Gap: 40% off In Store (11/6 Only)

Gap has announced that tomorrow (11/6 from 10am to 9PM only) will be offering 40% off regularly priced items.  Just mention “Flash40” to the cashier at the register to get the extra discount.  I have been holding on to my Groupon for a good sale and I think this is it!  This discount is not valid at Gap Outlet or Facory stores or online.

Thanks Coupon Project!

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  • I just called my GAP to ask if I could use the 40% and the Groupon and she said no because “you have to key in the coupon code tomorrow and you cannot key in two codes.”

  • Yeah, I tried to use my Groupon on a couple weeks ago with a 40% off sale and they wouldn’t let me. I think it’s really lame.

  • Lerin

    I went this morning and got tons of socks for my boys, husband and myself with the 40% off. We all needed them but I’m going to use the boy’s as Christmas presents. Saved a ton too! Thank you!

  • Sharon

    Aww. I went with my Groupon the other day, and jeans were $70.00! So I would have had to come up with $20.00 on top of the Groupon to get one pair of jeans!
    Wasn’t Gap affordable years ago?? I will go back before it expires to use it on SOMETHING.

  • Kristel

    I purchased 3 pants on sale ( $19.99 each) for my oldest son with my groupon. Then purchased 2 shirts for $9.99 each with the 40% coupon code. I could not use them together but I’m still reasonably happy with what I got.