Gillette Proglide Giveaway is Live!

Gillette is giving away 4,000 razors everyday on Youtube. Just click on “Gillette Fusion Proglide Giveaway” for US Residents. Hurry, this doesn’t last for long usually and today is the last day of this giveaway. So go get yours!

Thanks Freebies 4 mom.

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  • Alice

    Thanks! looks like I got mine 🙂

  • Finally got it! Thanks for the reminder.

  • krista

    gone for U.S.

  • Emily

    When I click on the button it says “Service Unavailable”. Any other links that you know of?

  • Morgan


    I got one!

  • Dee Dee

    Wow good timing,I had acctually given up on this since Facebook did it,but I was bored and boom,got one!Thank you!!

  • Michele

    WOO HOO!!! My husband is excited to finally be getting something free for him in the mail

  • gwen

    I got one too! wonder if they are just giving them away since it’s the last day of the promo? I’m using a dial up connection and “got one”, lol it was too easy compared to my other tries. Yey!!!

  • Sweet! It looks like I got one! I am usually behind on these types of thing.

  • liz

    Hello….can some one plzzz help me….i been trying to get this for a long time now…where do i click to order one for me…?? plz help me

  • Sara T

    i actually got right in the first day i seen you posted this. i already got it in the mail today . Its a nice razor. thanks for your time and effort you put into posting and finding these deals and freebies..