Get BasicTalk Phone Service for $9.99/Month and Receive a FREE $200 Gift Card!

If you’re looking for a more affordable home phone service, BasicTalk is running a nice promotion right now which can get you a $200 gift card.

If you aren’t familiar with BasicTalk, it’s a VoIP phone service that works through your existing Internet connection. You plug the BasicTalk Box into an open port in your router and plug a regular landline phone into the box to make calls. Unlike some VoIP services, you don’t even have to buy the box – it’s completely FREE! You can also keep your old phone number, which is also free.

Service is only $9.99 per month for unlimited US calling. For a limited time, you can also get a $200 gift card when you keep your service for 61 consecutive days.

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  • Dede

    Basic talk . Not bad . But if you get magic jack you only pay once a year . And it’s less then $5

    • Common Sense With Money

      I actually have Magic Jack. In fact, I’m glad you commented, because you reminded me that I have to pay the bill at the end of this month. 🙂 Somewhere in the $30 range.

      I like not having to pay a bill with it, but I’m really not all that thrilled with the call quality. Do you have a problem with it being spotty? I tried the router port forwarding thing, but it didn’t work. I’m usually pretty tech savvy, but that one had me stumped.