Gaggles of Chicks: $40 Peeled Snacks Voucher for as low as $10

Today’s nationwide deal on Gaggle of Chicks is a $40 voucher to shop Peeled Snacks for only $20.  But if you are new you get an instant $10 cedit making your voucher only $10.  Peeled Snacks are organic dried fruit snacks.  No additional sugar added.  Shipping is not included and it is a flat $7.

I have bought some of these snacks at Abe’s Market using discounted vouchers I picked up at other daily deal sites and my kids are wild for them.  I was just looking at the Peeled Snacks site and if you grab the tropical mix with 9 bags plus the Organic Fruits variety packs that’s $40.98 for 21 bags.  If you get free shipping then your expense would be 17.98 for 21 bags which is a great price for these.

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  • Alan

    The site is only offering a $5 credit for sign up.

    • Stephanie Frahm

      I got a $10 credit

    • Sherrell

      If you use the referral link posted (or someone else’s), you’ll get $10 for joining

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  • Caitlin

    But…you can’t get free shipping on the deal you have listed. You have to spend at least $65 to get free shipping. So, instead, you would need something like “Kick start the new year” pack (30 bags) for $51 and the tropical pack (9 bags) for $17. Your total would be $68-30savings from the voucher = $38 for 39 bags.
    These bags are about 1.4 ounces each. That works out to about $11 per pound, for other users who may generally buy dried fruit in bulk. (I personally think that is a good price for organic unsweetened fruit, but not an amazing deal).

  • Stephanie

    I think maybe she meant to say if you don’t get free shipping, the total would be $17.98. If you got the $10 credit for signing up, the cost out of your pocket would be $10.98, plus the $7 shipping for a total of $17.98.

  • katie

    It said if you signed up for their newsletter you got free shipping.

    • Katie,
      I saw that but the free shipping is in the form of a free shipping code. Their checkout says you can only use one code and the voucher counts as a code.


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