Get a $2 off of Planters Peanut Butter Coupon

Right now, Kraft First Taste member’s could receive a coupon for $2/1 Planters Peanut Butter.  Go to your Kraft First Taste account and check under the “offers” tab. You should be able to request this coupon. I read somewhere that Walmart carries this for less than $2, so you could get it free.  If you do not have this offer available now, check again in a few days as some of these offers are released in a staggered way.

If you are not a member of Kraft First Taste, sign up here.  A benefit to signing up is to receive great coupons and offers for free items.

Thanks, Cincinnati Cents!

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  • Candice Brasel

    Only had a marshmallow coupon for me. :-/

  • Chessie

    Only marshmallows for me 🙁

  • Vickie

    Got a coupon for Peanut Butter, but it was only for a dollar. Better than nothing 😉

  • Me

    That is the coupon that keeps on giving…allowing more than 2 prints and I am up to 15…can you say YAY to free peanut butter???? Not for me, we have a peanut allergy, but fort the food bank back home, my neighbor, my family..etc..woohoo!!!!

    • Lydia M.

      Wow! Perhaps that’s why the rest of us didn’t get any coupons.

      • Like I said in my post,I am sure if you don’t have this offer available now, it may be available in the next few days.


      • Veronica


      • Elizabeth

        [quote]Wow! Perhaps that’s why the rest of us didn’t get any coupons.[/quote]

        No kidding, thanks for being “considerate”.

  • Lily

    I got one… I got one $2 coupon 🙂 Thanks Mercedes for sharing!!!

  • Just a dollar coupon for me. Beware, it a ink waster at the end.

  • Tried to print a second one and now it says they ran out of offers.

  • Mine was also only a $1 one. My coupons on the kraft first taste site are never as good as promised. I wish I knew what the coupon was before I printed it. *pout*

  • LindaB

    Kraft First Taste Test is a rip off. Doesn’t matter how you fill our your profile, they just send you a coupon or an offer when they feel like it. And most times it isn’t for something you wanted to try. I got the marshmellow coupon a few weeks ago for $1.00 off a bag. No stores in my area were carrying it. So the coupon expired before I ever got to use it. What a waste of paper. I would have liked the Planter’s peanut butter, but noooooo, I didn’t even get the offer. I contacted them and asked why I don’t get as many offers as some others do and the response was an email telling me that they would give my email to their promotions department. That was over 2 weeks ago and I have heard nothing from them. And to make matters worse, the email they sent has “No reply” on it. So you can’t even send a response to them. If you go to the community section, just read how many dis-satisfied consumers there are about their promotions.

  • Leah

    Just got ONE $2 coupon on mine. Thanks!

  • Calshondra Williams

    When they do send my coupons they are stolen en route to me. Don’t think they need to advertise “free item” on the postcard. I know it may be costly but they need to put it in a sealed envelope. I called to request a replacement. It was mailed to me in a sealed envelope ofcourse I received it. So, I know it’s the post office (sadly to say).