for my soon to be two year old who was born 12/31.

  • Sarah B.

    I like to celebrate it with my family.

  • Kari

    Usually, my bf and I go to a nice dinner and just spend the evening together watching the ball drop. This year, we’re going to a big party at one of the hotels in the city to party with friends and hear Third Eye Blind.

  • Maria R

    For me there is no other way of welcoming the new year in the company of my whole family. We also like to watch the rose parade.

  • Mandy

    We would always have a big party at our house for our friends and family until 3 or 4 am. But with addition of two little ones in two years, our last couple have been over at about 10 pm!! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to get back into the party mode soon.

  • Christina

    We’ve actually never done much for New Years, but I do like to sit and reminisce about the past year with my husband in front of the fire and make goals for the new year!

  • Sophia

    by shopping for good deals!!!

  • Cheryl in AL

    My hubby and I usually stay home together. We enjoy a quieter life and don’t really do the club thing.

  • Latifa

    My family and I love to go watch the fireworks downtown but will probably hang out at home this year since my daughter is getting over croup.

  • Diane G

    We watch movies and eat snacks, either with just the family or with friends. Nice and relaxing.

  • mary

    i like to just spend it with my hubby and my baby son.

  • Mandy

    I already follow you and I tweeted this giveaway!

  • Laura

    My husband and I met on New Years Eve through mutual friends so each new years eve we do something with them to celebrate!

  • Cheryl in AL

    I tweeted the contest

  • Mandy

    I am a fan and I posted this giveaway on Facebook.

  • pixie13

    I watch the ball drop on TV. That’s all. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • pixie13
  • Karen

    New Years is quiet for us… Watching the ball drop on tv…

  • Colleen Y

    We like to have some drinks and be with our friends to celebrate the new year.

  • We have an outdoor get together with friends and lots of food. Black-eyed peas are definitely on the menu!

  • Deanna

    We usually have a quiet new year’s eve – but this year I would like to start a family tradition of a special dinner either on new year’s eve or new year’s day.

  • I love to celebrate the new year with my great husband!

  • Katherine C.

    I like to make cinnamon rolls for New Year’s morning. My kids are young, so this a fun tradition for them!

  • Katherine C.
  • @couponteacher I tweeted!

  • Jenny

    We write down our goals for the new year. We seal them in an envelope and wait until the next year to open the envelope to see how we’ve done during the previous year.

  • Kari

    This year we’ll be celebrating with friends. We are taking all the kids bowling and then going out for dinner. We’ll finish up the night at a community family New Years Eve party.

  • Kenny

    I like to celebrate with family and lots of food.

  • neljo

    we like to get together with our friends for a small party.

  • Renee S.

    We get together at a house with lots of friends and kids. We play games and snack throughout the evening. At midnight, we go outside to the patio & bang pots and pans. Then we go inside and eat a turkey that’s been cooking all evening. We tend to wind down about 2-3am & sleep on extra beds or in sleeping bags. Then we have a big breakfast in the morning.

  • neljo

    i shared giveaway on Twitter

  • Melanie

    spend time with my hubby and kids

  • Amy W.

    I usually get together with a few friends and play board games and watch the ball drop. Then on New Years Day, my mom cooks my favorite meal of the year and we go to her house to eat. We live in the South and always enjoy a traditional New Years dinner of Black Eyed Peas with cornbread (for luck), collard greens (for money), and fried hog jowl (I have heard this is for health, ironically, not sure about that). I can’t wait!

  • Emily

    My husband and I always try and stay up to watch the Times Square ball drop!

  • Jill

    We love to watch movies and snack on appetizers.

  • neljo

    i shared giveaway on facebook

  • Grace

    I’m celebrating with some friends at my house. I just bought some party hats and banners. It’ll be great to have large platters of food to ring in the new year! I can’t wait!

  • Emily

    I just tweeted! (I’m CouponRN)

  • Talia

    We normally hang out with friends and family to ring in the New Year. This year I’m thinking about staying home and relaxing!!

  • Doris

    My family would always throw tons of homemade confetti. We had about 2-3 shoe boxes full. It was always a blast.

  • Emily

    I just updated my Facebook status and linked to your contest!

  • Sharon

    I’ll be celebrating with my husband. The kids are all married and doing their own thing.

  • Amy Dunn

    We like to celebrate at home and avoid all the craziness. A little food, play games with the kids, watch the ball drop, walk upstairs to bed. Safe and cheap. This year, we’re invited to a party next door. Still safe and cheap. 🙂

  • Omar Arrieta

    I always celebrate the start of the new year with a late night of latin dancing with family and friends. A desert called “Turon” originally from Spain and lots of treats.

  • flutterbye420

    Hi! I always celebrate the new year with my closest friends! We make lots of food and play video games. We usually stay over night and hang out the next day too. It’s a lot of fun!

  • janelle r.

    I like to start the new year by getting a good night’s sleep! Not in the cards this year, since I’ve got a baby who doesn’t sleep for more than a few hours in a row, but I can dream!

  • breabella

    I will be home with my hunka burning love and my children. Good times.

  • Terri L

    One year I popped lots of popcorn and my kids and I drove around town and threw popcorn out the car windows yelling Happy New Year!

  • DAWN D

    I like to spend a quiet evening at home with my family.

  • We usually watch some movies or go to a movie, then watch the ball drop while relaxing in bed. This year we will be babysitting my niece!

  • Paula B

    I’ll be ringing in the new year asleep this year! Hubby has to work all night and both the kids are under 3…I’ll have a little celebration for the kids at about 6 and pretend it’s midnight, blow some horns, shake some noisemakers and send them off to bed!

  • Andrea

    We spend the new year looking at pictures, cooking, visiting with family as they drop in (we do a loose open house of sorts most years), watch movies, and just relax.

    This year? We’ll be doing the same thing, but also spending it with our newest addition, Grace, and just being thankful that God blessed us with our two wonderful children, a warm home, a full pantry, and lots of loving family. We’ll probably watch Harry Potter as well 😉

  • Cammy

    We usually bang pots and pans at midnight and where we live in Idaho, we do tend to light off fireworks. That is really a big thing here. Also I try to make some goodies and snacks for the evening to eat. Our kids have friends over and if it snows it is a night of playing outside.

  • Vanessa

    I’m spending it with my family, our tradition is to open the New Year at church praising God… I’m happy with that tradition.

  • I like to spend time with a few family and/or friends. We get together and eat and just enjoy spending time together. We all then watch the ball drop and ring in the New Year. That way we are all safe and sound at home and can still enjoy a nice evening.

  • Melissa

    My son’s birthday is Jan. 1 so we are usually celebrating his birthday instead of the New Year.

  • I am already a fan on Facebook.

  • Susie

    I will celebrate with my husband and friends, eating some good food and just hanging out at home!

  • vicki

    Getting the family together to spend a fun night TOGETHER.

  • Susie

    I follow you on facebook!

  • We always spend it with family and sometimes friends, too. We have lots of snacks and goodies. Maybe play a game or just hang out. It’s usually tons of fun.

    Thanks for the chance and Happy New Year’s to you! 🙂

  • Denise Wilson

    We have a Watch-Night Service at our church, where we meet for preaching, food and fellowship, then we pray out the old year and pray in the new. Then we go home and sleep after midnight…

  • Merrilee

    We get together with friends & play games, eat & have fun. At midnight we watch the countdown & toast to the new year. New Year’s day we just eat & watch football.

  • Tracie

    I like to kiss my husband and my family! We play games and eat food!

  • April

    we watch the ball drop, have a toast and eat black eyed peas!

  • Kim in AZ

    We celebrate with extended family – we stay up ’til past midnight playing games (Rook, Wii, football in the backyard, Monopoly, etc.) and eating lots and lots! This year, we are having homemade pizza – I’ll be adding a cheese ball with crackers as well as a veggie tray. And, I’m hoping to talk everyone into homemade funnel cakes – yummy!!!!! 🙂

  • kristin w

    Get together with friends and play games, eat, then watch the ball drop.

  • We watch the ball drop, hang out with friends and/or go to shows.

    Happy New Year everybody! 🙂

  • Alicia

    I like to start the New Year spending time with family.

  • kristin w

    Just shared on Facebook

  • Alicia

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted 🙂 -aliciamarie112

  • Judy

    As I grow older I am more appreciate of the true blessings in my life- a supportive husband and two adult children who I count as friends. Will be dancing the night away and drinking champagne at midnight. A kiss for luck and my husband and I are on our way into the new year.

  • Crystal

    just hanging out with my family.

  • Nancy

    tweeted. betterforfree

    I just entered to win one of two $30 Walmart GCs click here to enter too via @commnsensemoney

  • Nancy

    facebook fan.

  • Nancy

    usually have alow key thing with just a couple friends. Not into being out on the roads when so many people are drinking.

  • Monica S

    I play texas hold em with some friends and eat all kinds of bad for you food vowing to start a new weight loss program in January 🙂

  • lis piquette

    i would love to have a guacamole party and play board games

  • Heather Ransom

    I usually try to get together with some good friends, have a few drinks, and watch the ball drop at midnight! This would be a great way to get all the things we need for our last night of 2009! Thanks so much for the chance to win such a great prize!

  • Claire

    We like to spend a relaxing evening at home and then get up bright and early New Years day and go out to breakfast.

  • Jennifer

    On New Year’s, we stay home and play games with the kids. Then we go to bed at our regular time!

  • Michelle

    I like to stay home with my family and play games.

  • Kathryn

    We stay in with the kids and all try to make it to midnight!!

  • Brianne

    I just like spending time with my family and friends.

  • will

    We like to spend time with friends and family every new year eve.

  • Trish

    Our family celebrates with lots of food – of course – and watching some of our favorite movies.

  • Trish

    I am a Facebook fan.

  • Caroline

    I typically go to a party with friends, but I don’t always make it to midnight… *yawn*

  • Heather

    I am a facebook fan! Love your site so much! We plan on getting a babysitter for our 2 young boys! So it doesn’t matter what we do……FREEDOM!

  • We celebrate the New Year by going to church usually.

  • I follow you on Twitter and tweeted.

  • Stacey

    I will be working this new years eve, but I will enjoy being with my friends from work to celebrate the start of the new year!

  • I am a FB fan and posted.

  • Kristins L.

    I love to spend New Years Eve with my husband, and two children. We love to watch the ball drop and then at midnight we call all our family which all of mine lives in OK or AZ. Good Times 🙂

  • Tia

    We do family game night with my SILs family! 11 kids in 1 house is a great game night!

  • Tia
  • sara

    i posted on my facebook and im a fan allready..

  • Morgan Rayl

    I normally work New Years. This is the 1st year in about 5years that I wont be working. I am excited but dont know what to do….

  • Morgan Rayl

    I follow on twitter and tweeted about it!

  • Morgan Rayl

    I follow on FB ans shared it with my friends

  • sonia

    We have a nice family dinner and watch fireworks

  • Joanne Vanderheite

    I like to spend the New years eve and day celabrating with family and good food.

  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

    I celebrate the start of a new year with a slow-cooked crockpot of black-eyed peas for good luck all year long 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

    Following on Twitter and Tweeted

  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

    Facebook fan and shared on Facebook

  • Joanne Vanderheite

    I follow on Twitter

  • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}


  • Joanne Vanderheite

    I am a fan of facebook and shared this with my friends on my wall. Thanks

  • Samantha

    We enjoy being around our family and having some snacks.

  • pheobie

    We like to stay home and watch the neighborhood fireworks.

  • Sheila

    We gather w/ some friends, have some great snacks, play some games like Taboo and sometimes watch the ball drop =-) Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  • Melanie Jackson

    Stay home and eat lots of snacks!

  • Katie

    We either attend a party or just hang out at home. New Years day it’s the movies, football and always pork and sauerkraut for dinner.

  • scarlett

    this year we are celebrating the new year with my husbands family and having a huge party! I cant wait! Would love to win the giftcard to bring lots of yummy food!

  • I make pork and saurkraut (a send up to my Polish grandfather) for good luck in the new year and then we just play with the kids and go to bed (staying up for the year turnover will have to wait until they are older and we’re not so tired *laugh*.

  • Tiffany Gates

    We invite friends over, and I always make a dinner out of appetizers! Sandwich tray, pigs in a blanket, mimosas, and chips and dips! We always do an adult friendly/kid-friendly party so everyone can come! Here’s to celebrating a whole new year with brighter possibilities.

  • Carla Williams

    We have always made black eyed peas (luck) cornbread (gold) and some kind of greens (money) for New Years Eve dinner.
    I posted on Facebook about this giveaway

  • Carla Williams
    follow on twitter and tweeted

  • I will bring in the New Year baking!! My oven broke ,the kids got me a new one for Christmas so I can cook! I am going to make pies,bread,brownies and cookies. I guess I can make a prime rib and a turkey.
    Happy New Year!!

  • twitter won’t let me follow you! I hate the new rules,just silly!
    I did tweet

  • pennyscents

    We just celebrate at home as a family.

  • Jenn

    I like to celebrate the new years by enjoying a laid-back party with my family. It’s all about relaxing and enjoying family =)


  • Jennifer Whipple

    I will be home sleeping.

  • a Facebook Fan of Common Sense with Money and posted

  • Angie

    Every New Year’s Eve we get together with friends (kids included!) and we play games and cards and eat lots of fattening food…


  • Heather

    Stay in with the family or bbq with friends. Try to make it to midnight. lol

  • Kate

    We stay home and watch a movie

  • Mikki

    My husband and I watch the ball drop. Then we have a big family dinner the next day with ham, black eyed peas, etc. It’s low key but fun!

  • Jennifer h

    I need to get moving on plans! I would love to do dinner w/friends and maybe hit a jazz bar or nice lounge. I haven’t been able to celebrate really the last 2 years since I was pregnant w/my son 1 year and then was not ready to be apart for the 2nd. So I definitely want to get out there and celebrate!

  • Jennifer H
  • Kristen

    I like to set new goals for the New Year, including seeing how much I can save!

  • Laura

    a quiet night at home getting organized for the new year!

  • Martha

    New Years has been hit-or-miss most of my life. Some years we “do it up” big, some years we just stay at home and sleep! This is a big year – we have an overnight party with 3 other couples planned!

  • Rebecca

    My husband and I always sit down for a “Year in Review” and write down what major things happened in the last year. It’s great to see how God worked in the last year and what we hope to see in the next one! This year we are planning a small party. We were planning an all out bash, but just moved and I didn’t think I could pull it together!

  • Diana

    I am just getting together with a few friends and hanging out on New Years Eve.

  • Rhonda

    We stay at home and play board games with the kids. Dinner is always snacky heavy appetizer fare. Boy#2 wants ribs this year…we’ll see!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  • Deb

    We spend it at home with lots of snacky foods & watching the ball drop.

  • Catherine

    We’re going to stay home this year, have a nice meal and later cuddle up on the sofa and watch the ball drop in Times Square!

  • Kelly

    Lots of snacks and watch the ball drop with family. Happy New Year!

  • Lea

    Play games with the kids and eat lots of fun little appetizers. Happy New Year!

  • Nikki D

    I just want to be with my family!

  • Andrea

    I like celebrating the New Year playing board games with family and friends!

  • Sarah Beth

    A little champagne and then usually to bed. With a 2 year old getting up at 6 am most days, I can’t afford not to sleep!

  • Much of our neighborhood lights fireworks in front of our house because we live on a cul-de-sac. It is such a great show and you can’t beat your own front yard. We invite friends over to enjoy them as well every year. Then we spend New Years morning sweeping up the parts and getting them out of trees:)

  • Y. Terry

    This year I am looking forward to spending New Years with my husband and looking forward to reaching our goals for the New Year!

  • We do not have 1 set tradition for NYE. This year we have a 9 month-old baby so we will likely stay home. I am thinking about having my family over for brunch the next day.

  • No particular way to start the new year, I just love the ‘fresh, new’ feeling January brings!
    email in profile

  • I am a FB fan and just sent out the following message: I just entered to win one of two $30 Walmart GCs click here to enter too, click here

  • Snoogums

    Try something new each year on New Year Day. It’ll be Buckwheat Soba Noodle, a japanese tradition on New Year. It would be nice to make it from scratch too.

  • Y. Terry

    I shared on Facebook!

  • I like to spend the new year with the people that make my life special — my husband and children. Wherever they are — that’s where I want to be!

  • Dianna

    I enjoy watching the ball drop each year and doing a toast with my hubby and/or friends that we might have over the the evening to play cards.

  • Alan

    I like to celebrate the start of a new year by spending time doing fun stuff with my family.

  • Mfalcon13

    I like to watch a movie with the kids and reflect on what we’re grateful for from the past year and talk about our resolutions for the new year.

  • Karen

    I like to stay home with a good book and a glass of wine!!

  • Beth

    We like to eat seafood all night and the kids try to stay up as late as they can. In the morning it is reserved for me watching the Rose parade.

  • Norka Torres

    I am going to spend New Years with my family. We are going to stay close and try to stay warm together.

  • Gloria Brown

    As kids we’d each pick a game to play. We’d assign different points to each game for winning. Then at midnight we’d watch the ball drop. Don’t know if our girls are older enough for that yet.

  • emily

    I end up normally babysitting as most of my friends go out and I don’t like to fight the crowds and dangerous roads!

  • Niki

    We have a BIG family night!

  • Diana Rose

    This year it feels great just to know we survived another year and everyone is still together to start a new one. Happy New Year !!!

  • Aylin

    we go for a dinner and after dinner @ home we play board games

  • Lethea Benson

    I celebrate the New Year with a traditional New Years Meal and Birthday Cake! My Mom’s Birthday is New Years Day and we always celebrate the day together. Happy Birthday Mom & Happy New Year!

  • Ann

    I like to enjoy the evening at home with my family.

  • Ann

    I tweeted about this.

  • I like to bring in the new year with a nice meal at home with my family–and of course, a bottle of champagne!

  • kelly

    A nice dinner with my husband.

  • rebecca

    we’re not doing anything for new years eve, but on new years day, we have about 20 friends coming to our house to start the new year off with a meal, and great friends! 🙂

  • Kimberly

    Spend time together as a family since we are so busy during the year. Thank you for your blog.

  • Fran K

    My husband and I will watch the ball drop on TV, while having one last binge on all the leftover Christmas cookies and snacks.

  • Dana

    We have a group of friends we hang out with every year. Not being with them doesn’t feel like NYE…its tradition!

  • Sarah R

    I would love to spend the New Year with some friends…stress free! So I would love to win this, how fun!

  • Aimee

    We generally spend a quiet evening with the kids and then fix something nice for dinner on New Year’s Day. Christmas is so crazy that we enjoy a quiet New Years.

  • tinap

    I am lucky that most of my family lives close by, so we all get together and eat and drink! We watch the “orange” drop ( we live in Florida). We also go out on the dock and watch the fireworks over the lake.

  • Laurie Murley

    i want to spend the new year with family and friends togeather and thankful for our health.

  • Laurie Murley
  • Laurie Murley

    fan on facebook-lmurley2000

  • Sol

    No new year has been like another, but it’s always with my husband!

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  • Valerie

    I like to be with family and close friends. Not a big party gal.

  • gail

    my daughter has a huge party every year for new years. it started when she was about 3 and her friends parents wanted to go out, so i watched their kids, it has grown every year! my daughter is 13 now and she invites about 20 kids to come celebrate, party, watch the ball drop…and in all that, i try to get some sleep. it was much easier when she was 3! LOL!!!

  • Kitty73

    We have 4 kids, 11 years and younger, and we don’t have any really tradition yet. I’m looking forward to reading the posts here to get some ideas!

  • Missy

    I shared on Facebook

  • Missy

    I like to go to church on New Years Eve and pray in the new year. Then we usually have a small dinner at mom and dads.

  • hala

    I will be seeing the fire works

  • Andrea Zirbes

    We spend it with family and friends. This year without the kids! 🙂

  • We always celebrate the new year with shrimp and stuffed mushrooms and football all day!=)
    Go Penn State!!!

  • Amber

    I normally cook a special dinner and the hubby and I watch movies until midnight. At midnight we will go and kiss the twins as they sleep in bed then curl up in bed ourselves and go to sleep!

  • karin

    Spend time with the family.

  • Sonya

    Food and family. Great times!

  • Kim

    I can’t wait to bring in the new year with my closest friends and my new husband 🙂

  • wendy

    Spending time with family.
    Happy New Year to you & your family!

  • Alisha

    Since we have a toddler, we’re in bed early, but we do enjoy celebrating New Years Day by ordering pizza and making New Years Resolutions.

  • Lisa

    I am not hosting this year… but we usually host a party with friends and their children. We served appetizers and desserts and everyone brings something. Last year we set up tables all throughout the house and divided up to play BUNCO! It was a blast. I bought cheap gifts (mostly Christmas markdowns) so there were prizes and a few of the kids won (and loved them!).

    PICK ME!

  • Vickie JOnes

    Quite night at home with family is the norm! This year we are all going to aparty thrown by someone from church

  • Saryn

    We always celebrate with an quiet evening with the family of movies, board games and appetizers for dinner. We usually fall asleep by around 10 PM and wake up to our neighbors banging their pots and pans at midnight!


  • We will be spending the new year with our church family. Since I am far from my family it is nice to have friends and an adopted family to spend the new year with

  • Paula

    I like to celebrate the new year surrounded by family

  • Kayt

    For the last two years I spent New Year’s Eve watching the ball drop while talking to my best friend Lars, who was in Germany in 07 and Iraq 08, on the phone. This year he’s actually home on leave for the holidays! So excited. We’re going all-out, throwing a huge party at another friend’s house and inviting basically everyone we know.

  • Paula

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted the contest

  • Paula

    I follow on facebook and shared the contest

  • Sarah

    Usually I like to celebrate the new year by just chilling out with my children. This year I am anxious for crummy 2009 to leave, hoping that 2010 might be a little better year. We are having family over for new years for a low key party. With my family, though, that means 12-20 people! Yikes! I’m not ready.

  • Dulce

    I spend New Years with my husband and kids (if they can stay awake that long) snuggled up in front of the tube watching the ball drop.

  • We always go with the traditional Southern feast….Black-eyed peas for health and Cabbage for wealth.

  • Teresa Schilling

    Well with four kids and one on the way, I plan on taking it easy. Maybe watch a movie and eat some shrimp and popcorn.

  • Tiffany

    We’re having a gathering with our friends and family who have kids.

  • Devon

    I plan on going to the biggest and best party I can with all my friends!

  • Brett

    Not really sure but probably something that saves me money just like Common Sense with Money 🙂

  • Veronica

    I will celebrate the New Year quietly with family and maybe babysitting my grandson.

  • Dolores

    I’ll be spending it watching Happy Feet and playing hungry hungry hippos! No better way!

  • bberg

    Our Sunday School Class always gets together for soup and snacks.

  • Nikki

    We celebrate the new year with our church friends, followed by breakfast at midnight!

  • Sarah G

    We usually watch movies, play games, and enjoy a quiet evening!

  • Laura

    We usually always go to my inlaws and play games and eat fun snacks, it is fun to be with family and have a good time!

  • Jessie C.

    I’d like to celebrate with family and friends for the start of new year!

  • Jessie C.

    @tcarolinep follower and tweet.

  • Sarah G

    I’m following you on Twitter and tweeted:

  • Jessie C.

    Facebook fan@tcarolinep JessieKatie S. and shared

  • Charity

    We love spending time with our family and friends!

  • Jessie C.
  • lisa

    spending time with the family and playing board games together.

  • Cory

    My hubby and I plan on playing videogames and hanging out together. We have had enough people for this holiday season 🙂

  • Whitney

    On New Year’s Day, we always make rice pudding, and put one almond in it. Whoever gets the almond is supposed to have a great year!

  • theresa

    we always start with an exercise it only last for a few months!!!

  • Lauren

    We’re celebrating by going next door and partying it up with the nicest neighbors we’ve had.

  • Lauren

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted your giveaway here:

  • LaRona

    We spend New Years Eve with out brothers and sisters in Christ, playing games at the church, and praying in the New Year.

  • Wendi P

    Since we have been celebrating with our kids the past 9 years, we watch the ball drop in Times Square which is 9pm west coast time where we live, we blast the party blowers and toast with Martinelli’s sparkling apple juice. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  • Wendi P
  • Lana

    We enjoy just having a potluck with family and watching football. Nothing big.

  • Ln

    New Year’s Day is my birthday (and my husband’s is Dec. 26) so we like to do a birthday/New Year’s combo. Although, I don’t think I’ve actually rung in the New Year in a long time. It’s hard to stay up late when you know your 3 little ones will be up early the next day regardless.

  • We go up to one of my fiance’s sister’s house and all of the family is there to ring in the new year with food and games and more.

  • Sonya

    We always cook lots of yummy dips and finger foods and just vegge out in front of the tv and watch the ball drop. That is, IF we can keep our eyes open until midnight. What a way to start the new year then end the previous year full of yummy goodness 🙂

  • TL

    We always go to church for a night service on New Year’s Eve. I like to spend the 1st day of the New Year reflecting on the past year and deciding what I can do differently in the upcoming year to make my life better.

  • Christy Hicks

    I like to ring in the new year with friends and family all sitting around playing games, eating junk food, and shooting off fireworks.

  • Here’s my tweet for your giveaway:

  • I am a fan on Facebook and have shared your giveaway with my friends.

  • We have family over for a game night. The last couple of years we have added DVR games to the mix. Food is always a big part, and never the same. Last year was fondue and this year is BBQ roast beef sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, varieties of chips and dip, eggnog and sparkling grape juice. After the midnight countdown we shoot off a few fireworks to mark the new year. Then we make sure the first thing we eat for the new year is black eyed peas for good luck.

  • Lori

    We play some board games and watch the ball drop =)

  • Tamara B.

    We have all kinds of snack goodies, watch football and light off some fireworks.

  • Tamara B.

    I am a fan on Facebook and shared.

  • Amy R.

    Board games and dinner with friends

  • Lana

    We like to have friends over for finger foods and board games and then we have a musical jam session as some of us are musisians and we have alot of talented friends. One year we had a young man working on his Masters in voice at a local university sing show tunes for us-he is now with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC!

  • Jen A.

    I like to start the new year with the family I love!
    Jen A.

  • Amy R.

    I am a fan on Facebook and I shared this post!

  • Maggie M.

    I love to start the new year with my family and children, life is so much more fun now with children!
    Thank you!
    Maggie M.

  • Sue H.

    Snuggle in my jammies and watch the ball drop

  • Julia Wright

    As usual, I will be watching Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve, if I can keep my daughter and her boyfriend off the wii long enough. My husband is working (he’s a policeman) so I will be texting him to see if anything interesting is going on. Remember, drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

  • New Year’s Day is always a family day for us. My mom’s family has gotten together for the last couple of decades on the 1st of Jan. and it is always a fun time.

  • With friends and family…and lots of yummy champagne! 🙂

  • follow on twitter and tweeted!

  • Janey L.

    I love spending time with family and playing games.

  • Laura N

    I just enjoy spending time with friends and family and relaxing on New Years with cards or board games.

  • Laura N
  • Ciel

    I enjoy spending New Years Eve with my family – nothing exciting, just relaxing and sharing the time together.

  • Laura N

    Fan on Facebook and shared. Laura Wilson Nicholson

  • Ciel

    Also a Facebook follower. 🙂 Very convienient, that.

  • barb

    we like to start the new year with prayer asking the Lords blessing on the New Year and how we can serve Him.

  • tricia

    I spend time with the kids watching movies rented at the library until midnight. I allow them to have some special snack food.

  • Loraleigh

    We usually are at my in-laws for New Year’s and we have fondue on New Year’s Eve and steak and crab on New Year’s day. This year we’re on our own and will have to start new traditions.

  • ashleyD

    i’m a total nerd and like to spend my nye sleeping! 🙂

  • Loraleigh

    I’m a fan on facebook

  • ashleyD
  • Jene

    Well, we are planning on having lots and lots of appetizers for dinner (little smokies, little meatballs, cheese, crackers, etc.) and just pigging out on all that, and then we will wait for the ball to drop. Our kids aren’t quite old enough to stay up til midnight yet, so we hang out at home and enjoy the family time.
    Happy New Year to you all!

  • Sent out my tweet!

  • Fan on FB and sent out update.

  • Shannon

    We celebrate by going to bed at about 10pm 😉

  • Shannon
  • Shannon

    I fanned you on FB & updated my status!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Maureen

    We usually go out for a nice dinner but arrive home early enough to watch the ball drop from the comfort of our own couch. Then we get up early and take a long walk and talk about what we hope to accomplish in the new year.

  • Julie L

    This year my husband and I are celebrating New Year’s Eve by ourselves 🙂 having steak and shrimp

  • Lina

    I like to celebrate with my family just watching the ball drop on tv with some snacks laying around!

  • Pamela

    We celebrate with sparkling grape juice and family at home.
    Happy New Year!

  • Colleen T

    We watch movies, play games and watch the ball drop on tv, let the kids go outside bang pots and little firecrackers. Count our blessings and look forward to a new year.

  • I”m starting the new year with friends. And by taking down the Christmas tree.

  • Colleen T

    I tweeted about your giveaway and follow you on Twitter.

  • Colleen T
    I’m a facebook fan and posted the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Sarah A.

    We always celebrate the New Year with good friends, lots of food and games. We let the kids stay up a little late then we stay up later laughing and having a great time.

  • When I was a kid my family would always have huge parties with all our extended family. We dont do much now a day but I wish we still had big family parties!

  • sherry

    I like to spend time with my family!

  • sherry

    I’m already a facebook fan! I shared!

  • JMark

    In a deep sleep… we have a newborn and a deep sleep is my idea of a good time right now!

  • Jaimee

    we put the kids to bed and then husband & I make “fun” foods- cheese & meat tray, fried wontons, and homemade egg rolls and watch a movie. We don’t usually make it to midnight anymore though.

  • scottsgal

    We usually have a very quiet New Year’s Eve – staying off the roads and sometimes we celebrate with neighbors. New Years Day is filled with football bowl games!

  • Carrie

    I usually just stay home and maybe watch the ball drop at midnight, but this year I will be attending a party for the first time in almost a decade!

  • Heather Hobson

    Now that we are older, my husband and I spend the evening alone watching the ball drop on TV.

  • Ellen C.

    I like to make up a bunch of finger foods and get some pizza. We like to stay in and watch the ball drop. Thanks for the chance.

  • Marti

    New Years is spent with family. We play games with kids and hope they make it til midnight when we toast to the new year. Our tradition is to also put a quarter on top of the front door and walk around the house (outside) times clockwise for good luck.

  • Diane

    We usually spend the evening with family. This year we are having my brothers parents & two brothers with their families over for a fun celebration.

  • Diana

    By going to bed at normal time of 10 p.m… 🙂 I’m not much of a night owl and we have two little kids who don’t care HOW late we go to bed–they’ll still wake up at 6 a.m.

  • Candace

    We are celebrating New Year’s with a small gathering to watch the Rose Bowl on TV. Go Ducks!!!

  • Melody

    We like to stay at home and eat appetizers!

  • Heather Hobson

    I am now a tweeter follower and tweeted


  • johanna martinez

    just with my family

  • Candace

    I am an email subscriber.

  • julie

    I plan to start the new year with my family at home having a quiet evening.

  • Dana L.

    I like to ring in the new year by watching the Twilight Zone marathon and playing board games with my family.

  • I am a fan on facebook. Count me in!

  • Laura

    I prefer to stay home and just watch movies and order pizza with the kids. After they go to bed, I like to pop in a movie hubby will enjoy so I can work on goal setting and cleaning out some paperwork for a while.

  • Dana L.

    I’m now following you on Twitter @DVLTweet and tweeted about the giveaway at

  • $30 would go a long way to making a great New Year Celebration!!!

  • dawns

    Happy New Year to everyone. I ring in the new year with a pot luck dinner with friends with everyone bringing a bottle of wine and we do a wine tasting.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Betty

    We will try and stay awake till midnight! We may go downtown here and watch the fireworks but it’s supposed to rain. THanks for the chance.

  • Cathy

    We celebrate New Year’s Eve with 3-4 other families that we have celebrated with for the last 11 years. Lots of food, games and fun!

  • We have fireworks in our backyard. We live WAAAAAY out in the country so we can still do that. We sometimes have a scavenger hunt. My mother hides New Years trinkets and gives us the clues. I’m thirty and this is STILL so much fun! Driving around our little community looking for the “goodies”! 😀

  • Aimee

    I love New Year’s because I get to watch football, eat snack food, and there is much less pressure than the other holidays!

  • Mindee Larsen

    I like to celebrate the new year at home with my amazing boyfriend watching movies & eating lots of junk food!!!! :o)

  • Jaimee

    very new to facebook, but I became your fan, and *think* I shared it with my friends. thanks!

  • Kenny Arbuckle

    I like to bring in the new year watching lots of movies with my friends and family then watching the ball drop on tv

  • Cindi

    Hi, Most of the time, our family celebrates with other family members and close friends with a get together full of good food, games and fun!
    Thanks, Cindi

  • Mindee Larsen

    I became a fan on facebook of common sense with money!

    Facebook name: Mindee Larsen

  • Cindi

    I follow you on Twitter!
    Again, many thanks!

  • Cindi

    We are friends on Facebook and I shared your giveaway on my
    Facebook Page:
    Happy New Year!

  • sally

    I am spending new years with family watching fireworks.

  • Glenna

    I like to take an in-depth look at my debt to see how much smaller it is than the year before.

  • Monica

    My family always rings in the new year by doing a gift exchange.

  • Janet

    Eggnog and goodies! Our kids are too little to make it to midnight, and I’m usually too tired!

  • I will be celebrating with my husband and children. Not too much going on but thankful to be able to share this time with them.

  • Michelle

    With friends and family!! This year making smores with the kids and grandparents in texas!!

  • Kristi

    We like to stay and home with the kids and play games. At this time of year we do splurge and buy shrimp and some other things that make it special. My husband and I also write down our New Year resolutions.

  • Kathi Jordan

    We go to a friend’s house for an annual party with karaoke and fireworks.

  • Lindsey

    i will be babysitting.

  • Regina Clark

    I would love to celebrate the new year by hosting a party at my house for friends and family where we could enjoy great food like the dishes in that great video hosted by Walmart. New Years costs less at Walmart!

  • Lindsey

    i am a fan on facebook! facebooked this!

  • andrea

    I like to celebrate the new year with my family. We eat lots of yummy food and watch the ball drop at midnight.

  • Regina Clark

    following on twitter and tweeted, hope i tweeted correctly.

  • Regina Clark

    following on facebook and left a comment for my friends

  • Trisha

    I like just sitting at home and bringing the new year with my daughter its safe and cheap!

  • Trisha
  • theresa g

    We spend it together watching movies and eating junk food until the ball drops!

  • Annie-M

    We like to spend time with our friends/family and their kids.

  • kathy

    We always have black eyed peas for good luck!

  • Nancy

    We celebrate simply at home. We have a nice family dinner with a special entree like steak or seafood. We may rent a special movie or 2 and watch them. We usually do not stay up for midnight.

  • Alisa

    I love to set and watch the NY New years eve celebration. All curled up on the couch with our softy blankies with his arm around me. LURVE IT!!

  • We enjoy the evening at home. The early part of the evening with the kids and later just dh and I. We make our favorite appetizers and watch movies until the ‘ball drops’. It’s like a party but at least I know I’ll enjoy the food and I won’t be exhausted the next day. And it’s sooo much cheaper than going out.

  • I would like to celebrate the new year RIGHT HERE in our new home!! For the first time in our marriage (6 years) we can FINALLY have people over and not feel like we’re all crammed in a box! I want to put the kiddos down and have a game night with a bunch of friends and welcome 2010 in my own comfy home!! Free food would REALLy make this GREAT!

    sheilacapell at hotmail dot com

  • I posted about this great giveaway on my blog. I hope everyone has a great New Year. Thanks for passing this opportunity along to everyone.

  • I shared on facebook.

  • I tweeted here:
    and follow you on twitter
    (oh and I’m a fan on facebook too. I forgot to add that in my last comment!)

  • christy r

    We always watch our son and neighbors do fireworks. We stay at home – we don’t like to get involved in a bunch of craziness !

  • Chrissy

    My favorite way to celebrate the new year is being safe and sound in my own house and off the road where the drunk drivers might be!

  • Becca B

    Home with the hubby and dogs 🙂

  • Anslee

    I love spending the New year with my family which includes two young siblings. We all play board games and rockband on the wii while snacking on appetizers and dips! Its a great family event!

  • nancy

    My husband sings in a southern gospel quartet. They have sung at our local First Night celebration for the last several years, and the children and I have gone along and enjoyed some of the other venues. He is singing again this year, but the children and I are having several friends over and my husband will join us later.

  • Paula

    More likely than not, I will be sleeping. Morning comes early in a house with young children 🙂

  • nancy

    I became a fan on Facebook.

  • We celebrate at home. 🙂

  • Selene M.

    I like to get together with family and friends and share favorite snacks and drinks.

  • We love to stay in our PJs and catch the Rose Parade and bowl games!

  • Deena

    My hubby works so the kids and I will be up till I send them to bed. There are 9 at home so the older ones will probably get to stay up while the youngers go to bed aroun 10:30 or so. We will be decorating cut-out cookies we didn’t get to on Christmas and eating finger foods. The kds also want some candies we didn’t make on Christmas so I guess I will make those. I think my girls have planned a tea party with their new tea set. I always call my family on the West Coast( we are on the east) at our midnight to wish them a happy new year. My parents have always had a big family party and I do miss that.

  • monica b.

    I just like to have a low key night at home with family.

  • Eunice B

    we celebrate the new year with family or friends 🙂

  • Eunice B

    i’m a facebook fan. 🙂

  • jaun s

    Wow, we have received 3 invites this year!! We have been going to a young couple’s house for a few years as they have young children, not so young anymore. We taught our friends to play pinochle so that is part of the fun, my husband will make his mother’s english toffee as a tribute to her, my son-in-law’s ribs, and go out and bang pots at midnight with the kids.

  • Eunice B
  • i like to spend the new year with friends at a house party but this year we will be going out to dinner, comedy club and downtown to hit up the bars!

  • amy in sc

    Unfortunately, I usually work on New Year’s Day. I usually celebrate sitting on the couch, curled up with my hubby, and we watch the ball drop. Then I immediately go to bed as I have to get up around 6:30 am. 🙁 How WOULD I like to celebrate? I would LOVE to do NYC/Times Square one year.

  • Susan Laura

    This year our family will celebrate with a chocolate fondue, sparkling cider or wine and maybe a movie or two.

  • Carol K

    For the last few years, we have celebrated New Year’s Eve with some very good friends of ours. Both couples have kids, so it’s low-key but lots of fun!

  • Rosanna Petty

    Just became a fan on facebook and added the special message to invite others! Thanks.

  • Sara

    I try to stay up to watch the ball drop, but usually fall asleep!

  • polly keintz

    it will be just hubby & i celebrating together. first going out to dinner than just coming back to the house to relax. happy new year!


    We watch all the old Marx Brother movies on New Year’s eve.

  • Jen Young

    Here is my first entry. I like to celebrate best with my family at home. This year, we’re having a New Year’s day tea on Friday with friends. We’re really looking forward to a fun time together! Jen

  • Kristel

    Just like you we are also far away from our family and friends so it is just us with the kids enjoying some late night snacks and watching the ball drop in NYC.

  • Sharon

    Love getting together with my family for a game night. 🙂

  • Sharon

    I tweeted this! 🙂

  • tara

    We are going to the Bi Lo center here where our Church is hosting a New Years Eve Jam we are expecting 15,000 people it is going to be awewsome!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  • Jenesa

    We like to usher in the new year with prayer – gratitude for the year that has been and fresh hope for the new year!

  • Tyree

    We always have pina-coloda minus the alchol with pinapple and orange juice and 7up mixed in. And do a 1000 piece puzzle, and watch movies and play games. I know wild party, but with family it’s the best way to enter the new year. kid friendly 🙂

  • Tonya

    Celebrating with food, family & friends and lots of games! Love the info you are always providing 🙂

  • Linda Kish

    I eat a nice dinner around 6 or 7 then I watch the New York new years programs and go to bed early. I don’t bother staying up anymore and I don’t drink. Boring, huh?

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  • Ashley S

    I celebrate the new year by hanging at home where there are no drunk drivers around. We usually order Pizza or Chinese and watch movies.

  • Ashley S
  • Ashley S

    I am a facebook fan!

  • alh1203

    We have a big cookout on New Year’s DAY so our New Year’s EVE is alwasy spend smoking meat in the smoker.

  • alh1203
  • I like to celebrate with food, friends and family!

  • Stephanie

    I will be spending it with family and friends, eating some good food 🙂

  • Rashelle R

    For New Years we get the family together and go watch the local firework show.

  • karin

    getting together with family

  • Bethann

    We celebrate as a family and all 4 kids are allowed to stay up until midnight (if they can!). We play games and watch home movies. I put out finger foods like we would do if guests were coming over and make quesadillas for dinner. I pick up a New Year’s Eve party pack so the kids have hats, horns, blowers and poppers. We wind down by watching Rudolf’s Shiny New Year and greet the New Year by blowing the horns and shooting off the poppers out the patio door while yelling Happy New Year! Then, it’s off to bed!

  • Rashelle R
  • We get together at our camp on the river, eat, play games and watch a fireworks display. We then watch the ball drop. Then off to bed.

  • Sue D

    We celebrate with party finger foods and usually a movie.

  • DeeAnn S

    I ring in the new year by watching TV, waiting for the clock to strike twelve, raising a cup of tea and wishing myself a very healthy and happy new year!

  • Tiffany W.

    I don’t have any traditions but I like to spend the evening with as many of my friends and family as I can.

  • Linda V

    I make a nice meal for our family and the girls are young enough that watching the ball drop is all they want to do.

  • Deanna G.

    I usually just watch the ball drop on TV. I’m not much of a New Year’s celebrator.

  • Deanna G.

    I follow on twitter as “calidreamin87” & here’s my tweet:

  • Deanna G.
  • We just sit around and have a few family and friends over usually

  • sherry

    We meet friends every year at a ranch on the Lampasas in Tx to play music, visit and EAT for 2 days!!! Such fun.. thanks for the giveaway

  • Linda C

    Stay home and watch tv.

  • CB

    We have decided to stay home this year and watch the local fireworks in our area. We are having company to bring in the New Year, so we will have our own celebration. I have already prepared some finger food and hot appetizers to go along with any beverages, BYOB or our soft drinks available. At midnight we will have all the music celebration going on from TV as we cekebrate the beginning of 2010.

  • Tammie Allen

    I like celebrating the new year with my husband, knowing we have another year together with each other. I know; it’s sappy LOL.

  • Tammie Allen

    I follow on Twitter and tweeted here:

  • Tammie Allen

    I am a Facebook fan and I shared here:

  • Denise

    We are going to a friend’s house to hang out and shoot fireworks!

    Happy New Year!

  • We prefer to stay home where it’s nice and warm and watch the festivities on the tv.

  • Jennifer

    I take my boys to the store and let them pick out what they want for a snack and we rent movies and hang out at home as a family. Then at midnight we sing Happy Birthday to my oldest son who is a New Year’s baby! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • liz

    Love fireworks to usher in the new year. I am an email subscriber. I sure would like to have the gift card.

  • We usually have some friends over or visit friends…and definitely don’t stay up crazy late now that we have kids!

  • Tanya

    I like to spend a quiet evening at home with my family. I try to stay up till midnight but it’s getting harder and harder. My 8 year old is more likely to make it till then than I am.

  • Tracy Hayes

    I plan to stay home and snuggle with my hubby and 2 boys!! Nice and quiet and we won’t stay up until midnight!!

  • Patricia

    I like spending New Year’s Eve watching the Apple and Peach drop on TV then going outside to join in all the racket the neighborhood makes at 12:01. We always see who can be the most creative in our choices of noise makers.

  • Sidni

    We get together with family & BBQ! We watch Dick Clark & the Ball drop! Sometimes we can see fireworks from our home! Nothing special just a small family gathering with people we love & a lot of food!

  • tracy

    I love to share the new year with family. This year we have our sweet little princess who is 9 months. So we plan to have a wonderful new years with her, then over the weekend cooking out with family. Hope your new years is wonderful!

  • We usually have a very quiet New Year’s eve, discussing the past year and our hopes and prayers for the new year.

  • Maggie M.

    I love to start the new year with family I love! I probably will not make it to 12 this year, been so tired! lol
    Maggie M.

  • Jen A.

    I love to snuggle up with my son and bring in the new year quietly! Happy New Year!
    Thank you!
    Jen A.

  • My husband and I have 8 children. We come together just before midnight to reflect upon the previous year. My husband leads us in discussion and the read a passage of scripture. We then share our commitments and desires of the new year with each other.

  • Kimberly N.

    I’m an Email Subscriber as well as a fan of Common Sense with Money on Facebook.

  • Kimberly N.

    I celebrate the new year by being at work with co-workers..
    I work in the media industry and the news never stops.. 🙂
    So we all bring a dish of food each and share the goodies.

  • I like to get together with friends to bring in the new year.

  • BarbaraP

    I will be spending this year low key and at home with my two favorite men, hubby and son!

  • we just enjoy a quiet evening with the boys. might go to my SIL for a bit so we can spend some time with her kids.

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  • Robin

    We celebrate with a party at church each year. It’s great being with people that are more than just family for this holiday!

  • Shelly

    I plan on relaxing at home with my family on New Years Day since my son is out of school.

  • I like to gather my family together as sit and talk about all the highlights of our year, then we talk about what we want to accomplish the next year.

  • MBH

    We like to get together with friends, eat snacks and play games while we wait for the new year

  • Amie

    Eating….and more eating!

  • Megan

    I like to get together with some friends with some low key game playing and lots of yummy snacks.

  • Stephanie Kirk
  • Opal Jent

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  • Katherine

    I like to come up with 1 major life goal for the year (much easier to remember than a whole list of resolutions). Recent ones have included: Get a boyfriend, get engaged, pull off a wedding, and get pregnant (all achieved!). 2010’s goal is to lose 50 pounds.