Get Paid to Try New Products: Synovate Global Panels Looking for Members


Looking for legitimate ways to make money from home? Synovate, one of the legitimate survey companies I have shared with you before, is looking for members once again. With Synovate Global Opinion Panel you can take surveys and participate in product test panels to earn some extra cash from home.

Synovate offers you points for the surveys they send your way. Then you can use your accumulated points and turn them into cash. Synovate also gives you a chance to participate in exclusive product testing offers in exchange for your opinion. A lot of you have likes the chance to try full size new products for free in return for your opinion.

One thing to keep in mind with these online survey companies is that you will not get rich from doing these. Consider them as a way to make some extra money. You get fairly rewarded for the time you take to complete the surveys and for providing your opinion though.

I would like to hear form those of you who signed up the last time this was available and how Synovate is working or not for you.

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  • HersheyGuy

    none of the links are working for me. anyone else getting through?

    • Roxanne75

      Nope, links aren’t working for me either…I have to google and search myself. Great idea…I signed up for opinion outpost and I do legitimate surveys all the time–I have earned and received quickly by check through out the year…$223 dollars. No kidding…

    • i fixed the links. sorry about that.


      • KRIS

        still can’t get the link to work, but maybe its not valid anymore.

        thanks for sharing, anyway!

  • Kristy

    I use Synovate, and have for about a year. I love them! They send a lot of surveys my way and most of them are very high in point value. You can request payment once you get to 5000 points ($5) or just let them keep building up. I highly recommend them!

  • Mary

    The only way people make money from online survey companies is by getting people to sign up under their referral links.

    The surveys are very long (30+ minutes assuming you even qualify for one) and reward with a very small amount of points. The survey companies set the payout threshold very high to the point where few people ever earn enough points to cash out. You’re looking at 10-20 hours of survey taking just to get a $10 payout check. Completely not worth it, even if you are flat broke.

    The only exception is Pinecone Research, which pays you $3 within a few days of completing a survey. But since they don’t offer a referral program, I doubt you’ll ever see them mentioned here. Bloggers make more money referring people to scam companies like Synovate than you do the honest ones like Pinecone.

  • Diane B

    I’ve been a Synovate panel member for a few months. The survey invitations always tell you how many points you will earn and approximately how long the survey should take to complete. The payment amount pretty much always averages out to about $3 per hour. Not a very high rate, but you CAN do the surveys from the comfort of your home.

  • HersheyGuy

    Thanks Mercedes! You rock! I wasn’t sure what was happening with the links!

    @Mary….I also think you were WAY out of line to presume that Mercedes (the owner of this site) was dishonest in her post about Synovate. You actually make me wonder whether YOU are “in bed” with Pinecone! Anyone who has spent some time following this blog knows that Mercedes is 100% loyal to her readers!!!!

  • Pat

    I’ve been a member for several years and I love them. They are one of the few sites that I do surveys for. I used to do lots of surveys, but the ones that enter you in contests are ones that I no longer do. I do get to test products, not for every survey, but quite often.

  • Tricia

    I have used Synovate and love it. Not only do you get paid, but even if you didn’t, the free products you can try are worth it. I have only used it for less than a year and I have done four product trials. One was a full size shampoo/conditioner that was AWESOME! I have also recieved a full size hand lotion and two food products. I also just enjoy doing surveys and giving my opinion on things. So, to Mary…who cares if a blogger gets a kick back for referring people to it. I am glad she can get something for letting me know about a survey site that has been great for me. To each his own, but there is no need to be nasty just because you don’t like a certain site or a way to get a little something helpful for your household. I personally appreicate all you do Mercedes and am glad you can get something for all the ways you have saved me money!!

  • I have been completing surveys with Synovate for a few months and have been happy with the site. I have cashed out twice ($5 each time) and I enjoy the surveys. They usually take about 15 minutes and often they’ll ask some qualifying questions right away so you don’t have to fill out the whole thing if you’re not the type of candidate they are looking for. Overall, I’m happy with the website.

  • Helton

    Hmm……oO(grabbing this opportunity to shout out) a BIG THANK you to Mercedes for sharing helpful info on here! Of all the moneysaving sites there are, your’s is the one i trust and come to :).

  • I have been a member of Global Opinion Panels (Synovate) for 2 years. I have received over $200, and many free products for testing. You have to be 18 to sign up, and only one person per household may join. Other than that, I LOVE the site! I actually talk to Marie Brighton every other day on Facebook or Twitter.

    I found this link because I told my friend about this site and he wanted to check to be sure if it were a scam or not. Along the way I found one site saying the game they offered didn’t give them the points, and another saying the lotto tickets they got from the site were phony…. but Global Opinion Panels doesn’t offer either of these things! LOL!

    I suggest all (of age) should enter this site.

    twitter = Stephiliey

  • Bonnie

    I love your site, Mercedes! I check it everyday and am very grateful for the deals you post!

    • Thank you Bonnie! I appreciate that!


  • Mark Gorrin

    Synovate was bought out by i-Say, my account was transferred, the “Not a Match” surveys used to be paid 100 points for your trouble, I now see that all those were downsized to 10 points when the data was switched. Basically a rip off.

    The “Not a Match” surveys started to get to the point that you would go through 3-4 pages of questions before you were told you were not a match. In my opinion they were collecting data and making money off you and paying you peanuts.

    I am giving up on them.