Fun Giveaway: Yoplait Kids Get Active Pack


Did you know research has shown that fewer than half of all kids ages two to 12 get the calcium they need each day?  Calcium and Vitamin D are both essential nutrients for building strong bones.  Though it can be challenging for growing kids to get Vitamin D, since it is found naturally in very few foods, Yoplait for Kids makes it a little easier to incorporate a delicious source of Vitamin D and Calcium in your child’s diet.  Your kids can try it for very cheap too, by using this coupon for $1.50/1 Yoplait kids cup or yogurt drink.

Thankfully both of my sons love yogurt. I have mentioned before my 4 year old loves the Yoplait Yo plus and he also has enjoyed Go Diego Go Yoplait Kids. Today I am giving away three Yoplait Get Active Prize packs. Each prize pack has a travel cooler (to take your Yoplait yogurt on the road), a jump rope, a water bottle and an outdoor game set that includes a beach ball, paddle ball, jai lai and a frisbee, perfect to ply outside in the summer!. The pack also has a coupon for free any of the Yoplait for Kids yogurt products (Go-Gurt, Trix, Yoplait Kids). Unfortunately this coupon is not valid in the states of Louisiana, Nevada, Idaho, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.

To enter this giveaway all you need to do is:

  1. Leave me a comment sharing the types of activities you and your family do to stay active and healthy.
  2. Share this giveaway with others on Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon. Don’t forget to come back and leave me a comment telling me you have shared this with others.

This way you can earn up to two entries. Each entry must be made on a separate comment as each comment is considered a single entry. Please remember to leave your name and email address in your entry. I need to have a way to contact the winner. Entries with no contact information will be considered invalid.

This giveaway ends Wednesday 4/8 at 9 PM CST. At that time I will select three winners at random using The winners will be contacted immediately and will be given 48 hrs to contact me back with their mailing address. If I don’t hear back after that period of time I will select another winner randomly. U.S. addresses only please.

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  • Diane Anderson

    We love to bike ride as a family as well as play softball. We have a volleyball net in the backyard as well that makes for fun afteroons! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Norma Flores

    My kids are always outside playing, but one thing we do as family is that we take the dog for a walk to a nearby park.

  • Brenda A.

    Most days we walk our dog after dinner and we do alot of outdoor activities. My kids dont see it as exercise but I sure do!!!

  • Emily

    We love playing catch in the back yard, as well as riding bikes and taking walks. In the summer, we spend a lot of time swimming at our lake house. Thanks!!!

  • Linda

    We just got chickens so my kids and I are running to the chicken house several times a day to check the chickens! lol

  • carol brockman

    we love to swim, bike, hike, and walk.

  • Karen

    I am also thankful my kids love yogurt so they get more calcium that way. We try to get outside & play around the world basketball game. . .It gets them moving & their heart pumping along with some friendly competition.

  • We ski during the winter (downhill) and during the summer we belong to a lake that we swim at probably 5 times a week & we also ride bikes a ton! Thanks for the chance!

  • Laurie Lozier

    Whoo Hoo!~~Thanks for the opportunity!~~Our family is into running!

  • Kristi

    We love to swim and go on walks. Thanks.

  • Whitney

    We like to bike the trail or swim!

  • Kim Carlile

    We love to go on walks or play at the park.

  • Andrea Reynolds

    Walk, walk, walk!!! LOVE long nature walks! (At least until it really heats up around here, then is swim, swim, swim!) 🙂

  • Julieann

    We like to take hikes, eat healthy, go to the YMCA, and swim to keep healthy. I am blessed that my kids have learned the lessons on healthy living we have taught them.

  • Karen Grantham

    My family and I enjoy walking around the neighborhood together. This time of year we can notice the flowers and birds as well as meet our neighbors who are often working in their yards.

  • Mikelle

    We like to jump on the trampoline and take walks.

  • we love to snowboard during the winter months!! in the summer now that we live in phoenix, we walk in the mall and run around indoor play structures. we love the parks during the cooler months.

    PS- today it’s almost 90 in phoenix!

    freebieallie at gmail

  • Laurie

    We play at the local play ground and are very active in baseball!

  • Maria K

    I have 2 young children. As a family we go for walks and play in the yard to keep active! Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  • Laurie

    We are active in baseball and go to the local play ground

  • We love to play outside…go to a park, ride bikes, go for a nature walk. And we LOVE yogurt, too!

  • Laura Clark

    We like to go to the beach since we live in Florida, and play games like volleyball, football, and wake boarding. Our neighborhood is big, so we often walk to the club house to goto the pool. We started using water bottles, and re-filling them to help the environment as well as save money!

  • My kids love to use a game called Hyperdash. It is a handle with a cone on the end and small inserts. The handle calls out color, number or math problem and the child runs and strikes the insert it asks for. It can be played single, more than one player or team.

    It is really fun for them and it is hilarious to watch them running all over the house trying to remember where the one they are looking for is. i bought it last weekend for about 15 dollars, but i think that I got my moneys worth already.

  • Rachel

    We like to snowshoe in the winter, and hike in the summer.

  • Sarah Elyce

    Playing outside with the two dogs help keep us healthy. Thanks.

  • Shelley

    We like to walk to the park and do different things there!

    saz AT chainreader DOT com

  • Shelley

    I tweeted! (ID chainreading)

  • Sarah A.

    Since moving into a new house, we spend a lot more time outside in our backyard, riding bikes out front, and going on wagon rides. Love the warm weather!

  • Kim

    My three boys, their dad and I play soccer, baseball,or kickball. We go on hikes, and play at the playground. My nine year old is better at most sports than I am, I’m sad to say…
    Kim F.

  • Amy

    We love to go exploring new parks with long walking paths. We take our daughter along in the stroller and then let her out to run at the end so we all get our exercise!

  • Kelly

    My son who is three loves yogurt! And both of my kids love playing outside which gives them a lot of exercise!

  • Misty

    Hi, we love to walk to the park. My son likes his bouncy ball that you sit and hop on. He loves to race back and forth on that. We play make shift soccer outside. (he’s only 2 1/2) Dad also takes him on their special walks around the neighborhood for some good one on one time together. We also do obstacle course races when other kids come over, they enjoy that a lot too. My favorite though is cranking up some good music and doing some crazy dancing. 🙂

  • Jamie

    Our kids are constantly playing outside, running around, or wrestling on the carpet when it is too cold or wet out. Three boys’ll do that.

  • My little 8 month old and I are going to find a mommy baby swimming class, otherwise, I love to run, swim, and go on walks. Thanks for the opportunity to enter a giveaway! Alisa

  • Emily

    My family likes to go on walks, bike rides, and swim together.

  • We love going for walks to the park. We take the dogs and then we all get some exercise!

  • Jennifer Marston

    My family loves to go to the park together, play Frisbee at the beach and bike ride. Also everyday that my husband is home while dinner is cooking we all go outside for a family game of football! This Yoplait Pack would be a great edition to our family fun!!

  • Jennifer Marston

    Shared this great giveaway on Twitter!!

  • Jennifer Marston

    Shared with all my friends on Facebook!

  • Angel S.

    My kids love to jump on the trampoline. Man – that is quite a workout! Thanks~

  • Rachael

    Riding bikes and going for family walks! 🙂 Can’t wait for spring to settle in here in WI so we can be outside even more!

  • mandy

    We walk together once Daddy gets home from work.

  • Sarah

    We love to ride bikes on sunny, warm days.

  • Angela

    HI Mercedes, we stay active my riding our bikes to the park and the library. Also, we don’t have TV so my kids are out of the house playing instead of sitting in front of the TV. 🙂

    My kids also love yougart!

  • Rebecca

    We go to the park and walk the track around it several times per week and then push our toddler on the swings!

  • Karen

    We like to hike!

  • K .C.

    We like to work in our yard, play soccer, swim. . .

  • Christina Truelove

    Our family loves to head out on our bikes, the kids get to ride behind in their trailer. We LOVE to walk to the park and play, and even though our kids are only 2 1/2 they love to run!! As soon as it gets warm enough you can also find us in the water – we are waterbugs and love to swim!!

  • We like to take walks around the neighborhood in the evening together.

  • Hilary

    We enjoy going for long walks around the neighborhood, taking the dog with us. We also play at the park, the play area at the mall, got to Sing & Play class, and just enjoy as much time outside that we can. Yesterday we played hopscotch, rode our bikes, and spent time on the swing. It feels good to get outside now that the weather is warming up!

    I also shared this on my profile on Facebook. Actually, I post a lot of your items, especially the freebies and coupons. A lot of my friends often thank me and hopefully they’re checking out your site on their own!

  • Hilary

    By the way, our daughter drinks one of these yogurt drinks every single morning mixed with her soy milk. They are delicious!!

  • Hilary

    I also shared this on my profile on Facebook. Actually, I post a lot of your items, especially the freebies and coupons. A lot of my friends often thank me and hopefully they’re checking out your site on their own!

    OK, I’m done. LOL

  • Heather

    My kids are 1 and 3, so we do stuff like go to the park and play in the backyard. My son likes his swing, but my daughter is able to do more stuff like play with her T-ball, teeter totter, slide, kick the ball to each other. When daddy comes home in the evening, but LOVE to wrestle around with him. That sure burns up some energy and makes bedtime a lot easier.

  • Heather

    I also posted on facebook.

  • michelle rosborough

    Workout at the gym together

  • DanielleCorrelle

    We love to run around at the park and to take walks around the neighborhood.

  • Christy

    We just got a family membership to the YMCA – kids swim while the parents work out!

  • Diana

    I like to take walks and ride my bike.

  • Jay

    We are not very active but enjoy walks, a game of chase, chasing bubbles, and dancing with the radio on on rainy days! Thanks!

  • I enjoy walking my dogs at the dog park. we all get exercise by playing ball too!

  • Raylene Young

    We take bike rides and scooter rides!

  • Miss

    We love to go for walks at our local fairgrounds. We see lots of nature and wildlife. The race horses are often out practicing on the tracks. My little girl just loves it when the jockeys give her a wave:)

  • Laura

    We are die hard softball players! Both of my girls play regular season, Allstars and fall ball. They LOVE yogurt and I like to freeze the yogurt tubes in the summer so I can just toss them into a cooler and they have a yummy snack in between practices and games!

  • Miss

    We are quite active in our backyard. We have wooded areas and a pond. We go for walks to feed the geese, ducks, fish, etc. We also often play softball, golf, archery, etc. in our backyard together.

  • Heidi

    My family loves to be outside. We go for walks and the kids love riding bikes and going to play at the park. Yogurt is on of my kids favorite snack and I’m constantly buying it!

  • Torrie

    My family and I like to go biking together. We also walk to the park in our neighborhood.

  • Ellen c.

    We go for walks together through the state park and we go metal detecting. Thanks for the chance.

  • Melissa

    During the cold winter months I take the kids to a big open gym to run around. It wears them out every time.

  • Julie C.

    We enjoy long walks and swimming!

  • Jem

    During summer, we go out for walks and jogs. We have a jogging stroller so we take our baby along.

  • Anu

    We love to go for walks after dinner and during the day, I take the kids to the park. Good exercise pushing the double stroller.

  • Michelle

    We go to the park when it’s warm outside, and chase the kids around the house when it’s cold outside.

  • Delores

    While we may not do specific things to stay healthy — we have 3 acres to mow, we raise a garden, we raise our own chickens, and we spend a lot of time outside.

  • Jocelyn

    We like to bike and go to the park.

  • Teresa Schilling

    We love bike rides and playing catch in the back yard. The older ones are starting to play basketball in the driveway. Hoping to get a dog this year to keep us even more on the go.

  • Oma D

    I give the grandkids (8, 3, 1+) yogurt daily, and we play outside every afternoon until we have to give in to come inside to eat! The oldest rides his bike (recently learned and freedom is a siren song!), and the little ones ride tricycles, swing, run, and push trucks around. They also help me pull weeds in the gardens, not realizing they’ll one day think it’s work! The oldest also goes on an extended bike ride with Grandpa once or twice a week for about 1.5 hours. Fun is being outside!

  • Yanira

    My girls participate in different activities, such as dance, cheerleading, and kickboxing. We are frequent playground visitors, and always take a walk around the neighborhood.

  • we love to go hiking, and camping when the weather is nice!

  • Cindy

    Our family loves to play with the dog, go for bike rides, and swim. We have a pool in our neighborhood, and they CANNOT wait until it warms up and opens. Thanks for your blog…I love it!

  • My son l♥ves to play outside, especially w/his cousins! Just this weekend they were all running around w/my dad playing freeze tag & that was a funny sight .. we l♥ve to walk, especially to parks & playgrounds .. and pools are always a favorite .. as well as the Wii fit now when they are inside ..

  • Chrissy

    We walk the dog together every night after dinner.

  • Monica

    We like to work outside in our garden and play soccer or basketball.

  • stephanie

    we love going for walks and bike riding. playing t-ball in the backyard is always a favorite !
    my 2 year old and 6 year old LOVE yogurt 🙂 daily even 2-3 times a day.

  • Tamara B.

    We go to the beach alot,ride bikes and swim in our pool.

  • We take lots of walks and lots of trips to the park! thanks!

  • We love to take walks in our neighborhood or at the local walking trails. And we make plenty of trips to the park!

  • We enjoy hiking and swiming at the local water park. Also taking the puppy for walks and bike riding. Twice a year we like to mushroom hunt.

  • I tweeted this awesome giveaway on Twitter

  • Ride bikes, play basketball and dance around! Fun stuff!

  • Brandi

    We just bought my 8 month old a swing for the back yard and we love to take her for walks around our neighborhood.

    The older 2 step kids – 11 and 13 love to ride their Rip Stiks.


  • Brandi

    I just shared this with my friends!!!!! Yeah for Yogurt!

  • Cassie

    We go for long walks looking for bugs and other interesting things in nature.

  • Jen

    Luckily my son loves yogurt too! This is an awesome give away. My children & I like to stay active by going for walks and bike rides in the evenings. We have a 2 mile loop that we do around our neighborhood.

  • Alli

    Our favorite thing to do is spend the day at the zoo. Lots of fresh air and LOTS of walking.

  • Jennifer Merklinger

    My kids love yogurt and so do I. We live in town and have an awesome time walking wherever we need to go library, post office, store ect. The park is in our back yard with a baseball diamond, tennis courts, basketball courts and swimming pool. So we are quite busy. Upon all that I have DVDs and me and my kids are lifting weights and doing push-ups together. So we are quite busy working off all the yogurt we eat. Thanks so much.

  • We try to walk as much as possible and we put in an above ground swimming pool that will hopefully help us this summer.

    Thanks for a great giveaway. We love Yoplait more than ice cream in our house!

  • staceyk

    we like to go for walks outside together.

  • Gina Hindman

    We all run! My husband & son run on the treadmill, & I run outside almost everyday!

  • Renee S.

    We walk, ride bikes & scooters, my husband plays softball, & our boys play baseball.

  • dawn

    we love to go to the park and the girls love to ride their bikes!

  • Weather permitting, we like to walk around a local lake. It’s beautiful scenery and great family time.

  • Melissa

    My family and I take bike rides, walks, and cut and load all of our wood for winter heat and hot water (15 full cord a year!). Then for fun the kids are involved in many sports.

  • Sue D

    We like to bike ride together and take hikes.

  • Christy

    We walk to the park that is about two miles from our house, let the kids play for about 1/2 hour and walk back. It’s a total of about 4 miles, and the kids really enjoy the time they get to run around the playground 🙂

  • Sarah Burris

    We are a family of 7, and we campers, and we love to go on hikes and also just play outside in our yard with our two dogs. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sarah P

    We also have the game hyperdash that my kids LOVE. It’s fun for mom and dad too. We also like to go for walks, bike rides, play at the park or just run around the backyard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Nicole

    We love jumping on our trampoline. We also like to play soccer, baseball, and do yardwork. I am so ready for spring so we can get out more. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂 Your blog is a blessing to me and to my family.

  • Megan

    My 2 toddlers love to chase bubbles. They love to ride their bikes, have me chase them, swing and slide.