Gap: $25 off $50 Purchase Coupon Code

Sign up to receive text alerts from and you will get a text with a coupon code towards $25 of your purchase of $50 or more!  This coupon code is good for use in store only.  I don’t see an expiration code on the one I received.

Thanks, Clever Couponing!

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  • Emma

    on the sign up page it says valid from March 10-16

    • Emma,

      just saw that. I wasn’t sure if that date referred to the sign up period or the coupon itself. Does that make sense?


  • jkay

    So do you just give the cashier the code or what?

    • Jkay, yes, or show the cashier the text message.


  • linda

    tried this today and the salesperson had no idea what i was talking about. called gap and they said it was through a third party, i.e. it’s a scam. and now they have my #. . .

    • Linda,

      Many have been able to use it at their stores. i think you had a misinformed cashier and customer service rep. Did the cashier even try to use it?


    • ali

      just used it today at my gap ….definitely works just need to show them the text message.

      • christina

        it is a scam from a third party. i work for a gap store and we didn’t take it at all today.

        • Pavan

          I used last weekend. it works.

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  • MARI

    It’s a scam.

  • Vero

    I used the coupon code today and it worked. I didn’t have any problems.